Goodbye To The Genesis Coupe As We Know It

Back in 2008, Hyundai took a huge step towards winning over car enthusiasts with the release of the Genesis Coupe. It represented the brand’s first attempt at jumping into the rear-drive sports car world, and in the following years the model was refined with both turbocharged four cylinder and V6 models in the line-up.

But Hyundai has just confirmed that the 2016 model year will be the last for the Genesis Coupe – or at least the Genesis Coupe as we know it. The plan is for Hyundai to release a new coupe model under its upscale Genesis brand, a car that will be more sophisticated and luxurious than the outgoing model. In other words, it should be more aimed towards BMW and Lexus buyers rather than those looking at the Mustang and Scion FR-S.

We’ll reserve judgement until we get a good look at the new car, but we’ll certainly miss the existence of any affordable, rear-drive coupe on the new car market.

Mike Garrett
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Sad. Always thought they were underrated. My only gripe I ever had about them was the sound of the engine, everything else was good imo.


Spend money on developing a AWD sedan to compete with the focus rs now


Meh, they beat it with the ugly stick when they changed the frontend.


D1RGE EXE The V6 sounds pretty good if you ask me :P


Even more upsetting is the fact that they were never brought to Australia, I always thought Hyundai AU was being total morons when they announced that it wouldn't make it here because they thought it wasn't suited to the local market, they surely must have been kicking them selves when they realised they could have taken a big chunck out of the "RWD sporty coupe pie" well before the 86/BRZ which has been a total hit!!


"What you think, I'm gonna let you roll in a Hyundai?"


I always find the contrast between UK and US enthusiasts on the Hyundai brand pretty interesting. Seems they've done a much better job in the US than in the UK of improving their reputation. In the UK I can't think of a single Hyundai I'd consider buying, and I know no car enthusiasts that own one.


Robo_No1 Ye olde chaps are lucky then, all the genesis bros here annoy me. They act like it's the best thing to happen since sliced bread. They also refer to their cars as 'Genny' and hashtag things like KDM on their instagram posts. UGGHHH


Frankly I've never had a very good opinion of the car to begin with anyways from a driver's car standpoint, so it's probably better off going into that "luxury" category.  I've never owned one but i have driven a few and the feedback to the diver is vague at best.  Not to mention about 90% of the people I've known to own one have been plagued with transmission issues.  Even those who just use it as a daily driver and rarely spend time around the redline.


earmenau Admittedly, that was line was two years before the GenCoupe was released.


I owned a V6 version for a few years and it was nice trouble free motoring. Inside the cabin is very nice considering its price range and the ride is comfortable on long journeys. However, the performance is substandard, and the handling is terrible/dangerous. My next car was a 997 and the difference was absolutely astronomical. As long as I have a hole in my arse I will never buy another Hyundai.


Bummer, they were damn good cars. Its a shame how much ignorance still shows its face when Hyundai and Kia are mentioned. Especially from people with no experience with them.


Hyundai is one thing, as others have said here.. as well as my own experiences, the car was just never that awesome or reliable. That said it was a solid attempt at trying to create a performance coupe, it's just Hyundai isn't exactly the performance manufacturer some believe them to be.
As for Kia... dude don't make me laugh. I live in FL and everyone with a shit credit rating and a desperate need for a brand new car goes with the Kia, in fact we have the largest volume Kia dealer in the world. I see a Kia broke down on the side of that road literally at least once a day. Those things are utter shit boxes. I may not ever buy a Hyundai but would buy one way before a Kia. Oh and btw Kia is just renamed Daewoo and we all know how great Daewoos were


Smiggins Definitely did, the first ones looked much better.


Hyundai cars have good ratings in crash tests... at least xD
The Santa Fe SUV is on pair with the best.


Good riddance. I truly hope the next coupe is much more impressive than the last!


MrTanuki Smiggins That one was FWD tho :(


MatsNorway MrTanuki Smiggins  No, the Genesis Coupe was always RWD. You're thinking of the FWD Tiburon.


I'm on the fence with this. Apart of me is glad Hyundai even bothered and generally they get good reviews in the mags, and are known to have good Drift potential. They also are relatively cheap.

But on the other hand, they are now one of many decent to awesome RWD platforms available - in the Sates at least. I can't really find a reason to buy a one, even used. If I was jonesing for RWD fun; there's plenty of BRZ, FRS, and Miata fun to be found everywhere. Never mind all the Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers, Chargers, RWD Cadillacs, BMWs and etc to be had for not much more on the used market.


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dadecode MatsNorway MrTanuki Smiggins Seems whe are talking about the same car in different markeds.


Hugely under rated RWD platform. Stiffer chassis than a gallardo; front and rear tracks as wide as an r35 gtr and the long wheel base makes this one fricken awesome drifting platform. but you know what? "the street rep" of those are garbage, because engineering facts aside; for some reason combustion goes through the "front badge" for most of people.

certainly looking forward for the new version ("M4" Killer as Albert Biermann planning to do)




mas921 I am not sure about your facts, especially when you say the longer wheel base makes it an awesome drift "platform".
It's more a flaw than a nice feature in my drift book ^^
than that the rear suspension is a PITA to get it dialed in... it's not
designed to squat a lot and it's not a good thing IMO.
Even though it's not a bad drift car, it needs more work than most S, R, Z or JZ chassis.


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Car is seriously hard to handle when drifting. Which is why it is so impressive that Odi Bakchi can master this beast.


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Pedders Just curious but, do you attest the terrible handling to the factory tires?


The factory tyres were actually not too bad (Bridgestone Potenza). I firmly believe the problem was the poor suspension geometry and weight distribution. It was extremely wallowy, and in the corners even at slow speed it felt terrible.


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i'm actually gonna miss this genesis. paired with a nice exhaust system, their engines, especially the v6, sound pretty damn amazing.


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