RB25-Powered & RWD: A GT-R With A Difference

In Southern Alberta, Canada, fall felt like it arrived over night after a hot, dry and smoky summer. It seemed like there was only a few days to enjoy the beautiful colours before a snow storm decided to crash the party.

Lucky for me I was able to meet up with Ryan Lofgren at the perfect time to do a photoshoot with his BNR32 Nissan Skyline GT-R.


Winter appears to be just around the corner, often a sad thought for many car enthusiasts. While ice covered roads can be a lot of fun to drift about, for many it also means the end of the season for our fun summer cars.


However, when a door closes a window opens. The long winter provides the perfect opportunity to buckle down on projects, producing some incredible cars. I’m always amazed by the quality of cars that somehow exist in the Great White North.


Ryan’s GT-R is one of my favorite local builds, its engine bay being the standout feature for me. But more on that aspect in a moment.


Ryan acquired this car as a rolling chassis after the previous owner had removed the blown RB26 and never finished the repair. Over the years Ryan has transformed this car into his own, which can be difficult on a such a popular platform.

The R32 GT-R, in my opinion, is one of the best-looking cars to come from a factory. Some modifications like a Fujimura front lip and GReddy Gracer side skirts were added to further emphasis the car’s character.


In the rear, GReddy Gracer rear spats, a Fujimura rocket (Gurney) flap for the spoiler and Imvee aero carbon diffuser complete the look. No, the Japanese plate is not road legal for Alberta roads – it was used in place of the boring generic Alberta plate. I made sure to bug Ryan to just buy a vanity plate!

No outfit would be complete without some proper shoes, and for this build RAYS Volk Racing RE30 Club Sport wheels were selected in an 18×11-inch fitment with 295-section Toyo R888 on all four corners. Stopping a destructive monster like Godzilla can be difficult, so a Brembo big brake kit was also installed.


The interior has been left clean, comfortable and functional. A few upgrades have been made, such as the Recaro SR3 ‘Confetti’ seats, Likewise neochrome shift knob and Nardi suede steering wheel. The upgrades do offer a subtle hint on what is lurking under the hood.


I should mention that Ryan is one of the biggest Nissan enthusiasts around. In addition to the GT-R, he also owns a Stagea with R34 GT-R front clip, an R32 sedan for drift duty, as well as a newly-acquired S13 Silvia which will be built up as a secondary drift car.

The GT-R is predictably still Nissan powered, so no worries about a sinful LS V8 swap here.


Since the car was acquired with the RB26DETT removed, it left Ryan with a blank canvas to build his car. An RB25DET now makes its home in the GT-R’s engine bay. The purists may cringe, but the reason behind the swap is a future plan of a RB30 which will make use of the RB25 head. The car has also been rear-wheel drive converted for personal driving preference.


Ryan didn’t just simply drop the RB25 in this car; every inch of the engine bay has been carefully gone through, starting with the neochrome-finshed Holset HY35 turbo and RB26 valve cover. Air is directed into the Raw Brokerage Pro-Flow intake manifold and later exhaust exits through the 6Boost equal-length exhaust manifold. To ensure everything stays cool a GReddy radiator and ARC intercooler are used. In the driveline, a Nismo Super Coppermix twin-plate clutch sees the power directed towards the rear wheels.

When I get a chance to take a peek under the hood I try to find a new detail I overlooked previously, and it usually doesn’t take very long to find one. Every bolt and component seems to have been swapped out for something nicer, be it neochrome, titanium, or wrinkle black. I particularly like the balance between the wrinkle black and flashy components.


At times I can have a dislike towards the use of colourful coatings in automotive applications. Yes, the array of beautiful colours has some initial appeal while scrolling through parts online, but it just seems like it is way too often poorly used, ultimately just looking cheesy or out of place. Also, many of the parts often seem to be of poor quality and the coating quickly tarnishes.

However, none of these issues exist on Ryan’s GT-R.


I can appreciate the detail, thought and high-quality parts used, and not just in the engine bay but throughout the entire build.

