86 Night At Daikoku
Toyota Did Well

Do you think manufacturers know when they’re onto a good thing?

It’s never been that easy, of course, but I’d say these days it’s become a massive feat, because you never really know how a car will be received until you put it out on the market. If it was so simple we’d be bombarded with awesome cars all the time. A few decades’ ago, I think it was easier to bring a more simple type of car to fruition, and the AE86 chassis is the prime example.

Back when makers weren’t burned with countless safety regulations, emission constraints, internal hurdles and marketing departments telling designers and engineers what the market wanted, it was a little easier to nail a car. These days the whole notion of the perfect car has gone on a weird tangent, but I don’t even want to get into that discussion today. What I do what to do is celebrate one of the most accomplished Japanese cars ever made, the Hachiroku.


Did Toyota know the car was going to be so well received with the enthusiast crowd? Probably not, but what they did know is that they’d succeeded in making a fun, cool and affordable entry-level sports car. Little did they know they had created a true icon, one that 30 years later would spawn a remake that would also bask in unexpected success.


And the 6th of August (8/6) is the day we celebrate this very success, the little car that wore the popular Corolla name and ever since its inception has touched the hearts of so many car guys and girls around the world.


It’s been a while since I’ve checked out this gathering myself; these last few years I’ve either not been in Japan on the day, or fellow Speedhunters have covered the celebrations at Daikoku PA in Yokohama.


But last night the stars aligned. I got back from a short family trip right in time to glance at my watch and think, ‘wait a second – if I head out now I can probably catch the 86 Day meet down in Yokohama’. The resulting evil eye I got from the wife was promptly ignored (RIP Dino – PMcG) and off I went on yet another Speedhunting adventure.

Full Night

I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised as I pulled into the parking area at 9:00pm – it was full and buzzing with life. The 86 Day meets I’ve covered in the past were never this big, and the seeing a mix of old and new 86s in all states of modification filled me with joy.


Of course, there were countless other cars to check out too, this is Daikoku after all.

One car receiving a lot of attention was this slammed Cappuccino on Work Equips. I just love seeing a car executed beautifully, and in that moment, as I kneeled to the ground to grab a few pictures of it, I even forgave a stance that pretty much eats away at its inherent handling dynamics. Damn, low cars are so photogenic.


No matter how times you hit Daikoku, when a good event is going down here you are brought straight back to the very first time you visited. It’s like the energy and atmosphere never dilutes. It’s this that I love the most about car culture in general; irrespective of where you are, cars bring likeminded people together.


There was so much to look at, but if I had to pick my favorite original generation Hachiroku from all those in attendance, it would have to be this particular example.


It’s so nice seeing owners pouring heart and soul into their cars, rides that they know they are going to be owning for the long run. We see it at 7’s Day too, the continuous advancements, experimenting and general cleaning up of cars – for lack of a better term. But that’s it right there; once you know you’ve found the car for you, the envelope keeps getting pushed and the money never stops being poured in.


I bumped into Nissan/Nismo driver Jann Mardenborough who had just driven the Impul/Calsonic GT500 GT-R at the Super GT race the previous day (with a rather unlucky turn of events), something he was reluctant to get into. Being in Japan and obviously into cars he didn’t want to miss dropping by Daikoku to check out the 86 Day celebrations for himself.


It’s funny how slapping a Lexus-like grille on a ZN6 instantly makes it look much more upmarket. Aimgain certainly has the right eye when it comes creating unique and fresh aero kits for Toyotas.


86s are cool and everything, but how can you pass up drooling over a rare 4A-G AA63 Carina?


Sure, it’s not for everyone, but those angular ’80s boxy lines and the sleek coupe profile just wins in my book.


I’ll thrown in a Sunny truck to balance things out; this one was super-clean and dropped just right on a setup that looked refreshingly functional.


It was pretty crazy how many cars had shown up to this meet and the sheer variety in looks. Not one was the same, except for the ones mimicking that popular tofu delivery car.

By the way, how sick are the Suzuka Carol wheels on the Levin notchback above? It’s like they have integrated turbo fans on top of the little four-spoke inner design.

86 Success

I was laughing at this scene – an AE86 being used to jump start a dead BNR32 Skyline GT-R.


Well known names in the AE86 world were present too, from the Crystal Body Yokohama Trueno hiding away in the truck section of the PA…

To a fully built Tec-Arts car sitting on deep dish Work Meisters. Awesomeness was everywhere you looked.


And that was also true for non-AE86 metal.


As I’m sure anyone that has spent a long time in Japan around cars will attest, you feel sudden fear when old Crowns pull up alongside you. For decades these were popular cars with the police, and you still see them patrolling more rural areas of the country. This particular example was as different as you can get from a patoka (patrol car) though.


