How To Build An LSX V8 GT-R In 2.5 Months

Even just thinking about retrofitting a Chevrolet LSX 454ci V8 into a Nissan R35 GT-R chassis is seen as a sacrilegious act by some, but in attempting to turn a complete road car into a pro-spec drift machine able to run with Daigo Saito’s Lamborghini Murciélago, it’s exactly what Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni did.

If you caught Larry’s recent behind-the-scenes story on the filming of Battle Drift 2, you’ll know that Steve and his SB Motorsport team not only completed the task within an extremely tight timeframe, they created an absolute weapon in the process.

From taking delivery of the R35 to applying the final livery, this short film from Monster Energy shows how it all came together.

Brad Lord
Instagram: speedhunters_brad



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This is great! Let the hating commence but, there's no denying the power potential for a 7.2L V8 is far greater than a 3.8L V6.



you do realize they are making over 2500whp on the VR38 right?... it makes fuckloads of tq, revs out, and doesnt need significant oil system mods either.


That's cute, and I don't care. A VQ can't make anywhere near the power of a big block V8 without forced induction. And even with forced induction, there are V8 making more than 2,500hp. Equal quality parts, technology and mods, a V8 is better than a V6. Top fuel V8s make 10,000hp so... VQ what LOL? FYI, I think GTRs are excellent cars but, I like pretty much all cars. I had a Turbo Supra years ago.



You know, funny you should say that. Because those V8s runs 10,000hp once and they need to be rebuild. While the "useless" V6 run 2700hp repeatedly, on the dyno, on the strip, on the road and they dont have to build rebuild after each pass. Talk about reliablity right. And it's not even a VQ. It's a VR, get your facts straight.


... 10,000hp or 2,700hp LOL?

I rest my case.


"a V8 is better than a V6", I mean that's not empirically true, it's all about the context. To me the LSX swap is fine, provided that there's a logical reason to go through the effort of using the GT-R as the base platform over some other alternative.


All things being equal, a V8 is absolutely better than a V6. Iron block, forged internals and good breathing heads on both with a maximized tune on both engines, how would a V6 be better than a V8?



How much power do you think they need?


How much power do I think they need? 350rwhp should suffice, if that. But clearly, the bar is set at 1,000rwhp in this sport now. I could slide my LS1 Corvette with no mods so clearly they don't need that much power, they just want it.



FD or D1 cars are sometimes drifting at like 200kmh though, they need more power than 350hp


i should make it clear, i mean corner entry at 200kmh not 200kmh in the middle of the corner


The fabrication is awesome, but i like the roots of drifting, no super powered cars. Engineered to Slide Hilux still the perfection.

Gwynn Ballantyne

Couldn't agree more. Nigel's Hilux is an inspiration; the above will be forgotten in less than the 2.5 months it took to build.


Would have thought that nissan would sell them just a chassis, seeing as it's all they used.


Why hate another mans car. Hes gonna do what he wants to do with it anyway. Great build. Great build speed. Would give left nut for this...


What a waste of fine working car. I don't even like GT-R's but still, that car was running fine and they wasted a lot's from it. Like someone said, they could buy only a chassis or at least look for some model that needs work and there is nothing to loose from it.


Cool build and cool vid, but that music was killin me, haha.

Thelamus Ceasar

Not a big fan of the engine swap. But there is no replacement for displacement.


I guess when you have sponsorship money and/or deep pockets you can start with a heavy, six figure platform and remove its world's best performance all wheel drive system as your project car. You can also light your blunts with 100 dollar bills. Can, yes but should? NO!


Damn what a great swap. I'm all for Frankenstein builds like this one. Wanna see more of these type of builds out there rippin