A Surprise JDM Trio – What Would You Choose?

I’m sure the question of your ultimate dream garage is something you’ve given some thought towards before.

But have you ever made your selection more specific? At the recent opening round of the 2018 British Drift Championship at Rockingham Circuit, I turned a corner towards one of the public car parks, only to face three cars parked side-by-side-by-side that, after some thought, came pretty close to my ultimate three-car JDM garage.

JDM trio by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1-4

It got me thinking – if I could pick any three JDM makes for three specific disciplines – daily, drift and track/toy. What would I pick?

JDM trio by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-11

As a ‘practical’ daily, you can’t go far wrong with a JZX chassis. The JZX110 is new enough for it not to feel like an old car, yet it still packs that largely unaided mechanical experience that you want from a performance car. With enough room to seat the whole family, a decent sized boot, and tuning potential for far more horsepower than you’d ever need on the road, there’s not much out there to compete. Plus the majority of road users wouldn’t have a clue what it was, so there’s plenty of potential to upset the owners of some much faster looking cars.

JDM trio by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-2

This particular example boasted a ground-hugging aero kit, a set of Work Emotion 7TR wheels and Bride seats. Judging by the intercooler, I’d guess the 1JZ has been fettled with lightly too.

JDM trio by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-14

Now, for a drift car… way back in the day I used to own an S13 Silvia, and I still think they look as cool now as I did when I first bought mine. Mechanically it’s exactly the same as the S13 that was sold in the UK and Europe, so tuning and repairing it is simple and relatively cheap, but the Silvia shape makes it a bit more desirable than its pop-up lamped stablemate. As a casual practice drift car, the S13 Silvia delivers and there’s not much more you can ask for.

JDM trio by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1

Easy power, super easy to drift and parts in good supply – it’s ideal. With a few external upgrades, like this one has, they can look pretty badass too – the occasional scrape and scar adds character to cars like this.

JDM trio by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-3

The final member of this was an R32 GT-R, but I’d have taken this or an FD3S without complaint. When it comes to a weekend or track toy, the R32 GT-R is a massively capable machine – it’s potent straight out of the box, reasonably reliable and there’s tons of tuning potential here too. Start upgrading as you go and you can upset almost anyone on track. This one had lashings of carbon parts and a nice set of Work Emotion CR2P wheels.

JDM trio by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-12

I’ve been keeping an eye on R32 GT-R prices here in the UK and they’ve been steadily climbing for a while now, but they still offer amazing value for money, and prices are only going to go one way.

JDM trio by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-7

That’s a pretty impressive JDM dream garage summed up in one carpark row. So, let’s put it to the poll – I want to hear your JDM daily/drift/track/toy picks. Drop a comment below, along with why you picked them…

Jordan Butters
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I'd have to pick the JZX all day. The other two cars are nice, but the JZX has been my dream car for a long time. Also, I don't mean to be nit picky, but the JZX110 came with a 1JZ, not a 2JZ.


my daily/drift/track toy

1. 2018 Sentra Nismo - I know it doesn't have that much of a power but I have a sentra and the reliability and tuning is really fun for a daily driver.
2. Nissan r32 rwd - i believe its a gtst not even a gtr but that check all my boxes for FUN.
3. This is a hard one a lot of choices to make and it check all the boxes. But being in the philippines and reality check. I'll go for EK hatch


I used to dream of the AE86 Levin.. But ended up buying the "boxtype" Sentra as my first car. (For you guys who don't know, that's a nickname we gave for the B12 Sentra)

Yeah, importing cars is hard in this country.. Sucks a lot to be a car enthusiast tbh, tho surplus parts are a blessing.


wow thats nice, I still have my sentra b13 its fully converted with sr20de engine and usdm interior and exterior parts with a carbon fiber hood recently bought its always nice to drive it.


The JZX110 look like Toyota Corollas to me


They are especially ugly.


Spectacular level of uglyness. I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt and say it's of it's era but even then it's not helping too much.


