Swapped And Chopped: Four Ways To S2000 At SEMA
Keeping It In The Family

One of my favorite things about the SEMA show each year is the continued development we see on chassis that have long been dead in terms of factory development.

For how much love the S2000 has in the hearts of enthusiasts today it’s almost unimaginable that the car was discontinued after less than a decade. I’m sure the recession had something to do with it, as well as the fact that no one in America knows how to drive a stick shift anymore.

Coupled with the fact that the S2000 was more of a niche product than, say, a Civic, this meant that the relatively low volume meant a poor return on investing more to continue developing the car. With cheaper alternatives littering the market (I mean, even I own a ’99 Miata, although more by necessity than choice) 2009 marked the last year of the S2000.

Fast forward to today and aftermarket support for the chassis has never been stronger. This year at SEMA we found a number of S2000s that required a closer look, so, here we go.


The first was a facelifted ’06 that’s had an additional nip and tuck thanks to an APR front lip, Mastergrade carbon trunk, and a hardtop to go between the two.


But that’s obviously not really what caught my attention on this particular car. While it looked right at home in the narrow S2000 engine bay, the family-correct J32A2 is what would jump out at anyone.


Owner/builder Jason Schmuck did an awesome job of packaging, and check out the twin fender-exit exhaust. Absolutely phenomenal.


Good for nearly 500hp thanks to the Schmuck Built custom turbo kit pushing 7psi paired with an AEM Infinity 708 ECU the car has been upgraded with a Ford 8.8 IRS setup in the back.


Matching the performance, the interior has seen some changes as well.


I learned that owner/builder Jason was also responsible for the fab work on the RB-swapped Subaru we featured after SEMA last year.


Two totally divergent builds, it’s cool to see just how different an engine swap can be from one car to the next.

JZ Powa

On that note, next up is another six-cylinder car, one that’s an entirely distinctive take as compared to the V6.


Yes, a straight six in the form of JZ power. Of course, that’s not quite enough and a big single has been nicely plumbed up to provide some boost; it looks plenty capable of pretty big power for the lightweight chassis, too.

Packaging-wise, I’m surprised how well the 2JZ fits although with the matching chrome tube front, it’s hard to really tell where the old core support started. Wherever it was, the end result is quite nice.


This is true inside and out; it’s a very clean show car. But, wearing Hoosier slicks, here’s to hoping the car actually gets some time at WOT.

In a straight line I’m sure the extra kick in the pants from the straight six is worth the weight but with the swap adding near a couple hundred pounds to the front end I’d be curious to see how the car feels as compared to near stock.

LS Swapped S2000 - Keiron Berndt - Speedhunters - SEMA 2018 Deliverables - 10 - 29 - 2018-4075

Moving on to eight cylinders, we found this wild ride parked right out front of the convention center. Again, it’s a build that couldn’t be any more different than the last two cars I’ve mentioned.

LS Swapped S2000 - Keiron Berndt - Speedhunters - SEMA 2018 Deliverables - 10 - 29 - 2018-4173

Powered by an LS1 engine, power is sent to a 6-speed T56 transmission. The choice to go with the V8 came after blowing a supercharged factory motor; owner Felix wanted something reliable to get him between San Diego and LA for all the car shows.

LS Swapped S2000 - Keiron Berndt - Speedhunters - SEMA 2018 Deliverables - 10 - 29 - 2018-4109
LS Swapped S2000 - Keiron Berndt - Speedhunters - SEMA 2018 Deliverables - 10 - 29 - 2018-4104

If the V8 hasn’t rustled your jimmies enough, the M&M Honda Racing wide body and Air Lift Performance 3P suspension setup ought to do it.

LS Swapped S2000 - Keiron Berndt - Speedhunters - SEMA 2018 Deliverables - 10 - 29 - 2018-4086
LS Swapped S2000 - Keiron Berndt - Speedhunters - SEMA 2018 Deliverables - 10 - 29 - 2018-4095

Personally, I think it’s a really cool build and the owner says it always puts a smile on his face which is really what matters at the end of the day. Plus, if you didn’t noticed, it’s a RHD car which is always cool here in the States.

