Uniting Nations, Mooneyes Style

Let’s jump straight into the nitty-gritty of my Mooneyes Street Car Nationals coverage with three cars that couldn’t possibly be more different from each other. In fact, not only are they all from different corners of the world, but they represent very different styles and genres of car culture. With this being a Mooneyes event, however, this level of diversity is not only expected, but very much welcomed.

First up, and representing Japan, we have a little Datsun B210 coupe which has just gone through a thorough restoration, or should I say, restomod.

The car stood out for its glistening paint job and color-matched bucktooth front lip spoiler, not to mention the yellow headlights, a touch that I think really looks ace on these little Sunnys.


There’s a rather fitting set of kyusha shoes in the form of 14-inch Racing Hart Takachi Project four-spokes, while the car sits nice and low, tucking the top part of the tires into the fender wells.


One look into the cabin and you quickly realize just how extensive this restoration was, the Datsun having been stripped right down to the metal and a half cage fabricated in the back. The rear bench seat has been done away with altogether, and all of the trim has been replaced by simple and light sheetmetal paneling.


In fact, only the dashboard remains, everything else is painted or exposed metal. The low-back bucket seats are equipped with Schroth Racing belts which color-coordinate perfectly with the OMP steering wheel. I’m loving the details!


The best touch is the stock instrumentation giving way to something a little more modern and simple.


The owner told me that the engine still needs to be done and that it’s currently stock and dirty, hence why I wasn’t able to get a shot of it.


But judging by the meticulous work on the exterior and interior, I’m sure the engine bay will end up looking very cool, and the owner has promised to contact me as soon as it’s completed so we can take a proper look at this build with a full feature.


Spotting a Peugeot among Japanese kyusha and American hot rods isn’t something new; we’ve been seeing the odd 405 at this event over the years. This French performance sedan from the late ’80s is a little different though…

I had a brief chat to the owner, and as the telltale signs like larger bumpers and smaller rear license plate recess hint at, this is indeed a rare US market model.


Built in 1988, this Mi16 spent most of its life on the streets of San Francisco and Northern California before the current owner went over, found it, and brought it back to Japan.


The Peugeot was obviously very well cared for by its previous owner and still sits on the original (and very high) suspension and factory 16-inch wheels. The US model came with a 10hp deficit over the 160hp European version of the 406 Mi16, but I’m sure an aftermarket exhaust with a sports catalyst would see some of that lost power return.


To end this first round up of spotlights from the Street Car Nationals I’ve gone with something very different, a Ford split-window truck with a warplane theme to be precise.


Even the exposed small-block with its Offenhauser heads and upturned headers has some airplane-like qualities about it – especially the machined stacks on the carbs that almost resemble the heat sinks on a radial engine.


If there were any doubts about the underlying theme, the interior sees to that. This is more like a bomber than a car!


Nothing too wild has been done to the bed and it’s full functionality is still there.


My favorite aspect of this truck were the spoked wheels, which just seemed to suit it so well – much more than normal steelies would have.

Next up, I want to show you my absolute favorite car from the event. If you’ve checked out my Instagram, you may already know what that is!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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How Nissan went from a design like this to the new boring designs of Sunny? I would only change the seats for some more "daily use" sport seats remaining is perfect.
The 405 with the legendary performance of Vatanen, add to it the French "TAXI" movie... you think the owner is crazy enough (i doubt he's not: he's a Japanese who imported a French car from USA) to homologate the Pikes Peak 405? Maybe the plans are not the racing route.
Well, the Ford made me speechless.

The poor French carguy

The PIkes Peak 405 is a one off owned by Peugeot itself, so I doubt it could be purchased and imported, however I like the idea, that'd be pure insanity to see such thing on the road ! The 405 Mi16 was raced in BTCC before being replaced by its little sister the 406 V6 (The "TAXI" movies featured a 406 based off said BTCC car, and later the 407 which was just an horrendously modified car... )


The 405 T16 'Climb Dance' car lives in Northern Ireland, curiously enough. Makes the odd appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The poor French carguy

My apologies, I stand corrected, it's the n°2 that is owned by Peugeot, The n°1 is, as you said, living in Ireland. The n°1 was the car that featured in the short film "Climb Dance", but the n°2 is the record holder driven by Vatanen in 1988.

Paddy McGrath

That's a great piece of information. Learn something everyday! :)


I was saying that he can make it looks like the Pikes Peak 405 sure not the real one.
And all these years I thought it's a 405 with facelift or some aftermarket parts in the movie thanks for correcting.


Those seats are perfect for daily use , I use a set of these in my Sunny Truck and its my daily driven vehicle and for the last two years i have had no issues. I live in South Africa so our roads are not as good as Japan, and yet still no issues.


that cage + those seats = death, unless you plan on wearing a helmet for daily use.


Thoase seats are just normal for a classic car like that u see them in every other classic car from factory. and also a rear cage isn't directly dead for normal use. if u use your seatbelt u stay in place.


And this is exactly why we need to snap out of this "respect everyone's build" bs.

Designs like this can kill people. Good eye and smart man. Whoever did that cage wouldn't touch my car I can guarantee you that!


Yep, helmet and HANS device. Even without the cage, I want a headrest.


Never tried them in person, just made my judgement from the look. But since you have tries them, then my only "complain" is dropped.

The poor French carguy

Well, I was more than surprised to see that Peugeot here ! Makes me so happy to see this ! The Mi16 is a rarity even here in France, so a USDM one is a true Unicorn. Made my day, or even my week ! Thank you Dino !

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah I think most people that saw it were having the same reaction!


Yes we never see any french cars on SH! They are quirky and worth checking out!


quirky european cars need some love here

The poor French carguy

I wouldn't say never, as recently we saw an Alpine and a R5 Turbo. but apart from the very rare collectibles (that are seen because they are actually so rare that it's worth talking about them), we don't see frenchies that much indeed. That's why it feels so good to see some being noticed like this 405 Mi16 !

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Thanks for reminding us all...the R5 Turbo/Turbo2 and the Alpine are great favorites of mine and I do come across some in Japan. 205 GTis strangely enough are a little rarer. I'm sure you guys will like a shop I will be visiting next month...


Hell I never see Peugeots here. A US model in Japan is almost comical.
They should hand out headrests for Best in Show lol.

The poor French carguy

What's also comical about that is that the Peugeot 405 was the last French car ever sold brand new in the US (Last models being sold in 1991/1992).

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Can't stand out more than with this car lol


Sacrebleu, a Peugeot on my Speedhunters? lol
wish there was more articles on this website about french cars, a french team built a 106 s16 with a 4G63 + drtivetrain from a evo, this kind of french build (and there are many!) would worth a feature on this site!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I'd feature that! Any more info?


Does anyone have the Instagram name of the datsun builder? if they one ofcourse, id like to follow this closely.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I asked, no social media, as analogue as his car lol