How KW Build The Variant 3

I’m sure most of us spend more time than we would like to admit researching our next car parts purchase online. We will trawl message boards and Facebook Groups for feedback from others who have taken the plunge before us, in a bid to make sure we’re making the absolute right decision.

This might be a promotional video by our friends at KW Suspensions, but it gives a brilliant insight into the company and their passion for their products. It perfectly reflects the experiences I’ve had when dealing with KW in the past and when I last visited their factory over seven years ago, long before they became officially affiliated with Speedhunters.

Simply put, it’s a great look into the product, from the people that care most about it. It’s a tech focused piece, but not so much that you’re going to be left bamboozled. It’s also a compact video, perfect for your next coffee break.

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Springs \:D/


The best thing about KW is their entry level price, I have a set on little Citroen and they are excellent value for money! But, they are pretty bouncy. I am not sure how well they will hold up around the ring, but the track requirements for those on a budget is based on the ability to quickly and safely get out the way.


I hope they eventually sell their dampers separately. I personally have a spring rate I'm happy with, I don't want to experiment anymore. What I want is a better selection of adjustable aftermarket dampers. That is what the market is lacking.

Coilover kits may have better margins, but ultimately the price is a huge barrier to entry. KW should revise their marketing strategy for a lower price point.


Got a set of KW V3's on my 2002 BMW 330i Touring, and honestly, probably the best damper / spring setup i've had on the car, Had comments from people riding in it saying "This can't be on coilovers.. it's too good" and yet it rides so nicely on the motorway and when pushing on the Nurburgring, it has so much grip.