If your scrolling finger is twitching to jump into the comments, just take a breather and don’t skip over this next one. It’s for you.

For The Purists

Having covered just about all the engine swap bases, I thought I had enough S2K content for a good story. But then I saw the Evasive Motorsports S2000 wearing a new Voltex aero kit.


It looks absolutely amazing and is a definite step up from their previous, more reserved kits. Better yet, it’s all been wind-tunnel verified to do its job where this car belongs: the track.


Having seen a number of Voltex-fitted S2000s at track days before, nothing even comes close to this kit in terms of aggression.


When the hood was popped things just got even better. Although a stroker kit is at use here, the die-hard Honda crowd with be happy to see the S2000 powerplant has been retained. Then there’s that wicked HKS supercharger which has to be one of a small handful stateside.


Inside, it’s all business; a full cage and a handful of switches replace the carpet and radio that were one installed in their stead.


One last look at the crazy aero kit and I was off. Year after year the show never fails to amaze, and each year it’s cool to see what the aftermarket brings for cars that aren’t even produced anymore.

On to the next hunt, then…

Trevor Yale Ryan
Instagram: tyrphoto

Additional Photos by Dino Dalle Carbonare & Keiron Berndt 



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Alright, i go with the Evasive S2K!


Each car has something I like, but they all miss the mark on their own. A blend of all four would really be best. Take the V8 and put it in the purist car with those hoosiers and you have something solid.


I just pulled my 2jz swap out my the s2000 this fall to install a different non-honda 4 banger turbo and reinstall the stock steering setup, the jz makes the car a mess, when its not washing out the front end around any turn it was sucking down gas out of the 10 gallon tank, it was only good for highway and drags. Boy was it good at that though!


Yeah, totally depends on your use! Feel free to drop that 2JZ swap off in my garage ;)


I sold it to a (boring) guy who put it in a mk3, only lasted 2 days for sale


Good luck trying to explain to the audience here how a 2JZ screws up these cars haha youll spend all day


Look at comments on any LS-swapped RX7 and you'll see that's not true lol. Besides, as per the comment below, the 2JZ car here is a drag car as expected


what engine are you dropping in? can't think of anything of the top of my head that's 4 cylinders, turbo and non-honda


I expect GM Ecotec or british race engine, lol


Can't think of anything!? ahhh SR20DET maybe?


ooops! Honestly didn't even cross my mind. In all fairness though, not a hugely popular swap outside of s-chassis, and the occasional datsun 510 or AE86.


And, especially compared to the regular f series in the S2k that makes more power NA than the Turbo SR does, they are steaming heap of shiz when reliability comes into play. My pal Errol did a basic bolt on HKS turbo kit on his s2k and made 450 rwhp on his low boost setting. This is all stock internals and head/intake manifold. Drives it all the time and has no issues. Once a SR is near those power levels its a matter of weeks until you hear "BANG".


Built Evo8 setup, dropping it in for engine mount fitting this weekend. Already got the V-mount done up last week.


hahah nice!! I literally hit post and said "I wonder if its a 4g63??" That'll be a banger for sure


I love the 2jz the most... there are so many 2jz and rb swaps out there, but every time I see one I always think they are the coolest thing!


Love the Evasive S2K with new Voltex kit. Badass!

Joshua Curtis Knutson

What you don't know about the owner of the s2jzk is he burns those Hoosiers any chance he gets along with the Frankenstein drivetrain he pieced together to hold the 1200rwhp beast it is. Also does half mile racing at NW street car challenge as well. Check out His shop Under Pressure Racing Development. All are great but Im a little biased as the S2JZK wins my vote.


Sick! I was hoping so, I did briefly look up the shop and just saw build photos and stuff for sale. Definitely makes sense it's a straight track car though lol


The Evasive/Voltex S2000 is also one of the first two cars to get OS Gikens new 7 speed sequential.


That Voltex kit is crazy, I just wish they bothered with making rear fenders a bit smoother to match these amazing front ones. I know that the most of the flow at that point is probably turbulent, but yeah, it would just make things easier for the eyes. I wonder how fast that thing will be.