18 Blocks Of Concours In Carmel-By-The-Sea
Dead Batteries

Carmel-by-the-Sea is an interesting little place. Home to less than 4,000 people, the design of the buildings and the town itself were supposedly inspired by children’s fairy tales. The annual Concours on the Avenue is, of course, part of the greater Monterey Car Week extravaganza that takes over Monterey Bay, California every year.

The intent of this event is to host a gathering of cars which you don’t normally see during Car Week. While I’m certain that many of the cars I saw here I’ll be seeing elsewhere this week, the event was definitely more diverse than others nearby. This also meant that a lot of American cars were present; however, I mostly overlooked these examples as I find that 100% factory versions of American classics don’t interest me as much as I initially thought they did. This could also in part be due to the fact that I’ve just come home from Hot August Nights, and I’m a bit saturated in that regard. Whatever the case, the reality of Concours on the Avenue is that 18 blocks downtown are shut down and filled only with interesting cars.

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_002

Finding parking for the show proved a difficult task and I’m fairly certain we ended up at least twice this far away. Parking a couple small hills and a right turn off Ocean Avenue left me plenty of opportunity for some proper Speedhunting around the neighborhood. It started with this Mini, and there were so many interesting cars parked around the place that I’m saving them for their own gallery.

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_005

Making it down the hill I began to get hungry, so I had a snack. It was a really long walk.

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_007

I could tell I was on the right track as I started to see Porsche after Porsche, until it turned into the sort of thing where everywhere you looked was another performance vehicle. Or someone getting a parking ticket, which made me thankful for my 20-odd block walk.

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_011

It was around this point that I realized my second camera body didn’t have a battery in it, so I had to walk back to my car. There was good news and bad news. The bad news was I didn’t have any extra batteries with me; the good news was I didn’t have to carry both cameras back.

This didn’t really matter as it was the only event I was shooting on Tuesday, with most of the rest of my time being spent assembling stories. Taking a different route down the hill, I was finally rewarded with my first real view of the show.

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_013

Being that the event was sponsored by Acura, I wanted to take a look at the ARX-05 Daytona Prototype that I knew would be on display. Actually, I didn’t know it would be here and I’m not even sure if that’s what this is.

Since I hadn’t had any yet, I really came for the coffee, as did this couple wearing fancier jackets than mine. But, it was definitely a good stop to make. Finally, I headed into the show.

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_015

But not before a casual Lamborghini Countach sighting.

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_016

At first I was hoping for a 25th Anniversary Edition, but alas, it appeared instead to be just a US$600,000 5000 QV instead. It sounded incredible.

Mix It Up
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_017

Okay, Concours on the Avenue…

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_018

Immediately I was met with a trio of very desirable ’90s BMWs. I chose red, but not because I know what I’m talking about; there were far too many cars assaulting my senses for me to really take in what I was seeing.

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_022

As much as this event was about every last little detail being correct, I was happy to see a number of completely modified cars out on display. After the ’50s, very little excites me if it’s factory.

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_023

And while I would have liked this 912 either way, it had a bit of a surprise when you went around to the back end.

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_028

Now packing a six instead of a four, I’m sure the almost-50-year-old car is phenomenal to drive.

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_029

Naturally, there were loads of other rare and special Porsches out on parade, but what makes this particular RUF Yellowbird special is who owns it.

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_030

We’ll get to that in a minute, as I was busy fighting the crowds down the busy blocks.

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_033

There was definitely a good mix of vintage Euro rides, and I took a particular liking to this row of Minis. I’ve already done a small feature on my favorite one.

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_036
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_037

They’re such good-looking tiny cars. I’ve never driven one, but after seeing so many fantastic different versions in one place I really want one now. I should probably check if I fit first, though – anyone have one they’d like to loan me?

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_040
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_043

Another favorite was this left-hand-drive Toyota 2000GT. Looking at recent sales, this car could be worth around US$1,000,000. It was absolutely gorgeous.

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_046
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_054

I continued down Ocean Avenue, sneaking off to nearly every side street, continually impressed by both the variety in attendance and the level of execution. An hour in I’d taken over 600 photos, and I can only begin to guess how many shots were snapped at the entire show while I was there. At least 100,000, I’m sure.

