Four Slammed Standouts At Lowfest Japan

One of the wonderful things about living in Japan is the year-round car meets and events just waiting to be discovered. One of those events is Lowfest.

As the name suggests, Lowfest is all about low cars, encompassing a variety of sub-genres including stance, VIP, USDM, custom cars and vans. Last Sunday I found myself roaming through well over 500 assembled vehicles in the parking lots of Harbor City, a popular shopping mall right next to the port in Chiba.


There were some truly crazy creations in attendance, but I’m going to kick things off with something a little more conservative – this Garage Mak-built Nissan Z33.

The Z is equipped with a modified version of the full Garage Mak wide-body aero kit, and was an unexpected find among the sea of stance and shakotan vehicles.


Garage Mak is perhaps best known for its Silvia and GT-R track builds, and this aggressive kit clearly shows that link. Double-layer carbon fiber canards above a time attack-style carbon fiber front splitter, a vented hood, rear diffuser, and a massive GT wing are all components of the Z33 Revolution package.


The pumped fenders open up plenty of room for a wide wheel and tire combo, and coupled with suspension work this Z33 adopts a functional stance.

You can never go wrong with TE37s from RAYS’ Volk Racing catalog, and here they’re seen in RT (Rigid Tune) form, the red finish contrasting the yellow and carbon exterior quite nicely. Behind the spokes are Endless brakes front and rear.


Inside, there are a number of changes including Veilside seats, a quick-release steering wheel and a carbon fiber dash binnacle.


After moving to Japan, I started to realize the potential for greatness that wagons possess. If you needed any proof, you only have to look at this Honda Accord Tourer slammed to the ground on 19-inch wheels.


There’s a huge amount of presence here, helped in part by the USDM Acura TSX restyling, that constantly drew people in (myself included) for a closer look. That’s when I found out the owner hadn’t overlooked performance either.

The Eaton-type supercharger attached to the K24 engine provides the wagon with an extra 50hp at the wheels, which would surely make it whole lot more fun to drive. And just in case it needs to stop in a hurry, large StopTech brakes have got that side of the equation covered.


I think it’s time to ruffle some feathers with the BCNR33 Nissan Skyline GT-R that features in the cover image.


I don’t think I could bring myself to go down this path if I owned an R33 GT-R (hell, any kind of GT-R for that matter!), but I can appreciate the owner’s choice to create something unique. There’s something about it being inches off the ground that makes it look, dare I say it, even more menacing.

Carbon fiber touches can be found all over this GT-R and that contrasts nicely against the deep blue paint. The Work Meister S1 wheels are a good fit too, and since this is Japan, the large carbon fiber GT wing is an absolute must.


The interior has also been modified, but not in a way I expected given the car’s form over function aesthetic. The rear seat and trim have been removed and there’s a roll-cage, Recaro seats, MOMO steering wheel, and HKS EVC boost controller.


All in all, this is probably the most confusing GT-R that I’ve ever pointed my camera at. I would really love to hear the owner’s thoughts behind it.


Last, but surely not least, something completely out of left-field.


Japanese van culture has captivated me ever since I saw a slammed Honda Odyssey shooting up sparks on the Wangan a few years back. It’s something so different and unique, and it sums up Japan in a nutshell.


With restraint thrown completely to the wind, this RB3 Odyssey takes things to the absolute extreme. Since the car is static (yes, you read that correctly!), super-stiff springs keep the tires from getting in fights with the fenders.


To get over cracks in the road, a tank in the rear supplies compressed air to operate the Roberuta Lifter System. When activated, the system raises the car just enough to clear small obstacles.


19-inch Work VS-XX wheels pull the visual aspect together.

To ensure the build was a complete show car, the interior has been fully customized to match the craziness of the exterior.


Ending on a high note, I’d be interested to hear what you think about Japanese van culture and builds such as this RB2 Odyssey. Are you as intrigued by it as I am, or is it just a little too far out there?

With the cultural exploration in full swing, stay tuned to see what some of the remaining 500-plus cars at Lowfest looked like.

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography



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Feathers sufficiently ruffled about the GT-R. That Accord Tourer, though. I might have to pick up a TSX Sport Wagon one day. The lack of SH-AWD, and maybe the J-series V6, is disappointing, but those things are gorgeous!

