NFS: No Limits & The Speedhunters Miata Event

It’s crazy how my job here at Speedhunters continues to blur the line between the real and virtual worlds.

Given our long-standing relation with Need for Speed, we sometimes get to share experiences and knowledge with the designers behind the game franchise, and this time around it’s the mobile version, NFS: No Limits, that I want to talk about.

01 MX-5 stage 1

A fresh new update of the game will drop today, and it’s a free download that you can get for either iOS or Android by clicking the link at the bottom of this post.

03 MX-5 stage 2 rear

While the update will bring a richer and even more exciting game-playing experience to NFS: No Limits, it’s the special Speedhunters event that will begin this Thursday that I’m particularly excited about. The Need for Speed team at Firemonkeys Studios in Melbourne, Australia asked for my input on how best to set up this competition, which as you’ve probably figured out by now is all to do with the Mazda ND Roadster/Miata/MX-5.

04 MX-5 stage 2

Much like our initial collaboration with NFS: No Limits a few years back, it’s all about your’s truly – well, the digital version of myself – working together with players in order to put together a series of ‘Zero to Hero’ stories for Speedhunters.

I will work with you to take a stock car and step-by-step turn it into a widened track-focused beast.

07_a MX-5 stage_4 front

Simon Hansen, the artist on the game at Firemonkeys, sat down for a short interview about the collaboration and shared some of his thoughts. “I love working with cars, so for this update I wanted to make the Speedhunters-inspired Mazda MX-5 look and feel aggressive, something that would set some impressive lap times and intimidate other drivers.”

“We both were really aligned with the look and feel of the Speedhunters version of the car; Dino gave me a lot of room to play with the design and allowed me more creativity than if we were simply recreating a real-world car in-game.”

10 MX-5 stage_4_top

I think it’s beyond cool that we can take inspiration from the styles and trends I see in Japan, Larry sees in the US, and Paddy sees in Europe, and feed them back to the team so that they can then generate the type of gameplay that feels true to the car culture we all immerse ourselves in.

11_b MX-5 stage_5 front

And this is the result you can achieve if you stick to my advice and win the Speedhunters competition: a turbocharged ND with a snail so big we’ve had to cut the hood to clear it.

12 MX-5 stage_5 front_2

The fully modified car has a comprehensive aero kit, and to take full advantage of it a suspension, braking and tire package that’s up to task.

14 MX-5 stage_1_4_5 race_2

The game will drop today at 3:00pm PST so make sure you click the link below and download the version for the platform that suits you.

13 MX-5 stage_5 race

You’ll have a couple of days to practice before the Speedhunters competition kicks off. See you guys in the virtual world!

Click here to download the game.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Awesome! Finally a car with lots of modifications available!


I recognize one of those mugs in that first image!


Wow, those graphics make me want to take a modern phone back in time to the '80s, lol. "This is what your talking brick grows up to be."

Have the console NFSs stopped sucking yet? I'm not a phone gamer, and still haven't gotten around to getting a current system...


There hasn't been a truly good NFS game since Underground 2. I hope that answers your question.


Need for Speed Payback was pretty decent imo... better than the mess that was Rivals and the improved but still lacking NFS 2015.


Payback was shit. Between the slot bullshit and the god awful handling, I'm not buying any NFS game until they start to be like Forza Horizon with handling.


I have a soft spot for NFS Carbon. I liked the selection of cars, the customizing options and the game play. Sad moment for me was when the game wouldn't load past the main menu. I think I played it too much and the disc is fried.


They Should remove shitty car level and speedcard system, made me feel like playing F2w mmorpg.


I remember your R34 challenge, sadly i had to travel the last 2 days and could not finish the event and win the car. That Mazda looks so cool and so realistic good job guys, both SH & NFS.
No Limits lost me when all their events were too short to finish without paying for more entries (this complain was raised by several players), it's now more or less 1 year i didn't play it but still on my phone.


M8 u should've gotten the r34 in the black Friday sale


I loved the R34 SE. Especially how it transformed the car from a rusty old R34 to a mean and best car of it's class.
I must confess, my expectations on the Miata SE are pretty high because of the R34 SE.
BTW: Over the 2.5 years, all SEs, (well except for maybe 1 or 2), you could win without spending any gold. I know because I have played all of them using a F2P account and didn't need spend gold until the end and just to buy BPs only.
Anyway, NFSNL has Flashbacks to some of their older SEs. The R34 SE being one of them. It is starting April 1 (UTC). Mind you, you need to have the cars above it on the list before you can play this one. Check their website for more info.
If you give it a go again, I suggest you join a NFSNL based community that can help you out.
I can suggest a couple of good/great ones but I will be biased. Just google it and find a suitable community that suits you. Good luck.


Shoulda been an ND RF


I can't belive this game has more car modifications then Payback, which has a truley teriable card system. I also am a bit suprised that there isn't any controler support.


Why there's an exhaust tip on both sides... that is small details that I don't like from NFS...


Cool game