They are more of a Camry than a Corolla


my daily/drift/track toy

1.(Daily) 2013 Mazda Mazdaspeed3- A good fun car, and it's a ball to drive and it's a manual
2.(Drift car) 1998 Nissan GTT ER34- A drifting GTR? Because why not?
3.(track toy) 1987 Nissan Skyline R31 GTS-R- One of the more unpopular skylines is my favourite


Nah, I could totally see an R31 - it's got that "80's Spaceship Japan" look you don't get with the more advanced cars.


Exactly that's why I love them


I'll take a JZX100, thanks.

The 110 looks like a 100 that let its gym membership lapse.


My choices:

Choice 1:
Daily - Toyota Crown Athlete S180: Nothing like having a nice JDM sedan to cruise around with.
Drift - Toyota Supra Mark IV: Rear-wheel drive, 2JZ power, can handle huge amounts of boost, reliable as all hell. 'Nuff said.
Track - Toyota MR2 SW20: It looks nice, it's a lot of fun to drive, and it has the potential to have great handling. Just watch out for the oversteer.

Choice 2:
Daily - Toyota Chaser JZX100: It's sporty, practical, reliable, and with enough tuning, it has the potential to be a great sleeper.
Drift - Toyota Corolla AE86: *insert Eurobeat here*
Track - Toyota GT86: Not very fast in a straight line, but show it a twisty mountain road and it'll be happy. Not to mention there's LOADS of aftermarket parts for it.

Damn, I seem to really have a thing for Toyotas when it comes to JDM cars...


Somebody has a thing for Toyotas geez ;D but I love them I own and drive a Toyota 4Runner (surf hilux) and a GT86


Daily: Mitsubishi pajero evolution, bad roads, lots of snow in the winter, camping trips.. Perfect

Drift: 20B FD3S, the sweet, angry, music.. Aah

Track: BNR32, bought mine a couple of years ago, and I keep smiling whenever I drive it. . It's such a competent chassis, have to see if it ever will limit my driving!




I always love these ‘dream garage’ questions! My trio would be a Toyota Corolla GT-S since I already have one in my garage as my track toy. Drift vehicle would be Nissan Silvia (S15) because it’s such a pretty looking thing. Choosing a JDM daily is a really difficult decision. There’s just so much to choose from but if I was really pressed it would have to be a Toyota Century. I mean who wouldn’t want a V12 powered daily?

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Daily - Honda NSX-R NA2. My dream car since I was a kid. Enough said.
Drift - Toyota 86 with twin turbo 2GR swap. I don't really fancy a V8 swap, yet in-line 6s are also overdone. So why not a V6?
Track - Nissan Silvia S15. I like to keep things simple with this.


This is a fresh combo. Excellent choices.


Daily: JZX100, imo the best looking jzx.
Drift: 2j or rb swapped s14 kouki or s15 (can't decide what I like more)
Track: r32 gtr


Daily - Honda NSX-R NA2
Drift - FC RX7 with a J-Ported 13B
Track - Stripped clean K24 swapped EG Civic Hatch


Id say my perfect 3 would be my IS300 as a drift/daily, very much like a chaser but with a single turbo 2j making 500whp and a vertex kit you cant go wrong. Second Id have to say would be an RX7 FD for weekends whenever its not blown up, and finally id like to have would be an s2000 for carving roads reliably. If i would change one it would be the s2000 for a new viper.. say what you want but theyre true drivers cars, dodge really nailed that one and im not an american guy.


I got approved for an IAMTHESPEEDHUNTERS post but im waiting to finish the swap on my IS before i do... Cant wait!


Daily: Nissan Stagea RS FOUR S
drift: I´m not into drifts so: None , but therefore
one for the weekend: Honda S2000 or a Fairlady
and one for the track: Evo VIII


Subaru Legacy wagon as a daily, Mazda RX-3 for drift/project car. Suzuki Cappuccino for track duties


YES on the Cappuccino!


If only JDM are allowed, my dream garage would be something like this :
- Daily : Nissan Stagea WC34 with R34 front end conversion, because it's a wagon, and wagons are love, and they are also AWD and have a great potential when it comes to modifications.
- Track weapon : Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R, because Godzilla was a nickname earned by this machine destroying its opponents on the track.
- Weekend toy : Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R, simply because it's my dream machine, I just love it.
- Drift : this one is tough, as I never really gave it some thoughts, but I'd go for a R35 GT-R, RWD conversion, big power, Liberty Walk body-kit and tones of power. It's the car I've been using in FH3 when I was drifting to relax, and I just love the sound of this car.
You probably guessed it, I just love GT-Rs, they are the only JDM cars that really make me dream. Call me a fanboy if you want, but that's how it is (thanks GT2 for that). Have a great week everyone !


