What’s An R334 Skyline GT-R?

Before I start rolling out our 7’s Day coverage for 2017, there’s an interesting car I came across at Daikoku PA on Friday afternoon that I want to share with you guys first.

It’s not rotary-powered, which of course doesn’t make a difference – as you’ll see in the main event post there were some cool non-Mazda cars there that any Speedhunter couldn’t possibly ignore – but this is something I had never seen before…


And before you start going, ‘Oh it’s Dino, of course he would show you another R34 GT-R” (like that’s a bad thing!), I invite you to take a closer look. What do you see? A Nismo Z-tune bumper? A custom shade of metallic silver for the body color? A carbon vented bonnet of some sort?


As is often the case, a change of perspective is all you need to really pick up on the differences. And when I noticed what I was looking at I was like, ‘What the… ?!’

It’s not like an R34 face swap hasn’t been attempted before – we’ve seen them done to Stageas and Bee-R even has a kit to convert an R32 into an R34 – but a BCNR33 with a BNR34 face is definitely new. Why do it? Well, possibly because the car was involved in an accident and the owner fancied doing something crazy. Or maybe just the latter.


That said, it was all executed very cleanly, right down to the panel gaps (fender/bonnet one excluded, but that’s what you can expect when you don’t buy properly made carbon parts).


Look at the Skyline from the back and it’s business as usual – R33 all the way, topped off with a clean de-badging and the GT-R emblem set in the very center of the trunk to replace the Nissan badge.


It may not be for everyone, but you can bet the owner of this car is very proud of how much attention the R34 GT-R front end conversion brings his R33 GT-R. I mean, I had to way half an hour before I could grab some shots of it after he parked. Let’s just say there were a lot of confused people milling around the unique Skyline in order to get a closer look.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Dino Dalle Carbonare

Haha sweet and to the point lol


I think the 33 is a good looking car out of the box, it does not need to evolve into this monstrosity


I don't know why but it's really ugly. It's a 4/10 for the try


Although I don't really like the look of it, the execution is well done. The R34 nose is quite bold, and doesn't work well with the lines of a lot of cars. The R32 and Stagea really are the only ones I feel work with the R34 nose.


There was that blue Honda CRV with the R34 GTR nose on it. A lot of effort went into that and I actually quite liked it...


lol ya. "that's something id drive

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Stagea especially!


R32 especially! ;)


Yep. B324R ftw! ;)


Different? Yes, top points awarded for that, but sorry, it doesn't flow together well, just doesn't work. Last pic is a perfect example of the two wheel openings not working together well.


Interesting but I don't think the chiselled look of the R34 front really tie in with the slightly more curvy R33 body. The cars are designed years apart and obviously have a different design language so pretty hard to morph the two seamlessly. Looks to be done well in terms of quality though :)


Yeah, nah


Not so sure it ties on well with the 33 body.. not that its offensive but doesn't do anything for me.

I am a big fan of the paintwork though! Nice colour and well finished.


It’s not like an R34 face swap hasn’t been attempted before – we’ve seen them done to Stageas and Bee-R even has a kit to convert an R32 into an R34 – but a BCNR33 with a BNR34 face is definitely new.

Bee*R sold a 334R kit too. One was imported to The Netherlands and even got featured in a mainstream car magazine (AutoWeek). Those things were quite famous in the mid 2000's. So it was definitely done before.


In fact you'll find it if you type 'Bee*R b334R' into Google images


" I had to way half an hour before I could grab some shots of it after he parked."

do you mean wait?

i wonder how many people actually read the words on speedhunters? Ill admit i usually just skim over them quickly as i mostly come here for the pictures of pretty cars but it would be interesting to see how many people do the same.


I've been a technical writer in the past so I tend to pick up on plenty of spelling/grammar mistakes on Speedhunters (along with most other site/magazines) but tend to just let them be as I enjoy the article on its merits.

I read every article. It's my daily routine for my lunch break at work - stuff my face with food and cars.


What the hell. Currently working as a technical writer and I also spend my lunch breaks at work eating and reading every article on Speedhunters.
It's a weird world.


Interesting car! I like the craftsmanship, but it doesn't work as well as a Stagea does. I'm all for trying something different though!


This is definitely not for everyone, but since I have a sick fascination with face swaps (Sil80 anyone?) I absolutely love it!

I remember walking down a street in London waaaay back when and seeing a bright yellow R32 parked on the curb. As I was still rather new to the car scene, I was immediately intrigued when I read the Skyline badge as I had only ever know about the R34. That day my mind was blown away and I started my journey as a true car enthusiast.


Probably this may be the reason why Japanese didn't like R33 that much-there was a demo car scandal back in Japan.
In a battle of April 1995 issue's Best Motoring, there were three R33, and one of them was actual car bought by Keiichi Tsuchiya (yup, the Drift King himself) while the other two were tuned demo cars offered by Nissan. The two demo cars got a 1-2 but Tsuchiya's car finished last, and the Drift King wasn't happy for cheated like that.

As for this car...nah, R33 is suppose to be look curvy and unique among the other Rs.


Not a fan. The lines just don't add up. I never like generation swap body panels regardless of what car it is. I hated seeing C6 fronts on C5 Corvettes. And personally, I think the R33 is the best looking GTR so, seeing this Frankencar just irks me. But as long as the owner likes it, that's what matters. His money, his car.



I like a good swap where you can't tell at first what's 'off' about them.
I think this looks great, plus it's a gtr


Am I the only one diggin' this car?


I like it


Rest of the r33 needs more agressive body kit and it will look decent.


I've seen one before but only recently. The guy runs a Youtube channel, Abstract Studios.


He's recently bought a R334 & has some videos on it.

Basith Penna-Hakkim

Not bad but no thanks. I would prefer an R34 front end swap with Nissan Stagea or Honda CR-V like how Russell said. Or maybe an R32 front swap with a '90s Pathfinder or S13. But an R34 front with R33 didn't seem to flow well.


Theres one in toronto. pretty clean front end swap too. you wont event realise unless you take a second look.