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_059

I arrived at the stage to find Bruce Meyer and Alois Ruf Jr. being interviewed. The two were having a nice chat about what makes the twin-turbo RUF CTR so special.

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_060

That 964 I spotted earlier on is, in fact, owned by Bruce Meyer himself. The man has an eclectic history with the automobile and, after being introdued to Robert Petersen, became responsible for the birth of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_061

Alois suggested that the Yellowbird is as great as it is due mostly to the fact that they removed so much weight from it. He says that engineers today “must not believe in gravity” anymore.

With a top speed of 213mph (343km/h) it was the fastest car in the world when released. Even at little more than idle speed, you can hear that it wants to go fast.

2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_049

Finally, I reached the end of the blocked off section of Ocean Avenue.

Hearing the sound of engines starting up in the distance, I ran around in a frenzy trying to locate them. Success was mine, although in my excitement I didn’t take any photos of this 964 being started for the judges to have a listen. You can have a listen, too, though, and I hope it’s enough that you forgive me.

Of course, these images so far only represent one small slice of the show. There’s too much to even begin to talk about, but having given my camera a good workout I have loads of extras below. Be sure to hop on a desktop and go into full-screen mode to enjoy them properly.

A personal favorite there has to be the built-from-scratch twin turbo Tucker.

Trevor Yale Ryan
Instagram: tyrphoto

Cutting Room Floor
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_053
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_055
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_056
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_057
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_058
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_064
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_065
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_066
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_067
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_068
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_069
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_070
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_071
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_072
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_073
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_074
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_075
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_076
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_077
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_078
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_079
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_080
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_081
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_082
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_083
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_084
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_085
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_086
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_087
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_088
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_089
2018-SH-Concourse On Ocean Avenue-Trevor-Ryan_090


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Came for the CTR. Was not disappointed!


Trevor, I love the CTR but while idling it sounds like any old aircooled Porsche, just like my lowly 2.7S, and that's good !


It does! That's the beauty of it


Stunning cars on display, I love a good car show! I went to a classic car show in the village I live in the other week and the cars on display were absolutely immaculate. All cars were accompanied by their proud owner and all owners were up for a chat about their car. I would love to buy a classic car like the ones that were on display that day.


I was in Carmel a few years ago just driving around and spotted a Ford GT(first Gen) in gulf livery parked on the street and said to my wife and son “remember that car, it’ll be a long time before you see another one” and then 3 blocks away spotted a second one(in gulf livery) parked in a driveway. (Not the same car). Crazy. If you’re a car fanatic, California is a place to be. I can’t wait to attend Rennsport Reunion in September. Great job on the photos Trevor!


Yeah we have it pretty okay here ;) thanks man!


Every time I see pictures of that Tucker torpedo my chin touches my chest. Rob Ida is an unbelievable craftsman.


Honestly, what I like most about this is admitting the mistake (battery-less body, no spares in the car).
Makes you seem a lot more "like the normal people", to make (and admit) those things :-)


Haha yeah wegre all pretty normal guys and make plenty of mistakes when shooting. The nice thing is I can hide most all that on my hard drive ;)


I love what you did with the images of both the 2002 Turbo's trunk and the 2000GT engine! Not only it looks good but it goes on to show that you know the ins and outs of the format you're writing for!

As a personal sidenote, the colombian flag on that GT350 Shelby caught my eye. At first I thought I was seeing things but then I saw the name on the door: Camilo Steuer. God, how I hate those guys! They're own a big chunk of our country's only racetrack and not only they don't invest in safety measures or fixing the asphalt, for years they've underhandedly hindered any and all attempts that have been made to build another one. No wonder: they're too busy strutting around in Monterey! Their Steuers founded Club Los Tortugas and are both the pioneers of local motorsport but also the main responsibles for it being so underdeveloped in our country: they don't care as long as their elite group of cronies can get their kicks on the track with their priceless cars. And if you believe the voices on the street, soon we won't even have a track if the Steuers get their way! Plus, having shared track once with one of them, they don't take losing lightly! Hahaha!


Haha thank you! Interesting note on the Mustang, had no idea about all of that.


Great feature and photos! Thanks for sharing <3