Honda Civic Type R vs. The Nürburgring

Its looks might be polarizing, but there’s no questioning the driving performance of the new 2017 Honda Civic Type R. And here’s how we know…

Back at the beginning of the month, Honda took its latest performance machine to the Nürburging Nordschleife to prove its worth. The front-wheel drive record has changed manufacturer hands a few times in the last few years since Seat’s Leon Cupra 280 cracked the eight-minute barrier at the famed German race track, but now it’s firmly back with Honda after the Civic posted a 7:43.80 lap time to take the title from Volkswagen’s Golf GTI Clubsport S.

The Type R’s time is more than three seconds quicker than that of the GTI Clubsport S’s 7:47.19, and almost seven seconds quicker than the previous generation FK2 Civic Type R around the 12.9-mile (20km) North Loop.

With 306 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque on tap from its 2.0-liter VTEC Turbo engine, the new R is definitely not short on grunt. According to Honda’s lead chassis engineer for the car, Ryuichi Kijima, higher cornering speeds at the Nürburgring were achieved through “a wider track and tires, a longer wheelbase, a new multi-link suspension in the rear and optimized aerodynamics that improve stability.” The car is also 35lb (15.8kg) lighter than its predecessor and features 38 percent more torsional rigidity.

But enough talk, what you really need to see is the VBox-verified lap, and you can check that out by hitting play above.

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According to, the car have roll-cage for safety reason, while backseat & infotainment system are temporary removed to "balance" the weight, and the car also said to have "road legal track-focused tyres" ... but still, amazing time.


I don't see a problem. Apart from the seat removing, I find it toally justified not to put your driver at risk by putting a rollcage (I know it does strenghten the chassis, but I prefer seeing a lap without a full stock car than a dead driver), and the tires aren't really cheating; I don't believe any of these FWD record-breaking factory cars has ran street tires on the nurburgring, they wouldn't withstand the heat at the end and the oversteer will be quite considerable, even if aero and chassis were specifically created and worked on for this type of drivetrain.


The Clubsport S never had a "floating roll-cage" when it lapped the ring


They mention it is a "floating roll-cage", which meant bolt-on roll-cage only? Seat removing is to counter the weight increase from roll-cage, so the car weights the same.

I don't think any factory cars has ran regular street tires on nurburgring either, even Huracan Performante used "optional track-focus tires" as well... and not to mention Nissan GT-R's laptime was achieved w/ the Dunlop summer tires.


From an engineers perspective, testing a car WITHOUT every reasonable piece of safety equipment is wreckless and irresponsible. Huge ethics issue.


I don't buy that argument.

Is it OK to sell a track car to the public without that stuff? Then it is good enough for the test driver.

Not a track day car? Then don't bother with lap times

Bradley Johnson

Continental Sport Contact 6's were used just like the time for the 2015 FK2 I do believe.


Well done for Type R team. Where do the Focus RS and current WRX STi stand in the times comparatively?


Focus RS, Ford never did an official lap but SuperAuto did and they got a 8:06. And the last WRX STI ring time that was done was for the 2011 model and it did 7:55.


He was kinda out of place on both carousels and braked far too early on Tiergarten but its not like I could have done better.


Is very well job for Honda but the fact is the have to try set a record with a full spec street car. The daily driver don't remove the backseat o put a roll-cage each time he drive the car fast. I know that's for a safety reason but the better way to see the real capabilities is that, a full street spec car. Straight from factory.

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Adding rollcage is for safety, in case anything goes wrong. Removing the rear seats would then balance out the weight increase brought by the rollcage's addition. So there is nothing wrong with the lap time.


A roll-cage can stiffen the chassis, so there is that.

Christian Clark

No other manufacturers have done their laps in a straight-from-production-line car, so why are you requiring this of Honda?


crazy italian driver did a lap with giulia QF in jeans and no rollcage :)


Ok. i don't asking it only for Honda. I require this for all manufacturers. Set a record in Nürburgring is some big and i repeat, is a great job for Honda, but those records are in other level to the daily drive cars. This is like put a tuned car (Spoon or Mugen for say some) with some upgrades and said that is a straight factory car. The car's behavior changes in a good way.


This is awesome and all but im waiting for someone to swap this motor into an EG :-P


LOL .. exactly.


Cool. Another Civic and motor combination we'll never see in the US...I know they are saying this one is coming here, but I'm not going to hold my breath. I'm not bitter, I promise.

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

It's being built in the US, so I don't see why they wouldn't launch it in the country they are assembling it at.


The type r is built in UK. The engines are from US though I believe.


I hate to be that guy but can we talk about the styling on this thing?

Honda is just about the last brand out there that I'd expect that silly exhaust or those insulting fake air vents from.

I'm all for functional stuff even if it gets in the way of the looks (as if) but this is just plain wrong.


Last to expect?? They are my first... lol

Especially since 8th Gen Civic. They started to get wild styling and fake vents which are actually just black plastic and triangle exhausts which just had a smaller circle pipe in them :s


I don't think anyone likes the styling.

Honda hasn't built an attractive Civic in years.

They have made some attractive Accords but the Civics have been bad.

Matthew Dockery

So where do you stand on RWB?

*waits for immanent storm of comments*


This car is faster around the Nurburgring than the following cars:

M2, M4, 997 GT3RS, 2007 GT-R, R8 V10, Zonda S, Gallardo Superleggera


This makes it very suss to me.

And even if it is, can a buyer with the right amount of skill get this time? Of course not.


Honda needs to focus a little more on the MCL23 powerplant and a little less on the Type R.

It's impressive but, it's still a civic.


Just like an s13 is still a nissan.




Great engineering, fantastic results. I just cannot stand that front/back fascia design with those gaping vents. Couldn't they just make it simpler and understated like all the previous classic Hondas (rough PS pic example)?


That looks really good. Maybe "fake vent filler panels" will be an aftermarket part soon. I understand appealing to the mainstream or a new group of consumers, but man, Honda sure tries to cater to a different demographic than it's core enthusiasts.


Everyone talking about the removal of air cond, add on roll cage bla bla bla.... please dont forget that this car clock the timing with a good old traditional manual gearbox with clutch.. it could be faster with dsg paddle shift, but it is not... earn my respect.


Who cares.

The thing is so damn ugly I don't care if it can do light speed.

And I'm a Honda fan.



Eliezer Messias

Esse é foda...


Being the fastest FWD is still special olympics territory.

Jose Manuel Suarez

The last good looking civic was the EK9.