Crazy Quick T1 GT-Rs At TX2K17

We don’t need to tell you just how much potential the Nissan GT-R has as a tuning base, because the internet is overflowing with hard-tuned examples. Perhaps you’ve even witnessed the might of a heavily modified R35 in person.

Recently, GT-R tuning entered a new phase when Gidi Chamdi drove his AMS Performance Alpha G drag-spec R35 into the uncharted 6-second ET zone – an accolade that a few other teams were also chasing.

It took untold modifications and a whole lot of money to get Alpha G down the quarter mile in record time, but as this nicely produced video from T1 Race Development – another prominent stateside tuner building ridiculously fast GT-Rs – goes to show, there are no shortage of people willing to tune up their R35s to insane levels of performance for 7 and 8-second sprints down the strip. And these are just some of GT-Rs that T1 alone have built from their headquarters in Rockwall, Texas, that took part in the recent TX2K17 event.

The Speedhunters



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Just in case anyone else was also curious.

Looks like many of these are converted to RWD as evident by the burnouts. Tony's car for example runs 2400WHP to the rear wheels. I imagine that is the case as there are very limited transmissions that can hold that kind of power. Probably quite the weight savings as well to loose AWD components.


Nope, they disable the front for burnouts, but these are launched and raced in AWD. That is the whole reason why the 6 is so incredible. That Alpha G is the first AWD car EVER to break into the 6's


According to the T1 R site it has RWHP numbers. Is that because they couldn't find an AWD dyno then?


That is because our dyno is a 2WD hub dyno. They are all run in AWD.


I stand terribly corrected.

Is there no merit in trying to warm up the fronts? I have seen some quarter mile subaru's and older GTR's usually run a shorter burn out some groups running tire warmers, is it better to just have the rears warmed up more as they do the brunt of the launching?

Regardless appreciate the correction and your response


The fronts do spin some at launch, but right now attempting to do an AWD burnout is going to be extremely taxing on the forward driveline.


But they are running slicks up front, not skinny tires that you normally see on rwd drag cars. A lot of the skylines I have seen that are serious about drag racing use a variable center differential so they can set it to rwd for the burnout and then awd for launching from the line.


Hmm that may be the case and I might be terribly mistaken. Being greeted by the RWHP numbers kind of caught me by surprise. I guess at that power level an AWD dyno might be more difficult to find, or perhaps unnecessary.