Red, White & Boost

If you ever have the chance to visit a US military base in Japan, one of the things that will become quickly evident is an overabundance of Skyline GT-Rs roaming around the place.

I can fully understand why though; the fact that Skyline GT-Rs were never sold in the US in the first place elevates them to a different level of want and desire when compared to other legendary Japanese sports cars.


And when you combine that want with the aftermarket support that comes with the GT-R, and the way the RB26DETT can generate unholy amounts of power in a usable package, it’s no wonder the model is a go-to platform for so many enthusiasts stationed in Japan.


There’s one more thing, too. As long as a model complies with import laws, US military personnel are allowed to ship one car back to the States on Uncle Sam’s tab when they’re redeployed home.


This all said, given that those who attend Okinawa’s regular Cars and Coffee events are mostly from the island’s bases, it was a given that there’d be absolutely no shortage of GT-Rs when I attended recently.


The turnout didn’t disappoint either, but of all the GT-Rs present, the car that really stood out to me was a BNR32 street/drag machine belonging to Norly Hernandez.


When Norly first picked up his GT-R two years ago it was completely stock. It only remained that way for a short time though; the opportunity to build some real power was too strong to pass up.


One look under the hood reveals an RB26DETT that looks more modified than stock, but the upgrades don’t stop there. Norly wanted a package that could reliably handle high horsepower levels, hence virtually every Tomei part available for the Nissan inline-six (and much more) having been thrown inside.


Long gone is the factory twin-turbocharger arrangement, and in its place a huge BorgWarner 369SX-E single turbo. With all the necessary supporting mods, Norly told me that power output is sitting around 800hp on pump gas, running 2.0bar (29.4psi) boost pressure.


Having all-wheel drive helps get the 800 ponies down, but when we are talking power levels approaching near 1,000 horsepower, extra sticky tires are a must. In this case they’re Hoosier drag radials wrapped around BCNR33 GT-R wheels.


With the exception of some obligatory gauges, a boost controller and Momo Race steering wheel, the Skyline’s interior has been left mostly original.


With the aspiration of it becoming the fastest ‘Y plate’ car in Okinawa (Y plates designate service members with normal size cars), the GT-R is constantly evolving, Norly always looking for ways to increase power.

As it sits now though, this is one tough street package.

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography



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Nice Job Ron


Appreciate it Zee !


How hard can it be to ensure the N1 vents are straight? It's amazing


Apparently it's a challenge as I have seen them cocked like that before.


Does the "Y" stand for "Yankee"?




a lot of army people there , that's why the "Y" plate


Actually, it's about a 50/50 Split between Marines and Air Force in Okinawa, except that Marines aren't allowed a car until a senior rank. So the vast majority of Y Plates are Air Force


Right, but why not "U" for "USA" or "A" for "American"?


They use "A" for yellow plates (kei cars) less than 1000cc engines. "B" for motorcycles and scooters. "E" for USDM or JDM reimports.


Because Japan....there is no explaining it, it has been this way since I arrived in 96.....


Anyone else scratching their head at slicks on the street?


the lotus' tires (please forgive my naivety) have some tracks for water I'm assuming, so not slicks. I took a closer look at it today lol.


a professor at URI where I go has a lotus track car on slicks. At first I thought the tires were just bare lol. Is that legal?


You sure they're slicks and not R-comps? Because anything more aggressive than RA1s/R7/A7 aren't DOT legal, and even those are just DOT-legal in name only and super unsafe for the street.


Stickier tires are MORE safe than street tires. If it rains, don't drive the car or avoid puddles and you are perfectly safe. Regular street speed limits are only 50-60kph and then there's the traffic so it's easy to go slow here with slicks. I ran drag radials for 15+ years on my GTR with very little rain siping in the tires and I had no issues and wasn't UNSAFE...


Stickier tires are only safer at higher temps, and there's no way you're getting those up to temp on the street unless you're hooning it at every chance you get.


So higher performance tires with lower treadwear rating (meaning they wear faster because they're stickier) are unsafe? Wow. Have you ever run (for example a Toyo R888, Bridgestone RE11S, or drag radial) an R compound on the street? You honestly sound like you have been watching more racing than driving performance cars.


Very well could be, that's why I asked lol.