1. Daily: Subaru WRX Station Wagon. Would love to get the bug eye.
2. Drift: 1984 Toyota Corolla Liftback 1.8SE TRD (my current baby)
3. Track: Toyota SW20 MR2 (waiting for my wife to buy me this)


Daily: ER34 4 door, my brother picked one up as a daily not too long ago and it just has massive character, pretty smooth ride too and with a bit of work that 2 liter sounds pretty good too.
Drift: 200SX all day long, too bad that the "drift tax" makes em so expensive/hard to find these days. just a super chassis for drifting all around, doesn't matter if you're a beginner or expert at it.
Track/Weekend: Have to go with my NSX, not the easiest car as a track weapon but I just can't let it go and since I'm planning to change a lot of the car anyways (just have to find 20k cash for parts...) I might as well put it on the track. Just an incredible machine that I couldn't imagine getting rid of, so it has to stay


I am more into Japanese trucks than cars so a little different from me
Daily: Land Cruiser FJ55 w/ V8
Off road camping: Land Cruiser BJ60 with 13BT/ H55 combo
Off road racing: Isuzu VehiCross rally build


I have my dream car... thank you! every day joy!!!!


I just.... I can't see past the Camry. It's just not the same car here in the States haha.


Daily: Lexus LS, Master P style.
Drift/fun: Honestly a Nissan 240. Simply because it ticks all the boxes, and that you never ever see them in good shape iin the wild.
Track: Toyota MRS. I just think it would be a fun project to put through the paces.


Daily-bagged 2017 Sienna (I'm a family man!)
Drift-i can't drift, so I'd be down with just having a 1UZ stuffed into my 1988 Toyota Motorhome so I could camp out at some drift events.
Track-I have lots of love for old civics. I'd love a hatchback EG with a K series in it.


Daily - T230 Celica GT-S - Why? In honor of my first car that got me into car culture.
Drift - '91 MX-5 - All the miatas where I live are built for tracks, so it would be an interesting twist to have a drifting Miata.
Track/Toy - Scion FR-s, Curvy tracks would show the true potential of this car, also you see a lot of BRZs and 86s so why not go with the scion (Even though it is the same car)


I would finish my stagea rs, buy a 1964 dodge d100 sweptline and would love another eg civic as a track toy

Brennan McKissick

Daily - Definitely have to go with a big, cushy GS300 with a Supra swap and mild bolt ons. Leave it with a nice single turbo setup and keep it reliable and easy to daily.
Drift - S13 coupe. I think they just look so good with a few battle scars.
Track - This is a really tough decision but an R32, FD or S15 would fit the bill pretty well.

Abdullah Isdanul

Daily & Track : Toyota Starlet GT EP82 - Drive & Own one IRL, Funnest Hatchback car i've ever driven, Plus that 4E Engine were quite a punch(IMO) despite the 1.3L Turbocharged engine (Got Myself 130 HP combine with weight roughly 850Kg)
Drift : Mitsubishi Lancer Evo CT9A model - Thanks to Nobushige kumakubo, I want an evo just to made it slide, Yeah i know it's a dumb idea but one can dream right?


My Daily/Drift/Track Toy

Daily: 2017 Acura NSX - Whether you love it or hate it, it’s a fantastic car. From the technology packed inside. To the optional silent startup to not wake the neighbors.

Drift: 350z - The engine sounds amazing with mangaflows, it comes with a subwoofer behond the driver seat stock. Now if only insurance wasn’t so high.


It didn’t post my whole comment:
Track Toy: NA1 NSX with the NA2 engine and transmission plus a supercharger (for maximum VTEC) and an Advance bodykit.