I'm definitely a fan of Japan's enthusiasm for vans. In America, the average car person is about going fast in a straight line, and it gets old. We certainly don't have people modifying vans, except the odd Honda-phile H22-swapping a first-gen Odyssey. I'm always happy to see people embracing something outside the norm.


For whatever reason, Japan kept all the cool vans to themselves so the vans that came to America were really not that interesting to begin with. I really would like to dig deeper into the Van culture (probably will soon). The Stuff outside the norm is the most intriguing huh


I'm with you, I want to see more vans. Although it's not necessarily "speed hunting" when talking about vans, I'd still love to see the van culture in Japan. I love those Odysseys when they're done a little more on the mellow side. I also LOVE the Toyota Hiace. They have so many cool vans we don't get in the U.S.


"Modest Speed Hunting"

I'd love to see more vans though. More of the car culture to explore.


That Mazda wagon though, that's the stuff.


I agree. Was hoping to see more.


It would be a simple matter to make that more GT-R track orientated. Less aggressive wheels, less camber and done. Probably exactly what the owner does when he feels like driving fast.


Exactly what I think, dial out some camber and hit the track or Wangan


So... that Odyssey is an "Oni-kyan" example, right? LOL Camber.


That z33 was boring. The red Mazda 3/axela in the background of one of it's pics looks awesome.


A yellow widebody Garage Mak Z33, with red wheels is...boring to you?

I don't get it..




Somehow, some day, someone is gonna cut and mod the suspension turret.......and make the car even lower than before....


Strut tower modifications are somewhat common. For both more camber (with air springs specifically) or to get lower like you said.


you know you've had too much thanksgiving when Speedhunters even makes post thanksgiving turkey puns.

nice cover otherwise though,

ive always wondered how they afford tires though since they ride on the belt constantly


Some cars are silly when low, the gtr is one of those cars. Looks like a 'fuck you' car to me, but that's just my opinion.
The Odyssey got me scratching my head though. What a weird machine. I can dig it.
Great post, sweet rides, keep it comin!


By the time a person can afford an Odyssey, that person should've matured past the point of doing things just to get attention or make people angry.


All I can say about that Garage Mak Z33! They (Garage Mak) never cease to impress me with the quality of their builds.

19 an Armani suit made of human hair.


Love your work Ron, keep it up. I just want to see more Odysseys in general on Speedhunters, slammed or not


Thank You Dave ^_^ I'm putting the main event coverage together and there will be more vans lol. This may be the one chance I'll be able to do it haha


Isn't there a festival in Japan where at the end, they throw everything onto a big bonfire?

Let's do that with the Odyssey.


And your entitled to your opinion. I'm not crazy keen on the mad camber but I own an Odyssey and live in the UK and it's always good to look to Japan for inspiration and ideas. You may not like what they've done but it's their car and I can appreciate the time and effort they have put into creating what they want


I dig Garage Mak and their work on Zs, as I'm a Z owner and can appreciate that... but yeah, definitely more coverage on the Japanese Van Culture! I remember the SH article from sometime back covering the Dajiban Vans and the D-Van Grand Prix "".

In addition, when I think of "Vans", I remember the late 80's and early 90's when they were utilized for audio competitions. Essentially slammed to the ground, painted in crazy 80's Rad schemes, and filled with as many subwoofers as possible! Damn, I miss those days... Wish SH could find a few of those hidden away somewhere - Maybe some coverage of the USACI World Finals? It doesn't involve "speed" per say, but it's the car culture that I grew up with which transitioned me to where I am at today.


For those that want more stanced vans, you should check out vankulture on instagram.


Thanks for the heads up

Basith Penna-Hakkim

Not so fond of the R33 GTR with camber but I really liked that stanced 350Z that is nicely done. And that slammed Odyssey is so sick tho. I really like that Accord Tourer/TSX Sport Wagon, would have been much better if it had the J-series V6, K20A Inline-four, or SH-AWD. That meet is so lit!


That GTR is great; stance executed without all the gimmicks. As someone else said, easy to setup for driving duty.


Yes do more vans, specifically Hi-Ace's like the ones from Autobahn