A Skyline GT-R Trapped In An M3 Body

After spending the better part of a week walking around the Las Vegas Convention Center exploring the 2016 SEMA Show, something became very obvious to me – there were a lot of BMW-based builds on display.

Whether you’re talking vintage or brand new, mild or heavily modified, this year’s show features Bimmers of all types. I found one of my favorites in the Toyo Tires Treadpass display, but I’m not sure what the purists will think about this one.


This E36 M3 from StreetFighter LA is powered by an inline six just as it was when it left the factory, but that’s obviously not a BMW motor in the engine bay, nor is it the ultra-popular Toyota 2JZ. It’s a Nissan RB26 straight out of a Skyline GT-R.


The RB has been converted to single turbo, with larger fuel injectors, lower compression pistons and a pretty radical screamer pipe setup. The GT-R motor has also been mated to a dog box transmission.


The M3 sits on a set of KW Clubsport coilovers and the wheels are purple-finished Rotiform Sixes, 17×9.5-inch up front and 17×11.5-inch in the rear with Toyo Proxes R1R rubber all around.


Doing its best to contain the negative offset wheels is a StreetFighter LA wide-body conversion.


But perhaps best of all, the body has been coated in color-shifting Midnight Purple III paint to further build on the GT-R connection.


Inside the E36 there’s a pair of Recaro Pole Position buckets, a Renown steering wheel, Racepak dash unit and an ASD hydraulic e-brake setup for those sideways shenanigans.


With the heart of a Skyline GT-R matched with the chassis of a BMW E36, it’s very fitting that this M3 was parked just across from the Ford Mustang-bodied R35 that we saw the other day.

The show might be over now, but stay tuned for more coverage from SEMA 2016.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia

SEMA 2016 on Speedhunters



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this car is begging to be trashed around a track or back roads instead of being a show car. great build, odd the builder went with the hoonigan sticker bomb it doesn't really match the rest of the build IMO.

still rad though.


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Difflocked_Mees Any car with a tasteless exterior screams hoonigan. Car is sick tho.


The stickerbomb pattern isn't on the exterior... Did you even look at the photos, let alone read the story before you decided to call it terrible.I quite like it, actually. It's a blend of various styles, all of which I like.


One thing I don't understand from this build is how the stretched tires in the rear can aide in any "sideways shenanigans"

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate it. Just the stance look doesn't add up to a well performing car.


Difflocked_Mees Maybe the owner likes the Hoonigan brand? Based off the rather spartan interior, he may have just wanted something to grab your attention. Quick glance I thought it was zebra print, then I noticed it was Hoonigan, THEN I picked up on the other details inside.


You are correct Sir.




I-See-Hondas Actually, it does help.
Most anyone who's drifted at a track can tell you this. Go from your nice matching big (wide) wheels on the rear, to a cheaper pair that aren't as wide, with the same tire, and there is 100% a difference you can easily feel.
The wider the rim, the less the tire can move around, feels a lot more predictable.




@ADimitriRoumeliotis oh okay.... you win.... your obviously a REAL racer.


I just dont like trailer-Queens or cars in need of nothing short of immaculate concrete to drive on...


Sorry dude, it's just that "you're" wrong.


Oh boy we have a but hurt Miata driver over here...


No ATTESA, no GTR,.....no care.


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is StreetFighter LA wide-body conversion costum build, or in production for sale?


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I love any and everything MNPIII, and this definitely earns points for cool factor, but the original S50/52 would have made serious jam with an MLS headgasket, studs and a mid-size turbo, all on pump gas. Unique swap for sure though!


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Why wouldn't they just do the same thing to a non-M3? What a waste.


Can someone please explain to me the point of the screamer pipes? I never understood it..


jwogan83 Its no waste. If i would drop that much money on a car, i would make sure that the base car is an actual M3. But believe me(cose i know), there are many e36 m3's going to junk yards, and being parted out by owners. Since at the moment they hold almost no value(except for the really clean and low miles ones)  its like whatever.
 But people that know, do appreciate them and hold on to them. The rest can be bashed to sh*t, so that the car can be rarer and go up in value. Its only helping the car . I really would hate it to be another s13, and see lots of "missiles m3's", it deserves much better .


RollingGT35R jwogan83 I know of a guy semi-local to me who buys every worthy MKIV Supra and E36 M3 he can find, actually puts them back to stock and stores them in his space.
From what I gather, he also buys up the last remaining lots of rare and hard-to-find factory parts for both cars. I've never been to his place, but I have seen pics via a mutual friend.


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Turbology I think you had commented on a previous story mentioning that you had a mixture that was a close match to MPIII. You were going to email it to me. Was that you, or am I thinking of someone else?


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karikaturistiunknown32 as far as i know its going to be in production for sale


love it.


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Nickgenerazio32  An external wastegate often offers a better control of boost for high boost applications.
Larger porting than internal wastegates on turbos.
And Screamer because - too lazy to pipe into downpipe, flames, noise or all of the aforementioned.


I don't think the car runs. There was no belt connected like all those other cars at SEMA