Richard Brown

Facebook: NoPulp Photography
Instagram: RichlyOrange



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you had me until crappy aero and rainbow colored drildos


You were so eager to be the first post and trash talk a perfectly fine car that you forgot to capitalize and punctuate...


Lol! Okay I'll take off the wind tunnel tested genuine aero for some Chinese fibreglass. Cheaper that way anyway.


Lol @ wind tunnel tested. You do realize that the 32 GTR has a drag coefficient of 0.4 right? A Nissan Cube has a 0.35CD. I don't think changing the aero in this way has any effect on aerodynamics of a 32. The GTR was all about mechanical grip back in the early 90's.


Jesus, what? It's more draggy than a Miata.

0.38, or roughly double that of the GM EV1.


To increase airflow to important areas like radiator, intercooler and brakes. And increase down force front and rear.
Those happen to increase drag actually. So let's bump that up to 0.41 just to be safe.


Since when is GReddy and Rocket Dancer, "crappy"? If that's "crappy" to you, I'd love to know what you consider to be "good".


What's crappy about the aero?


Call me a purist but as great the car looks (and probably is), without RB26 and 4WD , it can't be called "GTR" anymore ...

Beside that nice car :)

Chris Kreschollek

wrong. if you ever played the original gran turismo, you would have known this is not true.


Does this make it more like a GTS-t or GTS-25?

Brandon Halvorsen

So he wants an early 90s, RWD, 3.0 turbo 6 cylinder from Nissan... is it just me or is he making a z32 300zx?


Ew. Have you ever driven or worked on a 300zx?


Should be called ''GTT" instead.


There's already a GTT in the Skyline family :)


The chassis number says otherwise.


I know but still ...

If I go extreme, for me, it's like taking a Golf R32, swap the motor for a diesel one and go back to traction only ( Ok, that's not that extreme in this case, I admit but you get my point :p )


So you mean that the Xanavi R34 GTR JGTC wasn't a GTR beacause of the RWD and V6 ? Come on guys...


Julien : Indeed I mean it. For me, JGTC are more silhouette racing car that "true GTR".
That doesn't mean that they aren't formidable machine but not purely "GTR" following my interpretation (and I insist on that fact that only how I see it, not a truth by itself :) )


By that measure, is a GTS-T with ATTESA 4WD & RB26 a GT-R? Curious as it's an interesting area as to what makes a car what it is.


"By that measure, is a GTS-T with ATTESA 4WD & RB26 a GT-R? Curious as it's an interesting area as to what makes a car what it is.:
wouldn't we call that a GT-R replica?


For me that's a package chassis + engine + whatever other bits specific to a certain type.
So staying logic with myself, I will also say no to that question ;). (but once again it's only a personnal point of view ).

Let's call those "hybrid" :p


And engine.


Autech called it so with the 4 doors R33 GTR. Technically it was a GTS-T with GTR drivetrain.


Actually the autech R33 GTR sedan is not a gtst it had the full gtr running gear rb26 atessa ets, even gtr interior, plus the body was still treated with the same aluminium front guards and bonnet and the rear was flared out to resemble the coupe


Out of interest, how did they source the shells/running gear (did they disassemble some GTS Ts or get the bare shells) and what did they do about the VIN/chassis ID plates? Autech's own? I ask cos a high percentage of the assembly of an Alpina is done in BMW factories these days, on the same production lines. So there sn

Tough one, isn't it though, how do you value something like this? Is that (amazing) E91 BMW Touring that was featured on here with all the E92 M3 bits an M3? Technically, no. Is it worth as much as an M3 or as much as an unmolested 330D or whatever it was from the factory or somewhere in between? Or more?


Awesome to see this car on the pages of Speedhunters. That engine bay is definitely a showstopper from when I first saw it at illmotion Sunday School.


Always so many opinionated sooks in the comments. Sick car.


