Hokkaido Style: A GX61 Cresta In Tokyo

You could call the owner of this GX61 Toyota Cresta a big fan of old cars. Cold Song, as he’s nicknamed, chose this base and simple low style of modification for one reason: it was very popular in his home island of Hokkaido back in the 1980s.

Cold Song is as much into custom car culture as the next Japanese kyusha-head, but you won’t find this Cresta at any local meet or old car gathering. Instead, he enjoys driving it around the city, running errands and cruising, both day and night.


The Toyota GX chassis models were high-grade, comfy cruisers that every man could afford, and that made them really popular in their early ’80s era. There were many variants too, spanning the Chaser, Cresta, and Mark II, with different trim levels and pre- and post-facelift specs. Telling them apart is sometimes difficult.


It’s no wonder that the large sedans became a popular platform for Japanese people to modify really; it was easy to find a good condition example at a relatively cheap price, and there was a lot of potential to make them more interesting.


Today, in Shibuya and Harajuku where late-model Lamborghinis turn young shoppers’ heads, the Cresta’s simple boxy shape is more akin to the swarms of taxis moving through city streets.


And that said, a car like Cold Song’s Cresta is more likely to get the thumbs up from an old taxi driver recalling his younger days than a camera flash from a tourist. Nonetheless, this is a very cool ride, both inside and out.


The GX sits on Focus Racing Spoke wheels, and truth be told, the main reason Cold Song bought this car in the first place was to suit the deep-dish 14×8.5Js. Yes, the wheels came first! Manufactured by Enkei for SpeedStar, they’re the holy grail for Hokkaido low-style cars, and are in total keeping with the classic luxury cruiser look.


One interior detail of note is the pair of Pioneer TS-X10 desk shelf speakers in the rear. While the sound quality can’t quite compare to today’s high performance car speakers, these were high grade audio components back in the ’80s, and their period look suits the Cresta perfectly. Although the X10s weren’t the top-of-the-line Pioneer box speaker model, like old school Japanese wheels they’re only getting more and more sought these days.


Because of its simple yet tasteful styling, Cold Song’s Cresta is a car that keeps a low profile in the city, but I’m sure anyone who’s into Japan kyusha will see and understand that it’s something quite special.

Teruhisa Inoue
Instagram: teru_the_damaga



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1G Power!


You couldn't help but sneak a shot with your Sunny Teru! ha ha. I'm always happy to see it :)

Good story and photos - cold song's car is super cool.

Cheers dude


Definetly want more boxy oldschool japanese cars features


Nice Supreme Mag Light! Love Kyusha soo tiight!


Love this! Drop and wheels is really all you meed to make these sedans stand out


I had a sneaky suspicion this car was due a feature hehe.  I wanna cruise about late night Tokyo streets with some Bobby Caldwell or Hiroshima wafting out of those TSX-10s.




Weird... I don't know why, but I like this car soooo much! :)


nezanu tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt


I wish we got the smooth roads the Japanese enjoy.


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AlexGut how you know that? Thought these models came m powered...


T8DTurdbo AlexGut 'G'x means it's a G series engine, mx etc models are european models aka cressidas.


This makes me want to get mine on the road asap, only one in UK!


MattDawson Pretty sure I've seen a few around in here in the South West (I'm in Bristol). She's a minter though get her on the road!


Colouryum MattDawson The car came from Chepstow (South Wales) so you may have seen it before, far as I've found it's the only GX71 limited (different front end etc) in Uk but yes it's a slow project but will be ready one day haha


niZmO_Man We can at least share in the smooth jazz they enjoy (through those TS-X10s)


MattDawson Take me for a ride? Pleeeease :/


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Hokkaido Specification X chassis are so simple yet look so great !


Facelift MarkII Hardtop, nice score over there is imagine... I have a pre-facelift HT 71 and a facelift GX61 MARKII sedan here in NZ.


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@Tarran  jealous man want a 61 so bad!, got any pictures? There's only another GX71 in the UK that I'm aware of and it's a Cresta.


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