With a 1UZ swap, a 5-speed manual transmission, an adjustable pedal box and a hydraulic e-brake, this is the coolest drift car I’ve seen in a while. I need to feature this thing as it’s just too good, and it certainly sounded the part.


The team responsible for the original 86 knows very well that they hit the bullseye all those years back. Hell, even the new interpretation of the car has been a success, hinting that Toyota can churn out some serious goodness when they put their mind to it.


As I saw this AE111 pull in – the final 4A-G Trueno/Levin that solely exists to donate its 20-valve variant engine to AE86s – I wondered one thing: Will Toyota be able to replicate this success with the new Supra? They’re already half there with the previous generations of the car, but will the new one resonate with owners as the ZN6 (and all its variants) has done?

What do you think? And since we are at it, when the hell do we celebrate Supra Day?

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Honda Beat seems Suzuki Cappucino actually :)


I was thinking the same ...


New supra looks turrible


your spelling looks TERRIBLE and also wrong article to mess with

Anthony Johnson

Why so angry?


Kyle's statement was based on the way Charles Barkley pronounces the word "terrible" focusing on the phonetic spelling.

Dino Dalle Carbonare



I don't think they can match the success of either the 86 or the supra. The new 86 would have to go down in the books as a functional family grocery getter that happened to introduce automotive enthusiasm to a large group of people in order to match the success of the original. The new one is a successful homage to what the 86 has become. Unless toyota can perhaps make some "last of a dying breed" bulletproof race car platform that will be used worldwide for years before EVs eventually rule, then I think Supra is just a badge.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I don't know, I think people have been too quick to judge with the new Supra. I mean it's a relatively good looking coupe and has a driveline that should deliver the goods, surely that's enough? It should also be pretty tuneable and the aftermarket will welcome it wth open arms. Sounds like a pretty good recipe for success... if the price is right


So many internet fanbois with the opinion of "It's not a MkIV Supra so it won't be any good", probably the same people giving out prior to the release of the 86. I expect the new Supra to be very well received, just like the 86. I think we should be delighted that toyota will be mass producing two RWD sports cars that will become super affordable to enthusiasts in the near future. How any true car enthusiast can complain about that is beyond my comprehension.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Well that's my opinion too. At least they are getting off their asses and making a new Supra. Other manufacturers should take notice


That's a Suzuki cappuccino



Dino Dalle Carbonare

We have similar tastes ... :D

Michael Rinaldi

I want that Cappuccino! I HATE that we don't get these small cars over here in the States. Perfect little city roller skate...

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Can't you import them now? All I see pop up on You Tube is Beats and AZ1s in the states and people getting their minds blown at how much fun they are


I don't know about a designated Supra's Day. But there is the SOC (Supra Owners Club) Japan which holds an annual meet I believe.

Not sure if their official site for the next event is up to date, though:

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah I missed it this year. One to think about for 2019!


Mmh.. Good question.. Hard to say at this moment.. Basically i think the enthusiast are happy to have a new Supra soon..
But as you said it, we live in a time where marketing people & regulations dictates design and characteristic of a car.
I think it will be like the new NSX. An outstanding new generation car, which has nothing in common with it's predecessor.

This makes me a bit sad because the old Supra, as the old NSX, made me really fall in love with the japanese cars. This kind of magic gets lost somehow with the new cars, don't you think?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I don't know, NSX is too expensive and its gone turbo & hybrid/electric with no manual. The Supra remains 3L straight six with a turbo as well as FR with a manual. Plus rumors are pointing at a pretty affordable entry price. I'd say they've nailed the basics pretty well. NSX not so much, hence why it sells very poorly


Hey Dino, great article. Do you think we can get more info on that yellow 86?


You know, the two Itashas got my attention...
Good to see no police interference ruining the gathering.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah they were chill that night


Which car is this ?


honda beat
ae92 trueno
mk3 supra


Is that really a Crown? I thought that was a Celsior (or LS400 in US markets) i mean it had a 1UZ and all, and it even looks like one at that angle.


I think you already posted this cappucin earlier. It was silver last year.


Not a hachi but an '88 ST165 Celica GT-Four of the same era is worth a little love... Especially if it's a competitive SCCA road racer!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yes it is, maybe there's a meet for that car on the 16th of May? LOL


*Eurobeat Intensifies*


new Z4"supra" gonna fail

Dino Dalle Carbonare

We shall see


An AA63 GT 4AGE Carina was my first car I used to wish it was a 86.


I don't agree with all the criticism about the new supra too, What made the jza80 so great wasn't the fact that it was the perfect car, but all the aftermarket support and tuners, instead made it so appealing to the enthusiasts. My only concern is about the price, if it's not going to cost like a fighter jet is really likely to be a success in my opinion.