They say DOT so I guess they are "Legal". Not that it really matters when it comes to a drag car.


I saw an r33 in NY one time, and i thought it was super weird. Is it safe to assume it may have been a military person's vehicle?


Not necessarily. There was a big scandal years back that found a loophole to get R33 GTRs imported. The Feds caught on and banned the importing of them but allowed those who already had one to keep it. This is why you will see some R33s driving around, however, there are only a handful that managed to squeeze by!


good ol' Motorex hahaha


Great article, I was at this meet with my GTR. Check out a video I made showcasing the Japanese muscle here on Okinawa. Here:


Ah, the "fastest Y plate" goal (in Okinawa). I have seen this get title get thrown around back in the 2000's and even when I had the "fastest Y plate" (-- assuming this means fastest straight line drag?) for many years it wasn't anything I spouted about as any special feat. Currently, I could easily say that Mark Harper's R33 GTR holds the title (if there is one). My R32 GTR went J plate 3 years ago so I am no longer in the "running" anymore.


Here's a video I made from this Cars and Coffee I made. Check out some of the other rides that showed up


Short Article, all you said was he had a Big Single SOOOOOO? Nothing about the supporting mods he should have to support that big Single, you make it sound like all he did was a PHAN BOI Bolt on job? Clutch? Rods? Pistons? Fueling? Brakes? What Transmission? You see a lot of missing info!



Here's the build list. I just got it from the owner who is a personal friend of mine.
Bottom End
 Resleeved 05U block bored to 87mm
 Tomei Full Counter crankshaft
 CP 87 mm 8:5:1 pistons/ Manley I Beam rods
 Tomei oversized oil pump
 main & Con Rod bearings WPC coated
 Greddy extended oil sump w/ baffle
 Ross metal jacket harmonic balancer
 Nissan OEM water pump
 New idle/tension pulleys
 Nismo motor mounts

 Head
 NISMO intake plenum
 NISMO thermostat
 Tomei head gasket (88mm x 1.2mm)
 Machining done by Naprec, .5 mil oversized intake valves, new valve guides and half cut , cam
lobe clearance
 Port and Polished intake and exhaust
 ARP Head Studs
 Tomei Type B springs /titanium retainers
 Supertech valve seals
 Tomei 1mm oversized lifter
 Tomei camshaft cap studs
 Tomei procam 270 duration 10.25 lift in/ex
 Tomei cam gears
 Tomei timing belt
 Splitfire coil packs / new loom
 Samco radiator hoses

 Fuel/ Cooling
 Sard 5liter surge tank
 2ea in tank DW300 fuel pumps
 NISMO 280Lph intank lift pump
 Tomei L type Fuel Pressure Regulator
 Fuel cooler
 Raceworks 14mm fuel rail with bosch 1150cc injectors
 Greddy aluminum 3 core radiator
 GK Tech SR radiator fan

 Clutch/ Drivetrain
 ORC 1000F-SLP (SAURUS edition) triple Plate Clutch
 HPI Teflon braided clutch line
 New throw out bearing/pivot ball
 Greddy polyurethane rear sub frame bushings
 OS Giken close ratio gears
 Billet mission center plate
 Cusco 1.5way front Diff

 BCNR33 wheels- $500
 Kics R40 racing Lug nuts
 HOOSIER drag radial $980
 BCNR33 Brembo brakes front/rear
 Nismo steel braided brake lines
 Greddy type-s adjustable coil overs

 Exhaust
 HKS Drag spec 100mm Exhaust

 Engine management
 HKS F-con V pro 3.2
 Greddy profec B boost controller
 Full Race Attesa ETS controller

 Turbo
 Borg Warner Airwerks 369SXE 9180 1.05
 TRUST type C manifold
 TRUST 60mm wastegate
 down pipe 90mm
 Blitz 3-core intercooler
 Greddy hard pipe intercooler kit

 Defi din gauges
 SAURUS Drag wing


Patrick comes through!


I was so hoping to get orders to Japan to make my GTR dreams come true.. but I wasn't lucky enough to get orders there this time.. Awesome example of a nice, clean and powerful R32!!


Buy a GTR that has already been imported. The prices in the states/Canada are very reasonable compared to prices that have doubled/tripled in Japan in the past 5 years.