Project GTI: The Next Evolution Starts Here

I can’t remember the last time I had a full night’s sleep.

I’m going to start this brief post with an apology; this isn’t the in-depth Project GTI update that you might have been expecting. It is however, a precursor for what’s to come.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been quietly working away behind the scenes figuring out what direction to take this project in next. As it sits, it’s already a fully sorted car. Everything has been addressed: suspension, brakes and a little bit more power. All have been done without compromising the car as my daily driver; it still remains my one car to do all things. It’s the one objective that has been in place since the beginning, and the one thing that I prioritise above all else.

It was decided though, that there was still room for improvement. The plan? More grip, traction and power.

The next stage actually started two weeks ago at Flipsideauto, before I drove straight through the night to make it to Regal Autosport in southern England this morning for further mechanical enhancement ahead of this weekend’s Players Show in Essex. This afternoon the car was raised high in the air so Regal’s mechanics could start work on a particularly complicated upgrade to the DSG-equipped GTI. It’s a very involving job, but they’ve been making it look a bit too easy.

There is an in-depth story coming soon, but there’s some Speedhunting to be done first…

Paddy McGrath
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Holy steering rack!


LSD :)


4motion upgrade?


Dill Pickle Hopefully! That explains grip and traction, wonder what power will be.  Corn? Turbo?


Down the rabbit hole we go! Whenever the next update drops you better include a shot highlighting that sexy spoiler thing.


LSD can be a life changing experience


Recently drove the GTI Clubsport on a track for press days. So fast yet so boring. I personally would not put a single euro in it, but that's me.


Shaunock I would have just bought an R if I wanted 4WD, think the fun of the GTI is the fact it's FWD.


bluestreaksti The front or rear one? I'll include both.


Max_Ryde I haven't just drove the Clubsport yet, but if it's like the majority of factory VAG MQB cars, they all need a little bit of modification out of the box to bring them to life. They're very neutral and toned down as standard. Road an track are different things too.


Wouldn't be a proper hot-hatch if it wasn't FF....


If that signage on the Kiosk was the same as the Petrol station (Texaco) that would of been one hell of a shot :(
All that red and black...
Is this for your return to Players Classic? Are you planning on upsetting some Marshals? ;)
Can't wait to see what's coming next, your car has an understated presence that makes it stand out. Oh lord and that wheel/giant xxxl uber massive brakes slap your face as you get closer. Top work boss.


What do you so with a well sorted out car, TRACK DAYS ! The question is when ?


LSD and....TTE??? Just do it


Too Low. It needs to be raised in my opinion.


TakaKiseki  it has an Airlift performance series setup


Wavetrac differential upgrade! :D


TakaKiseki So your point is the people that like it, do, the people that don't, do not...?


Couettic flow? The Bernoulli principle? Taking advantage of viscosity? To look bad ass parked up - all of these are good reasons to drop the car to the ground.


I'd venture that people who read Speedhunters, watch car videos on YouTube, and read forums make up a pretty significant percentage of the car community. Are you sure you don't have your numbers flipped? Because sounds like you represent the 1% not the 99%.
Also: air suspension


Hi Paddy, car looks great, what camera did you use to take these photographs?



I don't like "too low" cars either. Sensibly low, is the way to go


enjoy it


@turbo BEAMS ae86 It's no AE86 :-)


cjbonnyman Canon 1DX w/ 35mm f/1.4 L