But if I could I would swap the drift car for a Hakotora Datsun pickup truck to haul my stuntbike around :)


My dream JDM garage goes like this
Daily- Mazda Rx-8- R3
Drift- Nissan 370z turbo
Race/Track/Weekend-Nissan Skyline r-35


Probably a tastefully modded ER34 Skyline. Four door practicality with RB power would be a fun combo.
Drift car:
A JZX100 Chaser. I've always preferred the looks of the 100 over the 110 and it's certainly a proven chassis in the drifting world.
Track Car:
An AE86 with a Blacktop 4AGE built for high compression and high revs. Nimble in the corners and a screamer on the straights. Even though it wouldn't make that much power it would be enough for something that light.


You did a great job on this article. My pick would have to be the Mark 2 that's featured in this article. Ever since I saw the Team Magician on SpeedHunters I wanted to have one ANNNNNN Drift Works used to have one but I am not sure if they still do. Another pick would have to be a wagon...any wagon really but I love seeing old 70's Toyota wagons and Datsun wagons fly around the corners.
Butters I need for you to try and slide your Audi around lol WITH Archie in the front seat :D


Man, I have to go with the Zenk S13. It is beat up which means it is used properly, and I have always loved that style. I wish I could get the R32 with the Zenki's suspension though, seeing as an R32 it my pure dream car.


I would have to go with the Zenki S13. I love R32s and JSX's to death (bias to the R32), but the Zenki is used properly and is just too cool not to see in my garage every day. I really wish I could have the R32 with the Zenki or the JZX's suspension though.


I would choose that JZX, i so wish they were legal in the A-spec district instead of me a ROTW car :<

America needs to become ROTW


Always though the JXZ is a hideous vehicle, externally. Looks a bit like those new Rovers from the front.

Always a Skyline or S13 for me.


Daily: R33 GTR
Drift: 180sx
Track: FD RX7


Damn the JDM requirement. Totally screws up my usual dream garage (SS/86/997). Let's see...

Daily - SC300
Toy - BRZ/FRS/GT86 or MX-5
Winter Beater - GM8 Impreza 2.5RS

And not a single one of them would be stock.


R32 Skyline GTS-t Type M, BL Liberty GT Tuned by STi, and Z33 380RS. I'd track all of them.


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i m gonna do the baisc bro thing and pick the GTR this particular GTR is badass

Richard Clayderman

I like my cars like I like my women; not turned into a complete basketcase by abusive former partners. I will admit that part of me would very much like to have an absolutely stock something or other, with a box of tissues on the parcel shelf, factory wheels, a National Trust sticker in the window, and proper, long UK plates stuck on in a most unbefitting style. That's a contrarian fantasy I don't have the funds to justify, but just for the record, the "lifetstyle marketing", and the dearth of bigcartel sites selling weird kooky stickers with bad English because "so japanese" are anathema to me. Please, oh stranger on the internet, tell me how completely unsolicited my opinions are, and how many f*&$s thou'st not given in regard to such grievances. Go tell the world on "drivetribe" where your enthusiasm for the motor carriage becomes but a drop in the big data ocean.


Personally I would daily an R34 GT-R/GT-T any day of the week. For a drift car, it would probably go down to an S14 Silvia or an RX7 FC3S. Finally the track car/weekend warrior would probably be a Honda NSX with some mild tuning.


1) Toyota Crown 140. It is very cool shape for me, because, in Japan, only Crown Majesta more comfortable and more stuffed than ordinary Crown
2)Laurel/Sky R32/Cefiro. All are very driftable and looking nice.
3)Lancer Evo 7 or 8. It is car of my dream + where is four-wheel drive
4) And i want a wagon) It is Stagea


daily- bnr32 Nissan GTR it has all wheel drive for less than sunny days and with the sedan version of the gtst it would be great for hauling groceries , friends and family with lots of fun in the process.
drift- easily a 180sx s13 hatch i just love the styling across this whole car and with plenty of parts readily available for cheap the s13 hatches small wheelbase and plenty of room for a bigger power plant just takes you away to that special place where there's no worries or stress just fun.
track\toy-i know this will sound "basic" and "boring" but there is no denying that the first jdm car i fell in love with twas the bnr34 GTR and for good reason the RB26DETT is almost as tunable as the 2JZ with 400 horsepower to all-wheel drive with a naturally sleek and attractive aero the car is just plain fun for grip and time attack