A Honda S2000 With Raw Heart

It’s always so hard to pick a favorite from a vast and quality-filled show like Wekfest Japan was this year, so I won’t even attempt to. What I have been doing over the last week, however, is spotlighting some of the most memorable machines, cars that you know will stick in your mind long after the show has past.

This Honda S2000 from the Raw Heart crew, built out of Exceed in Osaka is definitely one of those.


Call it the perfect balance between performance and style, and form and function. It’s something we should all strive for when building a car, going that extra mile to make sure that the bits and pieces, the upgrades and go-faster goodies are all selected, fitted and finished in a complementary way.

In this particular build, the S2000’s high-revving engine has been fitted with an HKS GT Supercharger, which is usually good for about 330hp with 6.5psi boost pressure in Pro kit form.


However, there were telltale signs that some serious attention has been given to the fuelling thanks to a Radium fuel rail equipped with a Radium fuel pulse damper and a pressure gauge, all feeding larger capacity injectors. So with a good tune, more horsepower may have well been extracted from this setup.


A lot of time has been spent polishing up every single aluminum component in the engine bay, and color-matching with black parts and anodized purple bolts and spacers. All that effort really made a difference to the car’s overall presentation.


Being a stance-oriented sort of event, unsurprisingly enough the car sat pretty low on its RAYS Volk Racing TE37s. But not so low that it would jeopardize the handling in any way, shape or form, especially in Japan where the roads tend to have a far better surface quality than other countries.

While adding a potential 100hp over stock sounds all well and good, it was nice to see that the brakes hadn’t been forgotten either. I’m sure this thing would never run out of stopping power with those massive 6-pot StopTech calipers up front.


No doubt the APR carbon fiber GT wing will be generating a decent amount of downforce sitting so high on its polished stays.


I thought these aftermarket Depo taillights did more for the rear end of the car than any over-the-top body kit could ever do; they add a modern touch while being very functional at the same time.


The carbon fiber lip spoiler was a great touch too, and it ties the rest of the simple aero together rather well.

I couldn’t help but wonder what a brutally capable car this must be on a twisty mountain road.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Those naked vacuum nipples... xxx rated.


the kind of s2000 id love to own... every bit perfect


Forget this S2K... is that a Honda Accord beside it?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yes and it's pretty f&$%ing mental! You'll see more of it on the round up story :)


THANK YOU! such a teaser lol


Such a classic design, the S2000. None of those modern Honda fender creases to nowhere, fake nose/tail vents, uneven window lines. Just pure "form follows function."

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Right? Honda has to embrace the simple way and literally fire its entire design team! The only thing that currently looks semi presentable on their line up is the Honda Stepwagon and the S660


Let's not forget the NSX. Looks pretty sharp IMO.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Does nothing for me. Bland and characterless.




Love it

Jordan Butters

Love this! No overfenders, no silly ugly body kit, just nice touches that accentuate the stock lines.

I'm so torn on those Depo taillights - I usually hate aftermarket lamps on the whole, but these do modernise the rear end quite a lot. What should I do?


Some parts of those look great, the main tail lights for example, but the reverse/ fogs squares look like an after thought.


It's hilarious how, in every article I recently read about an aesthetically pleasing car, the author seems to now be terrified from the sea of people bitching about stance and form-only mods and stuff haha so everything has to be described as functional to avoid beheading these days, even aftermarket tail lights hahaha. It's like the prenup of articles these days, write functional here and there and the function-nazis will stay off your back. Love the car by the way


THE CYCLE MUST NOT BE BROKEN. Things must be shamed out of fashion before they can be cool again. It's the law of the jungle. You can't stop it.


I just think the tailights looks a lot like the one from a s15


Anyone know who makes those side mirrors?


APR Performance GT3 mirrors.

deedler5687 .

Ayyyyyy Yasu's car made the cut! Woot woot! <3


This car wouldn't be brutally capable on a twisty mountain road... Because the owner cheaped out on tires! Power or upgraded brakes don't mean a thing if the tires can't support it!


Could someone name all the aero peices on this? This s2000 is literally perfect and would love to rock the exact same setup