In The Moment: Nothing Can Prepare You For WRC

Beautifully brutal, physics-defying, pure insanity.

It’s a shame that no matter how strongly you try to describe a close encounter with the World Rally Championship, it’ll always fall remarkably short of accurately sharing experience.

WRC_Australia_2018_Everingham_Speedhunters_ (10)

Leading up to this weekend, every single person with their own WRC experience to share all told me the same three things.

WRC_Australia_2018_Everingham_Speedhunters_ (34)

First; a quick tale of their own from years gone by, whatever that might be.

WRC_Australia_2018_Everingham_Speedhunters_ (12)

Second; their best attempt at describing the pure speed is usually by comparing it to Formula 1, but on dirt.

Finally, they’d all finish with the same third point. Nothing will prepare you. And guess what? They were right. Mind blown.

WRC_Australia_2018_Everingham_Speedhunters_ (11)

Consider this a teaser. Truthfully though, I can’t remember the last time I felt this excited by an event and couldn’t wait to share some of the action with you.

WRC_Australia_2018_Everingham_Speedhunters_ (19)

And just before I call it a night, clean my gear and rinse off the seven metric tonnes of dirt I’m currently wearing, let me include a few more Rally Australia highlights.

Matthew Everingham
Instagram: matthew_everingham

A Taste Of What’s To Follow
WRC_Australia_2018_Everingham_Speedhunters_ (20)
WRC_Australia_2018_Everingham_Speedhunters_ (17)


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Amazing photos! Several new wallpapers saved!


I wonder how many of them run on air suspension. Haha, I already know the answer I was just kidding: none of them.


Why would WRC cars run air suspension? Strange comment.

Awesome shots, Matt. Looking forward to seeing the rest!


I see what you did there (:


Haha, I'm glad you got it Ari. I'd explain it to these guys, but if you have to explain then...well, you know...


What a weird comment.


almost as weird as some of the articles that have been written about air ride here. the class cant wait for you guys to get the punch lines.


You're reaching but ok.


Also funny you say I'm reaching but if someone writes an article about how air suspension can be competitive in motorsport that isn't reaching.

The world is so interesting and so are the people in it :)


Reaching in that no one ever said it was appropriate for Rally.

I see this like saying not a drag car in sight at a rally stage.

Probably a conversation better suited face to face as neither of us can detect tone.


Fair enough. This blog just spews out constant bullshit about how air ride is a performance modification and it's not. I just like to correct them incase some new reader was on this site.


Counterpoint, modern day air ride isn't as performance hampering so we want to let new readers know that as well.

The reality is that you can track on a modern day air suspension system just fine. Is it comparable/better than race specific coilover (lets shoot for Ohlins) no.

Is it better/comparable to a product like a KW v3? Personally I'd be interested in seeing no bias testing on this point.

Are there cars competing in time attack on air currently? Yes. Have the made it on top of podiums? Yes.

I'd say it's not a black and white argument. It's also not a new argument :)


Dave- you're referring to Cody Miles. The person who came second in that championship skipped over 40% of the total races in the season. He didn't win off of any merit that proves air suspension as a viable product.

For the record you can track a bone stock golf cart. Anything can be tracked - we're not here to talk about anything we're here to talk about performance cars right? Unless speedhunters is just a clever moniker to sell t-shirts. Wait...

I'd also like to see independent testing but the reality is if it's properly setup it's going to be faster than air. KW and Ohlins aren't anywhere near the top and if you know what you're doing when it comes to shocks you can get custom valving that blows the doors off anythign KW offers off the shelf.

A buddy of mine builds shocks for the Pirelli World Challenge series so I have a bit more insight than the average bear on this subject.


My intent wasn't to define KW as top of the line there. Air suspension is a viable product? But I'm sure you meant viable is race applications.

Cody wasn't my only example however. There's a guy out here who was drag racing his vr6t s14 on air and there's a 300c time attack car out here on air. I know both oddball cars but again you can track on air reliably.

I think we're sort of saying the same thing from different sides.

I don't see air as a product for dedicated track use but the occasional to more than occasional romp its probably fine. The dampers are quite similar to most street coil overs just the spring has been replaced with an air bladder.

Higher psi they are plenty stiff. And for my vehicle specifically the air set up (at each corner) is lighter than factory coil strut (but perhaps not lighter than aftermarket coils).

At any rate I'm enjoying a civil accord on the topic.


It was said half in jest and half in seriousness :P


boooo >;c


I see my cars father /:D/ Go machine dad. GO.


When can we get some of the pictures in print? They are fantastic!

Matthew Everingham

Shoot me an email with your location and we'll see what's possible.


This couldn't be posted at a better time. WHAT a season and now Down to the wire! Next few hrs decides it all and if Ott can pull it off I will be speechless. The new era WRC is the best driving the world has ever seen Imho.


Jeeeeeeez those are some gorgeous photos!


These are world class photos, well done! The photos actually make me want to attend myself.
I already place WRC drivers above any other type of driving (excluding riding) category for skill. I can only imagine this opinion would be bolstered after seeing it person.

Matthew Everingham

If I could offer you any one piece of advice, it would be to GO! It's impossible to fully appreciate through a screen.


Awesome photography. I love that opening shot of the Toyota flying past the shot up road sign.


yes pics are on point !!!

Matthew Everingham



It's not enough to just Like every other comment in here. Beautiful work, Matt, truly. I agree with the sentiment that prints would be appreciated.

Matthew Everingham

Thanks, David. I do offer fine art canvases and ship to a number of countries. Email me your location and we'll see if I can get something sent over. :)


Will do, thanks! I'm about to move, but once I'm settled into my next place, I'll contact you.


just epic.. so jealous we dont have anything like this in the bay area.

Matthew Everingham

Coffs Harbour isn't in my area. It's a six-hour drive away! :O
I'm glad I made the effort though. It was the best motorsport experience I've had in years.


The absolute stupidest thing the West Australian government did was give up the WRC round here in Perth. The forest stages (especially the Bunnings stage with the massive triple jump in to the creek) and the Langley Park special stage were farking amazing.

F1 of the Forests!

Matthew Everingham

I used to love seeing the cars with the sunburnt red earth rooster tales on tv. But now that it's on the East Coast and I can check it out in person I love it a lot more.


WRC and ARC, FTW! More coverage please, these drivers and these cars are phenomenal.


Great teaser with some fantastic shots. In the last two years the WRC has, in my opinion, provided two of the best seasons in decades. The current specification cars are absolute weapons and absolutely astonishing to see in person, this years title race has been unpredictable until it's conclusion.


Man, rock on over to the Otago rally in NZ
said by the drivers to be one of their favourites.
i'll even drive you from stage to stage.


Thanks for shining a good light on WRC - I always found it strange how distant it was from the rest of the car scene, given how closely tied it really is. The last couple of seasons have been awesome so I hope it continues in this direction :)


Matthew what is the shutter speed you use to take the more of the movement shots of cars?