4 Videos We’ve Watched This Week

We’re about to welcome in another new week of Speedhunting, but before we get into that, it’s time to take a quick look at some of the videos we’ve been checking out over the past seven days.

Let’s kick things off with a new clip from Red Bull…

For fans of the Japanese Super GT series, the first round of 2017 at Okayama International Circuit on April 8-9 can’t come quick enough. Of course, with a new season comes new cars, and for Lexus Team KeePer TOM’S, that’s come in the form of the LC 500. In revealing the new machine, Red Bull has released a uniquely Japanese clip featuring driver Ryo Hirakawa and the team’s very good looking race car.

With so many R35s in the hunt and coming tantalizingly close to running the magic number, a 6-second GT-R was only a matter of time. And over the weekend at TX2K17, that milestone was achieved when Gidi Chamdi ran a 6.937-second ET at 196.27mph (315km/h) in his AMS Performance-built Alpha G R35. Not only does the pass reset the GT-R elapsed time (ET) record, but it sets a new benchmark for all-wheel drive cars too. You can check out some raw footage above.

Despite how crazy things are getting in the hypercar and supercar world today, there are icons that will forever be looked up to. The McLaren F1 is definitely one of those cars. In this clip from McLaren, you get to meet the New Zealand owner of a very special F1 – one of two in the world fitted with the extra high downforce package, and powered by 680hp LM-spec engine to boot.

At the Luftgekühlt event last year, a very special Porsche went under the hammer, selling for US$275,000 and in the process raising money for a very worthwhile charity. That car was a 911 Carrera that had been built to East African Safari Rally spec by E-motion Engineering. Recently, the brains behind the build, Patrick Long of Luftgekühlt and the car’s owner, Eli Kogan, stopped by Jay Leno’s Garage to talk through the project and let Jay take it for a drive both on and off-road.

That’s all for now, but as always, if you’ve caught a cool car related video in the last week, go ahead and share it in the comments section below.

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One video I've been watching all weekend is the Goodwood 75th Members Meeting live stream, unfortunately there were a few crashes as always, the one that "hurt" me the most was of the Mclaren F1. Poor bloke!


That "poor bloke" was none other than Pink Floyd's Nick Mason. Bloke, yes. Poor, no.


he'll be poor now, doubt the rebuild will be cheap.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

R35s in the sixes, blows my mind! Will be cool to see all the other guys like T1 get there too, and keep going!

Milos LIcko Bash Randjelovic

Give your car the treatment it deserves:


Be sure to wear rubber gloves when using their cleaners or you'll be stung with a couple hundred dollar doctor bill to clear up the burning rash.


There needs to be an option to report comments

Butters McButterface



In case you missed it I spend a mil to run slower than 80's ass mustangs #whatevs - Seriously that guy is 3 dollar bill grabbing his head busting face like it's a speed channel special from the 90's and I don't care about Skylines drag racing, because ooooh 7 seconds and then stop, nah 24 hours of high speed or bust captain mcQuicky.