Smoking Out The Internet

A video featuring a Volvo 745 wagon ripping a solid burnout has been absolutely destroying Facebook of late – you may have even seen it.

Intrigued by the black beast, we thought we’d get in touch with the owner, Fredrick Pysander, and find out a little more about this unique cloud-making machine.


Fredrick, a current member of Violent Clique, bought the car over two years ago in completely stock condition. Initially, he took care of some basic modifications: coilover suspension, wheels, and a US-spec front end for some extra aesthetic appeal – but that was only the start of his plan. A BMW 740i E32 donor car was purchased and its V8 engine transplanted into the Volvo along with a custom adapted gearbox from a BMW 530D. The rear axle was also swapped out for a LSD-equipped equivalent to help lay the power down.

For a year, Fredrick drove the 745 in naturally aspirated form, but boost was the next logical upgrade. To step up the game, a 3K K31 T6 turbocharger was fitted, and a MaxxECU engine management system employed to control the spark and fuel – 875cc Siemens Deka injectors helping in the latter department. A roll cage was installed and a set of stepped BBS RFs were also added, making the car appeal to both those with an eye for power and stance.


Currently, on 1.2bar (17.6psi) Fredrick tells us the Volvo is pushing 643hp to the wheels with 920Nm of torque – and it’s still street registered. But not for much longer as the wagon will soon being transformed into an all-out drift machine.

To date, Fredrick’s only competed in four drift competitions, but he’s already addicted. So for next year, the interior will be repainted, bucket seats will be fitted and a rear-mounted radiator added amongst other parts to help the car perform better on track.

We love this thing!

The Speedhunters

Photos by Marcus Lundell (Marcus L Foto) & Adam Sigg (AS Foto)



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Love it.....wicked car and crazy cool conversion but that burnout was weak IMO. Anything can skid sitting still in 1st gear bouncing off the limiter, even my sisters Yaris. These peeps need to learn from the Aussies. Cut some hoops, creep and crab a lot more, tip it in and go nuts....oh and use a higher gear! Do anything apart from sit still and limiter bash.


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I hope you guys can feature this 740 Estate after it being transformed into an all-out drift machine .


For those who demand more than just burnout , here footage of it goes sideways ,


1:51 to 2:11 , still goes sideways ,


1:31 , I'm surprised the car is towed to destination ,
4:08 to 4:21
4:45 to 5:03
11:51 to 11:56


RDS Good to see it driven in anger....drifts well!


You wrote a mistake at "For a year, Fredrick drove the 245 in naturally aspirated form, but boost was the next logical upgrade." 
745** :) 
Violent Clique represent.

S. S.


Spaghetti You know that wasn´t 1st gear right? I think that was 4th gear, I saw him complaining that the car didn´t manage 5th gear :P


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A drift comp wagon. Thats something.


Fan of it!


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