Nakane Racing’s Time Attack R34 GT-R

The time attack bug keeps biting all over the world, and nowhere more so than in Japan where tuners and privateers continue to push the envelope. On Sunday, I headed along to the annual R’s Meeting at Fuji Speedway, and as ever it was a hunt to uncover the newest cars to hit the scene and find out what people are doing with their GT-Rs, regardless of the generation.

Well, I lie. I was obviously spending most of my time indulging in RB26 goodness, having spent the last week over at Do-Luck ‘supervising’ the turbo install on Project GT-R, while attempting to help out with the smaller, less critical jobs.


But anyway, more on that later… Today I want to show you this new circuit-spec BNR34 that the guys from Nakane Racing Design debuted at the event.

While they cater more towards GT-R sales and searching out specific cars for clients, the Nakane team do collaborate on builds from time to time. This demo car was built in conjunction with Auto Gallery Yokohama, and it represents the sort of machine that a customer commissioning a fully-tuned track car might get.


Execution is geared towards functionality and simplicity, with only the exterior additions being a more defined front lip spoiler, Nismo Z-tune replica fenders and a big wing out the back.


Under the bonnet it’s all Auto Gallery Yokohama, and the style is unmistakable. The ethos combines stripping the engine bay down to only the bare minimum stuff, welding in some additional reinforcement and building a sexy looking RB26.

What makes an Auto Gallery Yokohama engine look so special is the use of R31 Skyline RB20 cam covers treated to a red crinkle paint finish. These finned covers sit a tad lower than the stock ones and don’t cover the cam pulleys, so give a totally different look to the motor. There are more cool details too, like custom-painted Nismo GT plenum paint and a fuel rail that’s mounted below so the injectors spray gas before the six throttle bodies.

The Trust/GReddy T88 turbo dumps gasses into a big-bore front pipe and a smaller screamer pipe originating at the external wastegate, both of which exit out the side of the car.


The R34 sits on a set of black 18×11-inch RAYS Volk Racing TE37SLs wrapped in 295-section Yokohama A050 semis. Tucked in behind the front wheels are 6-pot AP Racing calipers with adequately sized rotors, while the rear end features a 4-pot setup.


The cabin is stripped down to the essentials; the stock dash and door cards remain and there’s the usual JDM-esque array of miscellaneous gadgets that could simply be replaced with an ECU and LCD display.


The nicest detail that you’ll find in here though is the custom welded-in rollcage, which gives a very purposeful feel to the car.

Needless to say, this is the sort of build we love seeing. Japan, more of this please!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Very NICE! Oh, man...


As someone who like white cars , this is absolutely best ! The colour scheme matched my liking too !
I didn't know RB20 cam cover would fit RB26 , it looks good to me ! But then I'm old fashion in term of that , haha


Love me a good time attack San-Yon. Only problem I have is the replica Z-Tune front fenders...


Mitsuru "Only problem I have is the replica Z-Tune front fenders..."



Nice coverage of a really nice car! :)
Not sure why you say they cater mostly to sales of GT-Rs though.. My understanding is that Nakane Racing Design is the garage/tuning shop with builds etc. while Nakane's other shop, RNDesign, is the GT-R showroom doing sales. They're located a short walk apart.

Here is Nakane's previous R34 street demo car which is incredibly nice as well (maybe worth a coverage? :P ):


any idea why T88s are still used when there are far superior turbos around these days? 

I mean the T88 /T51R are like 15+ years old!!!!


As if authentic Z-tune fenders are cheap and/or readily available?


Will you be posting more from the R's meeting?


@Nick Yes of course :) I'm going to nerd out :D


hypodermic #becausejapan


For a time attack car, the engine bay is sure clean as hell!


eejjkk Mitsuru Maybe some people like me dislike the box-style vent? :P


@Nick Yes, same. They aren't that bad for a Nismo part. If you get the carbon ones you need 10 mortgages...but that's with most Nismo bits haha


Nice car, the only miscue would be the stock dash and door panels when the rest of the interior is completely gutted. That and it's a time attack. Time attack is what you do before the race to determine grid position. It's like almost real racing but not.


All those funky colors on the japanese engines make american and european ones look so boring...


speedhunters_dino hypodermic

I have another theory. 
Say you're Nakane.
10 years ago you bought every Option mag and all you ever wanted was a full tune GTR with a T88... one day.
10 years later and you can actually afford one.. 500rpm later boost threshold, 50kw less peak power, who cares? You now have what you've always wanted. 
Not to mention the performance is still mind-blowing anyway.


hypodermic The beauty of the japanese culture if it works why stray away from it??? Considering 90 percent of the use of big greddy turbos are mismatched  T67, TD06H-25G, TD07s, T78, T88, and the FLAGSHIP T88GK on (this R34)  you need to match the turbos accordingly to the setups in fact when you do the difference in spool (comparing a bb counterpart) it is minimum 200-400rpm they spool faster  but the lovely thing about the big Greddy turbos is the peak power and powerband they make power all the way to til redline!!!!


This BNR34 is amazing ahh love the Bride Zieg 2, the ARC rad and intercooler. and titanium pipe for the filter  HMM question where is the e fans and or clutch fan, can the arc rad really keep things that cool?


hypodermic tall deck 2.8 liter
280 degree cams
T88GK 18cm not the 22cm which is most often used.... this is a daily driver and response was more important. (full boost was a low 6000rpm)
HKS dog box
ULTRA DLi ignition (HKS twin power equiv)
std coils
GREDDY racing pro plugs (coppers would not go past 900 consistantly)
Powerfc Djetro
Greddy plenum
ARC cooler
BLITZ 1000cc injectors


RBPS13 It's a track car, so theoretically doesn't need them.


Mayank0809 All black haha


Chri5 Duncan You race the clock


any information about that front splotter?


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Does any1 know who makes it?