The Best RWB Short Film Yet?

It’s not uncommon to find a short film accompanying a brand new RWB 911 build, and every single time that happens it almost feels like the cinematography bar is raised another peg.

RWB Philadelphia #1, also know as Prince, is one of Akira Nakai’s newest creations, and in this superb 20-minute 4K production from Krispy Media, you get a real sense for what it means to bring the dream of RAUH-Welt Begriff Porsche ownership to life. In this case the dream belonged to Ben Harmony, a 22-year-old who spent the last few years working towards bringing Nakai-san to his hometown in Philadelphia to convert his 993 in the family garage. With RWB’s signature bumpers, wide-body fenders and aero, plus custom Rotiform wheels and Air Lift Performance suspension, it’s a beautiful machine.

Could this be the best RWB short film yet? It’s certainly right up there and rates as one of our all-time favourites, but we’ll let you be the judge.

The Speedhunters



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Nice dress, wanker.. I h8 him cause I ain't him.


I seen it and yes it krispy did a perfect job.


Guy fits bodykit, people get emotional. i'll watch it now and see if i'm right.


bulbasaur1 Guy fails to respect other people's interests/opinions, gets emotional; looks foolish. I'll read it again and see the same thing.


rondyer83 don't forget halcyon that dude kills it every time.


I dunno how old you are, but this is advice that'll take you far in life:
Being cynical and judgemental doesn't make you look cool or experienced. It just makes you look like an ass. "HURR DURR, EVEN THOUGH I HAVEN'T ACTUALLY *SEEN* THIS VIDEO, I'LL LET EVERYONE KNOW MY VALUABLE THOUGHTS ABOUT IT."


I watched this yesterday and damn, great short film. I feel like ima watch it again too, and quite possibly a third time.


Fournafish and think, he doesn't even understand why they get emotional. RWB is about the family of people as much as it is a family of cars. When Nakai-san fits that aero to their cars, its almost like being given permission by the godfather to marry his daughter lol


Fournafish Thats ironic, cause I could have sworn your comment was incredibly childish, cynical and judgmental.


I actually felt like it was one of the weakest films, not necessarily because of the filming but because the owner didn't seem to be someone relatable. Car looks great as usual though and I thought it was pretty cool that this one sat on air.


Excellent Krispy production as always! I really love the colour of the car and how they didn't go with black wheels. Akira Nakai's word can't be described with words, such an interesting man. I like the shots showing the tools he uses.


..when dreams come true I said...nice project, beautiful car and most of all..the video quality is AMAZING..I'd even pay to watch it..


Oooh theres a RWB near my hometown now?! It looks awesome and hopefully one day I'll be RWB philly #2 or whatever haha


How much does an rwb cost roughly?


Too bad its on air and kid is a queer


@Matt The irony of you.




Erm i am 22, but i dont have a rwb, or even a porsche.... now i'm sad!


has Nakai learnt how to weld yet?


That's not necessary to say that..


its a good film but i agree with @Nate, in this one you cant get a sense of he owner. I cant relate or really seem to find what hes about. I learned more about his father than him. Either way its a great video


I really think nakai needs to take an apprentice under his wing, not that it will ever be the same without him, but one day when he passes I hope RWB lives on and can continue the same quality and not turn into just another do it yourself kit style.


Nice work to the East Coast crew!


Excellent job- very very well done.  Such an inspiring video on all levels it really left me wanting to see more of it.  The way it captured Nakai's personality and Ben's expressions along with having it shared by family and friends is really what enthusiast culture is all about.  I love that this video captured all of those reactions and you could feel the excitement the whole time during the build until that first drive like it was one of us about to drive our RWB out our own garage!  Fantastic job to all who contributed to make this possible this really is one of the best short films out there and your RWB fans appreciate it!


This video totally changed my perspective on the "RWB" thing.

I don't know if it was the cinematography/sound but it definitely made me appreciate the emotional component from meeting Nakai and watching him do his work. Regarding the "work" looks like he really does everything by hand and "eyeball"! I respect that, and it even shows in his weathered hands. 

The whole "I'm 22 and my Mom's garage is bigger than most people's homes"'s all irrelevant after seeing this film. I mean we all know a body/guy and appreciate the artform, but the shear spectacle of having Nakai in your own home with your parents and friends's just love.

Well done! And I'm going to search for the other RWB build videos now :)


If this is Philly RWB, then shoot the damn thing rolling down Roosevelt Blvd/676 to vine street expressway!


This is just awesome!


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I see no irony? I could hate this car, you don't know that. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion, and express their opinion; that's what this board is here for!
He did neither.
To come here, and make ignorant remarks about something, without taking proper time to educate yourself on the matter first - it's just not in good taste.
Just like your comment.
Good day, sir.


I watched Nakai-san build an RWB in Nashville last weekend. it was amazing.


This man is seriously fantastic.


Codycasale AMEN!!!! Honestly I think they did everyone a disservice calling it RWB Philly, b/c it's pretty inaccessible for people in the Greater Philly Area. 

I want to shoot this car as it's rolling down Broad, parked in the Bellvue, or chilling in Fairmont Park. THAT'S RWB Philly, not off in Bryn Mawr or some crap.

One day I'll bring one of these beauties out, and show it to the kids.

Also I'm pissed because Dino won't respond to my messages but that's another story


otar It's not even, like, near Philly apparently. I think they just named it after the closest large city


nice video from a tecnical stand point and for seeing nakai san doing what he does.But the video is way way too long.
I more and more understand how lucky i was to meet him at his HQ in japan.

keep going doing your magic nakai!


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These cars are always gorgeous.


This was shot and built about an hour north of philly.


Naki san "I also do bar mitzvah's"


One of the things that I truly appreciate what Nakai-san does with RWB is what goes on beyond the scenes. From the outside, cynics gripe about the cookie cutter atmosphere of the same treatment upon a series of car that varies very little between it's models, and those that abhor the overfender movement are quick to combat. From the outside, yes, the cars look very similar and carry a similar story. But the point of RWB isn't about radically standing out from each and every example. It's a singular passion within a chosen pedigree of machine, and each RWB christened carries it's own weight under guise of personal sentiment and the subtlety each example commits to it's identity speaks more than words. RWB is more family than trend movement, and it's clearly evident when given these moments of exposure.


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getting more and more interested in how appealing these cars are in 20+ years....... been about 10 years since this whole buzz about RWB got started on the net (least what I was aware of)

nothing against Nakai at all - but the "in-yo-face" approach of the wide-body treatment has made me appreciate the unmolested cars more

maybe that's just me


This is easily the best film, the cinematography is astounding, I really enjoyed the shots following his movements when he was applying the seals. The car is sublime, enjoy it and cherish it!


@fsad I remember the exhausts of the old days too. Haha


Ever seen RWB Clermont? The beautiful RWB Atlanta movie?


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Just saw the #8 gulf livery RWB at the San Jose airport wonder if it was sold down in Monterey this weekend.


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