The Pink Menace: A Bosozoku Skyline

While walking around the recent Fuji Kawaguchi Auto-Jamboree checking out all the bosozoku cars and bikes that had turned up for the annual get-together, a small group signalled me to come over and join in their conversation.

I’m sure they were just curious as to why I was there, but while chatting I grabbed the opportunity to take a closer look at one of their cars – this bright pink GC10 Nissan Skyline.


Besides the paint job, which matched the Specter team banner in the back, the Hakosuka looked like a real menace. It also had a huge amount of presence thanks to works inspired fender flares, which not only render the rear doors useless, but also swallow up the period correct 14-inch RS Watanabe wheels.


True to the style, the front and rear bumpers have been done away with, and the oil cooler mounted up front features braided lines that snake between the tilted headlights.


Ensuring that the noise coming from the L20 is loud, the exhaust system runs a shorter course dumping out the side of the car for optimal urban disturbance.


You can’t forget about the air horns either. I’m going to take a wild guess that this setup plays The Godfather theme tune…


In complete contrast to the exterior, the interior remains mostly stock, save for a Jurassic Park inspired amber shift knob and a Makita fan to provide extra cooling during long cruises.


The huge fender flares are a bit much for my liking, but I can really get behind the aggressive looks of the works styling. It’s really no wonder this modifying fashion has stood the test of time.

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography

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Absolutely loving the coverage and epic pics.. thankyou so much! It's taking me back to when i was a teenager in the early 2000's, excitedly exploring new car scenes in magazines. Planning a trip up to the long island next year, which are the best shows and group meets for the old school jdm?


No problem! I'm glad you are enjoying them ^__^ If you're interested in old school jdm, I would recommend coming during a Mooneyes event. Normally held in central Tokyo and droves of old school.. well everything old school usually lol


I'm not normally one who criticizes builds as I believe every driver is entitled to their own taste with their personal vehicle. However, I would also like to say that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. The screwed-on fenders need some work. The rear ones especially are actually buckled and dented from being forcibly screwed into the rear doors where the lines of the bodywork leave massive gaps. It's a shame because this is a nice car and that detail is the only real thing that kills it for me.


I love that the Jap guys just do whatever the hell they want with cars. They've got no interest in pleasing the masses and going for the stereotypical same wheel combos, paint colours, ride height etc and off the shelf parts. It's very refreshing! Like that shifter knob, I can only assume the driver just liked it, and thought sod it.