Chop, Drop & Roll: The Adri’s Custom Ghia

Since recently reinstating our popular I Am The Speedhunter program, we’ve been receiving story submissions from all around the world, many of which are leading us to some simply amazing builds. Case in point, Adrien Faure’s spectacular body-dropped and boosted Volkswagen Karmann Ghia from Landivisiau, France.

With Adrien’s brother Maxime on camera duty, we’re happy to be able to bring you this spotlight post on what is a stunning custom creation, but of course it wasn’t always this way.

When Adrien picked up the car in 2010 and embarked on project, it threw up a few surprises. “It was my dream car, but I discovered that it was very rusty,” he says. Such things are to be expected when you start stripping an old car back to its bare bones, but in this case it necessitated the purchase of another car. In its final form today you’re looking at 1966 body slung over a ’71 left-hand drive floor pan and running gear, but that’s just the start of it…


From the outset, Adrien wanted his VW to cut a super low profile, but what he had in mind entailed a little more than just dropping the ride height. The floorpan itself now sits two inches higher up than factory, the front beam was narrowed by 4.8 inches, and drop spindles were added. If that wasn’t enough, four inches were chopped out of the roof height – the most difficult part of the build Adrien tells us – and an air-ride system originally designed for a Honda Civic was adapted to fit.


Once all the metalwork was complete, the Ghia shell was completely smoothed out and resprayed black with a green metal-flake wrap for the roof. Coupled with the chrome trim, polished European-spec bumpers and US-spec tail lights, the result is visually stunning.


Adrien could have easily stopped there, but quite obviously he didn’t. One of the defining aspects of this build is the engine, which is proudly on show out back and taking the definition of a ‘high-mount’ turbo to another level. Perched on a wild homemade tubular manifold, the forced induction setup utilises a Renault R5 Alpine Turbo carburettor and a VW Passat turbocharger in a draw-through configuration for a little more power and a great sound to boot.


We’ve all seen American hot rods and customs with big block Chevy V8s and the like erupting through their hoods, but while Adrien’s boosted 1600cc flat-four could hardly be compared to something like that, the same thinking still applies. In this application, we think it’s pretty damn cool.

And how good do the white-wall tyres on factory ’67 steel wheels with chrome hubcaps look? All the better when the switch is flicked and the Ghia sinks down on its air-ride.


Inside, there’s more beauty in simplicity. The green sparkle steering wheel, shift knob and custom trimmed seats and door panels tie in perfectly with the roof. Another feature of the interior is the ’67 Karmann Ghia dashboard, Beetle rear seat with polished compressor tank for the air suspension, and custom engraved door scuff plates featuring Adrien’s daughters’ names.


As with all custom projects, there are a number of ways Adrien could have approached this build, but we get the feeling he wouldn’t do it any other way given half the chance to do it again. “It’s very cool to drive this car,” he says. “She is very low, so other drivers smile when they look at her.” That’s not hard to understand – we’re smiling too.

Since completing the Karmann Ghia project, Adrien shifted his attention to yet another unconventional but equally cool build, this time involving a Renault Dauphine and a Yamaha sport bike engine, but that’s another story…

The Speedhunters

Photos by Maxime Faure



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no shots of the rear seat area?


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Probably catch a whoppin for this but as cool as the motor set up is I'd really, really love to see it with a decklid (louvers perhaps?) to flow with the kustom vibe it's got going.
Badass either way though.


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Curious choice of colors.
Looks like the Taxicab paint scheme in Portugal.


Hmmm, the engine seems to be missing an alternator belt and alternator pulley.  And with the cooling fan connected to the other end of the alternator, it seems as if this engine would overheat terribly within a matter of minutes (not to mention the fact that the battery wouldn't recharge.  Did this guy take the belt and pulley off just for the pics?  Looking at the manifold, does the belt and pulley even fit in there?



Don't think the build is completed. No fuel lines or carb linkage. Overall it looks great.


Jack Gordon Damn you beat me to it. I was about to write the same thing (maybe because I'm Portuguese :P )


The car looks... nice.. the color?... it looks like a Portuguese taxi!!


I've got two words that would take that teal metalflake roof to the next level:



Nice Ghia and all, but in my opinion the unfinished engine doesn't go with the rest of the build. That dirty carb with the electric choke (?) loom hanging out, rusty flanges/turbo housing, unpolished/painted headers etc. I'm sure it will be a nice car once finished, but why take beautiful pictures for an article, of an unfinished car?


Wow, I wonder what it feels like to be so close to having a nice car and then it all gets fucked up by putting a turbo way up there so that the rear lid cant go on. Shit just looks stupid! What a fucking moron!


I really love how clean it looks, but I just cannot get over the exposed engine. Really needs a rear lid!


Pour la couleur je ne connaissais pas la couleur des taxi portugais hahaha
Oui le moteur n'était pas fini lors des photos ,aujourd hui elle est en moteur origine avec un capot dommage de mettre la loupe sur les failles du projet lors des photos plutôt que de regarder l'ensemble de la voiture


About time there was another air-cooled VW on Speedhunters ;) The steering wheel, shift knob, and metalflake roof all are American styling cues, I would be curious to know from the build crew what exactly their influences were!


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Engine parts sticking through the bodywork. As it should be.


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@ihateyoutoo MikkoKukkonen two posts above @Adris custom  explained that the engine wasn't finished when they took the pics, and that the engine is now more original and covered. He also thinks it is sad people focus on one detail and go into keyboard warrior mode instead of looking at the project as a whole. Just sayin...


turbo lag?


@ihateyoutoo When a blower is sticking out of a 69' Camaro's bonnet no one bats an eye, just sayin..


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in a few weeks
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i love me some ghia's and this is one of the finest i've ever seen. will be off the charts if any part of it gets upgraded in the future ((-8


@Adris custom a rough translation for those who don't understand French:

For the color I did not know it was the color of Portugese taxis hahaha

Yes the engine was not finished in the pictures, today it is original engine with a hood. It's too bad that people focus on the project flaws in the pictures rather than watching the whole car


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