Kei Miura’s Pandem Touch For The Datsun 620

It’s always with a great deal of excitement that we open emails from Kei Miura at TRA Kyoto, the home of Rocket Bunny and Pandem, with “new release” in the subject line.

That happened again earlier this week, but this time around the car and the body kit treatment it’s been given was definitely something we didn’t expect.


The overfender design Miura-san first penned for the Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S/ has translated over to many different makes and models in the years since, and while each of those kits have had their unique intricacies, it’s not hard to spot his work. This new kit for the Datsun 620 pickup, however, takes thing in a different direction. It’s also something we’re pretty sure even the critics will be able to get behind.


Instead of blister-style overfenders that cover most of the original panels, the 620 Pandem kit features classic bolt-on fender flares and a chin spoiler/air dam to match. The full package also includes a roll bar for the tray, complete with a simple aluminum wing featuring an upswept blade.


If you’ve been thinking about building up a 620, now you’ve got extra reason to. Coupled with the super-low ride height, super-wide wheels and other select upgrades showcased in this digital design, we love the resulting look.

The question is though, which car is next on Miura-san’s hit-list? Or more specifically, which one would you like him to see him get kit creative with? Let us know in the comments section below.

Brad Lord
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wow! put a dc5 on the list please


That's totally off the wall and unexpected! I wish these mini-trucks weren't so few and far between on UK shores. We have to put up with overdone Caddy's and questionable P100's. Dream car material for me right there.


I have one of these trucks UK side. I finally begun my build 3 months ago and have finished the chassis and fitting the 350z running gear ;) I have a build page here


Nice! Totally following your build dude!


Superb !! I love..

One kit for my corolla KE70 2doors please...


Looks cool, but I prefer the box-fender style more than round ones...


i'm all for some awesome new rocket bunny kits, but what makes this different from zg flares and a rollbar?


It doesn't, but that rx3 he made wasn't really breaking new ground either.

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

If there's one car I'd like to see Miura-san do, it'd be this. I would really love to see one of my ideas come to life!


that´s a job for liberty walk haha

Reinaldo Gonzalez

that's a very nice sketch by the way

Reinaldo Gonzalez

hey you should model it on 3D software then render it, that's how i start my today job a while ago

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

I wish I have the skills and software man... :(

Reinaldo Gonzalez

Come on man! free modeling tool and even a free render engine, the skills will be obtained in time, you can star with a wheel then when you see you are working for pininfarina! jaja seriously isn't that hard.. all the training you need is for free on youtube

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Cool man! I'll check it out. Thanks!


Why o why did i ever sell my bullet side!?!?


Looking great!! I'd love to see a mk1 fiat panda done this way by mr. Miura...

Matthys Ferreira

Awesome look ...


Anybody know what kind of suspension or drivetrain its got?


Getting an s15 itb sr20


since its cgi, none.


He still hasn't done the 1 I suggested to him quite awhile back: a product for the Infiniti Q60
Also maybe a Toyota Mark X product too?


Just renderings? Jesus I can't even tell the difference anymore.
Give that Fiat 124 some overfenders. I really like that car, and I'd like to see what a little Japanese flare could do to it. pun intended


Best thing I've seen on the internet in ages. Absolutely love the 4-spoke wheels, too.

Reinaldo Gonzalez

Looooooooool this is so awkward (in a funny way) while i were seeing some nice photos of a very nice modified Datsun 620 i just read "digital design". I'm into content creation , i should recognize a modified or rendered image XD lol! then i realize that i even buy those backgrounds and HDRI for my car design works jajaja the truck is just incredible, really a nice work from this guys


RA29... 'nuff said. We got an RB kit for the 240Z. I offer up my 76 lift back as the test mule...

Brennan McKissick

I'd like to see more vintage European stuff from him. I think that's something that most people haven't really seen yet. I'd love to see an MG-B, Alfa Romeo GTV, Triumph TR-6 or something with a vintage treatment kind of like this.


I know whats next on the list and i cannot wait for the final product


I love it, but wont to no more/engine bay pics,colour, you name it :) !.


FYI this is a collab between TRA-kyoto and Hardcore Tokyo :)
So give credit where credit is due, aka at Hardcore Tokyo too ;)


I would LOVE to see him do a KE70/TE72 Toyota Wagon!


reliant robin please.....;)


A Toyota Starlet!


Honda cr-x?


I like the style of rendering as presentation but how is it that the overfenders don't even fit properly on a computer model built to showcase the design?? Maybe it's part of a historical Japanese artform and we should be a little kinder to the actual enthusiasts that fit these kits - instead of calling out poor panel gaps/workmanship. It was clearly part of Kei Miura's design intention from day one!


I have a Toyota celica 1600GT liftback TA27
that I would love to see finished in my garage with a wide stance


Infiniti G35 coupe should be next for the Pandemic touch


Dc2, Eg6, Ek9, Dc5, Ep3, Ef6, ef3 ← any of those!!!


2nd gen mr2!


He needs to do an ae86 levin!! Just so I can put it on my car


Wow, I really really like a build with "Pandem" in title. Good stuff.

Pretty soon dogs and cats will be living together in peace!


What are those wheels?!

I need them for my 510!


Interested in the grille/headlights. By the way beautiful truck