Doing A Lot With A Little: The Ultimate Dana 60 Jeep JK
Keeping It Simple

While the off-roading scene might seem like foreign territory for those more accustomed to road cars, the nature of the hobby itself really isn’t much different.

Just like road cars, some off-roaders prefer brand new 4x4s, while others like the classics. Some folks keep their rigs stock and others go crazy with aftermarket modifications.


As with any vehicle project regardless of its shape or purpose, it’s all a matter of your budget and your personal goals.


And while we dig the radical cars with that have been modified in every which way, it’s often the milder stuff that’s just as impressive. And it’s the same thing when you are talking about 4x4s.


That brings us to a Jeep Wrangler built by seasoned off-roader Casey Currie. It’s an all-terrain machine that proves you don’t need to go crazy with the modifications to tackle the toughest trails.


Casey tells us the idea with this project was to put together a Jeep using only bolt-on accessories, and then prove its abilities at the King Of The Hammers.


After debuting the Jeep at last year’s SEMA Show, that’s exactly what Casey did too, taking the Jeep down KOH’s most challenging trails and having a fantastic time while doing it.


It was a grueling test by any means, but the Jeep got through it. That’s a strong testament to Casey’s skills at putting together a capable 4×4.

Bolt-On Capability

Rather than going overboard with flashy upgrades that may or not be useful on the trails, Casey kept the formula simple for this project. It starts with a pair of heavy-duty Dana 60 axles in both the front and rear.


Next up is a Currie Enterprises complete suspension kit with billet control arms and upgraded sway bars, along with a set of Walker Evans shocks.


The wheels are forged KMC Machetes, and for the King Of The Hammers event Casey wanted to stick with 35-inch tall tires to prove what the Jeep could do running the smaller size.


After KOH, he swapped out to larger 39-inch BFGoodrich tires and also added a custom top to give the Jeep a slightly more unique look.


As for the Jeep’s powertrain, the engine, transmission and even the transfer case are all completely stock. It’s all part of the goal of proving what can be achieved using many of the original components.


There is, however, a simple Magnaflow exhaust system that’s been added for a little extra power and a more aggressive tone.

Running The Trails With Something To Prove

The interior of the Jeep is also very stock, the exception being a matching set of four Sparco bucket seats fitted in both the front and rear.


This allows Casey to invite three passengers with him to experience the off-road capabilities firsthand.


There are some upgrades to the exterior, but they are all functional. The front and rear bumpers are from Savvy, and Casey also added a set of Crawler Conceptz rocker guards.


Other outward modifications include a set of MCE fenders, Artec Industries skid plates and the requisite Warn winch mounted up front.


Don’t forget the Rigid Industries LED lighting either, along with more powerful aftermarket headlights which are a necessity when the trail runs continue after sunset.


After appearing at SEMA and then successfully conquering the King Of The Hammers, Casey says his plan is to keep traveling the country and participating in other off-road events, where he’ll continue to prove just what a properly built, bolt-on 4×4 is capable of.


Two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, on-road or off-road – there’s always something to be said for a build that’s greater than the sum of its parts, and that definitely seems to be the case with this one.

Aspiring off-roaders would be wise to take note.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia

Photos by Louis Yio
Instagram: lusciousy

Casey Currie’s Ultimate Dana 60 Jeep JK 4-Door

Original Jeep V6 engine, Magnaflow exhaust system

Factory transmission, factory transfer case, Dana 60 axles front & rear, Spicer driveshafts

Currie Enterprises complete suspension kit, billet control arms, upgraded sway bars, Walker Evans shocks, Currie steering system, PSC steering assist

Wheels & Tires
KMC forged Machete wheels, BFGoodrich KR2 39-inch all-terrain tires

Savvy front & rear bumpers, MCE fenders, Crawler Conceptz rocker guards, Artec Industries skid plates, Warn winch, sPOD wiring, Rigid Industries LED lighting, aftermarket Jeep headlights, Jeep half doors, custom top

Factory interior with 4x Sparco bucket seats for driver & passengers

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"upgraded sway bars" really, are you sure? You mean control arms or links. It's pretty standard practice to unhook anti-sway bars on Jeeps when driven on this type of terrain. There are kits to do just this quickly and easily. Some Dodge trucks and Jeeps have an OEM electric sway bar disconnect system.


love this off-road stuff ! but please SH more BTS on shoots. It would be cool to see how different contributors work and what equipment they choose.


Don't forget the capabilities of the driver. Casey Currie could drive a stock JK (or even TJ) and he could out-wheel most other people driving the rig shown here. All the parts and modifications in the world cannot replace a driver who knows what he is doing


NicholasMaher Currie makes an "upgraded sway bar" called the Anti Rock. Probably gives you 90-95% of the articulation without the need to unhook your sway bars or use the electronic sway bar which is kind of a weak point. I had a set on the LJ I owned at one time and they were very good.


"Bolt-ons".. Yeah.. $20,000 worth.


kmcollins_jr That's true. He competed with this exact car in this year's King of the Hammers and out-drove many competitors during the Everyman Challenge race which took place the day before the main race.


UPGRADE LADA NIVA and compare with JEEP. NIVA WIN!))


with a driver that is very reliable car that can drive very well


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