A Turbo-Tuned 86 By Blitz

The sheer number of tuning shops that filled Fuji Speedway’s paddock for the Fuji 86 Style with BRZ event over the weekend clearly reflects the popularity of Toyota’s 86 (and Subaru’s BRZ) in the car’s home country.

Blitz was was one of the many tuners present, and to help showcase its products at the annual event brought along a very cool Toyota 86 demo machine.


The Blitz Aero Speed R-Concept kit worn by this 86 is one of my favorites for the model; it adds the drama and overall aggression I think is lacking in the factory car. Among the hoards of Rocket Bunny/Pandem 86s, it’s something a little different too.

Given that Blitz is a performance tuner first and foremost, the Aero Speed R-Concept kit has functionality to go along with the form. On the front bumper you’ll find extra curves and slits to guide more air into the intake, and there’s also a carbon fiber front splitter and canards to provide additional down force.


In the rear, the addition of flaps and slits on the sides, and a huge diffuser and giant carbon GT wing also serve a functional purpose. It also looks tough.

Lightweight 18-inch Enkei GTC01RR are a good fit for the overall theme of this ZN6, their narrow spokes providing a great view of the Blitz big brake kit featuring 6-pot front and 4-pot rear calipers and 355mm 2-piece rotors.


Sharp-eyed readers will have noticed the front-mount intercooler in a couple of the earlier images – yep, boost is also part of the equation. As you’d expect, it’s a full Blitz package too, the B06-380R turbocharger-based bolt-on setup able to lift max power to 268PS and 298Nm with less than 7.5psi boost pressure.


Adding to the power party and looking quite stunning out back are the quad tips of the Blitz Nür-Spec titanium exhaust system.

Besides the Blitz gauge cluster in the dash and a pair of Bride seats, the 86’s interior remains notably stock, which is somewhat surprising given the extent of modifications made in every other area. That said though, it was nice to find another Japanese tuner balancing both functionality and form in a demo car.

Stay tuned for more from Fuji 86 Style with BRZ!

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography

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The wheels & lugs combo is eyecandy


Does suit the car oooo so well ^^


I quite like that the interior is still fairly standard. Means you can have a blast on track and still drive home in relative comfort.

I never really did like these all that much when they first came out, but they've certainly grown on me.

Great write up dude!


Appreciate it! And it's funny how these things do that huh. Think I was kinda feeling the same when they first came out. However now....


Those have got to be my favorite wheels. I don't even mind the branding; it matches the skinny spoke construction.

Philly Robertson

I know the Japanese are in their heritage and all... Blitz has been around since the F&F 1 days... As these chassis are seeing more swaps due to the lack of power the base engine puts out, These are starting to catch my eye as the new modern day "civic" (as customizable as 90's civics were) where parts and performance are gaining traction (no pun intended) everyday.

This machine is a perfect balance of track duties and DD to the nearest sushi stand in style.


Blitz has been around since the 80's way before F&F!!!

Philly Robertson

Okay!!!!! Thanks for the clarification!!!!!!




Well then lol

Brennan McKissick

I love the fact these cars are starting to get so cheap. I mean, they were cheap to begin with but now they are getting to the point where you could own one as a track/project car and justify it. This is still on my list as a possible next car, right in line with an NA or NB chassis Miata.

Also, I love that they kept the interior relatively stock. The only additional piece I'd do would be a new steering wheel of some kind.

Brennan McKissick

Oh, and a matching shifter/boot just to round everything off.


I think Motor Trend did a comparison between those two cars. Both are hugely fun. Which way are you leaning towards?

Brennan McKissick

Probably an NA chassis Miata because they are uber cheap and leaves me more money to do all the basic suspension/brakes/chassis/wheel/tire mods relatively quickly so I can get to the track quicker.


LOVE those wheels and lugs. Also love the front and rear of the car. Really a fan of 86s in general.

The sides... are not very good looking, tbh. It just looks like pieces of plastic are stuck to a base car. If it genuinely is functional (which I presume it is) then fair enough, but that's my tuppence-worth.


I had my fingers crossed that the gt86/brz would revive the small rwd jdm cars for the market. Maybe see new silva ect. Looks like that's not gonna happen and it's a shame.


It helped.. But that was too tall of an order for just the GT86 / BRZ to handle alone :(


The interior and exterior of the car seem so wildly out of balance. It would be nice to see a few touches inside to let you know you're looking at something special (as if the outside doesn't say that clearly enough) but it's also refreshing to see an interior that's not missing anything. Very cool car overall.


Great write up Ron, :) You have defo the best taste in cars in the speedhunters crew!


I don't think anyone in the speedhunters crew has a better taste than the others when it comes to cars... You're on speedhunters.com, after all. To each their own, though.


I appreciate it and Esawo is right (although I really do like the compliment lol) We all have our own taste and there is nothing wrong with that ^^ what keeps things interesting around here right lol?


Good info


Question, is there two front mounted intercoolers or not ?


I'm sure the smaller cooler is for oil


Love the wheels, the underhood, the exhaust.

Don't love the body kit.


I am wondering if the front wide fender vent (vertical slats) really functional? or cosmetics....


According to them it is functional o.o.


Nothing about this kit makes sense to me. It's almost as if the designers of the kit didn't get a chance to see the car before they put pen to paper.