There need to be more cars featured that wear RE30s - Easily RAYS best designed wheel IMO (Prepares flame suit, in before TE37 is the best etc)
Such an amazing looking car too - I'm not a massive fan of the Neo-Chrome, but its still an impressive looking engine bay. Any word on power figures? I'm guessing with a turbo that size it would be in the 400HP range?
That last photo is instant wallpaper worthy too


Thanks man! Agreed I love my RE30's. They are Rays lightest forged wheel too. Can't argue with that!
I never actually planned to keep the 25 so I never had it more than street tuned. It should easily make 500 on 20 lbs. But I'll probably have the new bottom end in before I actually find out.


Love everything but the unicorn penis shifter. That R32 design NEVER gets old.


I actually like the shifter handle: ribbed for greater grip AND pleasure. Come to think of it, I don't know why there aren't more like it.


6 cylinders+RWD: true classic skyline GTR recipe


All cool except the neochrome isn't to my taste. No biggie :)


Beautiful car,love it,I have an r34,just skyline mad


I for one happen to like the car. Only thing I would change is the stance so the front sits a little lower to match the rear but, I'm sure that's an easy, quick fix so no big deal. Probably on coilovers anyway. I think the neochrome is done sparsely enough that it's not tacky. And I prefer RWD over AWD anyway and the car was bought as a rolling chassis so who cares? Good looking car.



Hate to be that guy, but why didn't he just buy a GTS-T? RWD, RB25, and can be had with a 5-speed. Confused.


R32 GTS-t were all RB20DET.
He had a BNR32 with a blown engine. RB25DET are cheaper and can make similar power levels. He's going to do a 3L bottom end so the RB25 head makes sense, as per the article. Owner wants RWD so good for him.
Also pushes the value of "original" BNR32s up more and more ;)


NOOE. RB25s with the same amount of mods can’t and won’t match RB26 figures. Any true GTR tuners knows that. Basically, the RB26 is a higher end engine.


personal preference, maybe !? Confused too ! a GTS-T replica ! :D but... anyway, it's a cool car in its way.


I'm just about to puke because i can't wrap my head around everything that's going on with this car. It's so over the top, but so well-executed. Neochrome never looked as good as it does here. And the exterior is on point. Excellent wheel/tire combo. 100/10 absolutely mad.


Looks fantastic, rb25/rwd swap is great considering it started as a rolling chassis! Also much love for the neochrome and RE30's.

To all the "not a true GTR" wankers: make and model of any car remains the same when an engine swap, if this had an LS you would all be saying "what a great swap". Its great that he's kept it within the Nissan family.

I woulsnt change a thing and would love a 32GTR rolling chassis to reinvent!

Jonathan Nicholls

Very good build. does he have any other sporty 4WD cars for the winter though?


That's cool and all but not that new to me. My BNR32 GT-R has been running rwd with an RB20DET for the last 6 years. Also know of an R32 GT-R with an rb25det but awd because rb26 engines more expensive to replace.


Also i've dubbed mine a "GTRST". Complete GT-R rolling shell down to brakes, suspension and interior but GTST running gear (engine & gearbox). But i took the time to follow this car on instagram...love it regardless. Stay true to the 32 bro.


Im a "honda guy" (im poor) but i gotta agree, the R32 is probably the best looking car ever built.
And this is a super nice example of one


Okay, nobody is going to build a car that’s up to your standards, and that is for sure. The purpose of building a car is to make it YOURS, and that’s exactly why Ryan has done here. If you don’t like it, go out and buy yourself a GT-R and do what you want with it instead of sitting behind a computer screen criticizing someone else’s pride and joy.


So, about that Stagea?


Nice R32! Where'd you get the neochrome done at?


Anyone else but me questioning the front tyre size? Why so wide? Drives like shit with such wide tyre


Ideal GTR fitment has always been wide, it’s wide bidy allows it.. but in this case it’s a a rwd skyline Gtst now. Hehe.


You've driven shit?




absolute love seeing cars from Western Canada up on Speedhunters, amazing ride man


"The car has also been rear-wheel drive converted" If you are going to do that, then why not just stick a RB in a Silvia or a non-GTR? I'm not a "purist" but why not start with what you want and leave the GTR as it should be?


Nice, but unfortunately, this car is not a “GTR” anymore. :/ Hope he gets his RB30 plan and return the ATTESA where it belongs.