Power Hungry: Hennessey’s HPE750 Mustang GT
More Power

They say that the obsession with absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The desire for power will cause us to make rash and sometimes questionable decisions in life, and once you’ve a taste of power, it will leave you with a burning appetite for more.


No one knows more about this obsession of power than the people over at Hennessey Performance. Disappointed with your Challenger Hellcat’s measly 707hp? Hows does 1,100hp sound? Car won’t break 200mph? No problem…


The obsession with power is running through the veins of everyone at Hennessey Performance, and when they not only opened their doors up to Speedhunters but also let us get an exclusive look at one of their limited edition Hennessey HPE750 Mustang GTs, we didn’t pass up the opportunity.


As you would expect, the workshop has everything on hand that’s needed to create custom powerhouse monsters. From shelves of tubes ready to be fabricated into headers and exhaust systems…


To engines and transmissions waiting to be strengthened for the various power level packages that customers request.


The ‘Tuner School’ attached to the main shop routinely trains students in the craft of customising and building cars with valuable hands on experience.


It was great getting a behind the scenes look at the shop that churns out obscene amounts of power on a daily basis, however as our time was limited, we moved on to an up close and very personal look at one Hennessey Performance’s Ford Mustang GTs upgraded with an HPE750 package.

Cutting Loose

Having a drag strip directly behind the shop has its advantages when it comes to testing modifications and reliability, and Hennessey Performance makes full use of the personal quarter-mile playground.


Besides, the Mustang traditionally loves to go as fast as possible in a straight line so it only seemed fitting to shoot the car at the facility.


The HPE750 package is designed for those who’ve purchased a new GT and then realized that the 430hp and 400lb-ft of torque is not enough. This upgrade offers something close to double those numbers.


Forced induction is a great way to increase output, thus a 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger is added to the 5.0L Coyote V8 engine.


Along with the supercharger, components like the fuel pump, injectors, air intake and exhaust are uprated, and the engine management system is recalibrated to suit.


When it’s all said and done, the HPE750 package adds well over 300hp and 200lb-ft of torque, bringing the grand total up to around 770hp and 650lb-ft. Now that’s more like it!


The stainless steel exhaust system not only helps the engine breath, but it also releases a guttural sound that’s sole purpose in life is to assault your ears.


Partnered with the supercharger whine, you have a symphony of noise that you only want to hear over and over and over again.


But the HPE750 package is more than just cranking up the power output – that would be far too simple.

The Total Package

Custom lightweight Hennessey H10 wheels, 19-inch in the front and 20-inch in the rear, provide room for 15.1-inch Brembo brakes to fit. The 6-piston calipers and cross-drilled 2-piece rotors are a necessity for scrubbing off the insane levels of speed this GT is capable of too.


Aerodynamic accents in the form of carbon fiber are splashed all over the GT.


The Hennessy CarbonAero front splitter, side sills and rear lip spoiler not only add an extra dimension of styling, but also serve as functional downforce which you need when speeds in excess of 200mph are possible.


The interior remains mostly Ford factory spec, although a few Hennessey accents can be found embroidered in the headrests, floormats, and headliner.


There’s also a special build plate recording the car’s HP750 serial number in the engine bay.


Switches just make everything better wouldn’t you agree?


And so does a proper 6-speed manual transmission that allows you to fully experience all that an insane GT like this has to offer


With the day coming to a close, it gave me some time to hang out with the Hennessey team, unwind, and think.


Who is the person that truly thinks all this power is necessary? Clearly someone obsessed with performance. After spending the day surrounded by more power that makes any logical sense, I want – no, make that need – a Hennessey Performance HPE750 Mustang GT!


What can I say, power is intoxicating after all.

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography



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Too bad Hennessey has some of the shadiest business practices in the industry...


crazy to think you can dailly a car with 700 hp+  in relative ease and comfort. wouldn't mind having the same luxury maybe one day. 

also its a shame hearing stories of hennessy screwing over customers (especially overseas) and not always using the high quality parts they promised.

nice write up though


So you went to Hennessey Scheister Sports to have a look at their latest Shill mobile.


TylerHorne difflocked_mees NicholasMaher But Mr. Hennessey probably has the best marketing department in the industry! They release a new tuning package & all the major automotive websites seem to just eat it up. It's only in forums & comments sections that you hear that all is not what it seems to be.

Gianluca FairladyZ



This is neat I have to say but if your are trying to get into the high 700 hp range I think the new super snake package Shelby offers is the way to go. You get that horse power and retain a lot of warranty as well.Plus the value of having a super snake is probably more then a Hennessey. The price of a super snake is probably around the same as well. I know it is around 140 thousand Canadian so I imagine that is a fair bit cheaper for Americans. That's just my opinion though.


You should know better than to promote Hennessey.  They're a scam company with a con-man owner.  This has been thoroughly verified countless times again and again.  Stop giving them publicity.

Omer (beercoozie)

was this written before or after those recent allegations of shady business practices by Hennessy?


Hennessey is a scam artist, has been for over a decade. It's a shame that they keep getting in the spotlight


Good article. Love the part where you stated: The stainless steel exhaust system not only helps the engine breath, but it also releases a guttural sound that’s sole purpose in life is to ASSAULT your ears.

Keep it coming


I wonder how many non-local customers he had to fuck over in order to fund this project. I wouldn't give this crook a dime if I couldn't keep tabs on what it was being spent on. He does good work when he wants to, and when the customer is able to keep track of everything, but normally he's worse than a snake oil merchant - at least the snake oil merchant gives you the bottle you paid for, even if the contents don't do jackshit.

turbo BEAMS ae86

new presentation mode suck on PC
can not go full screen and read article with arrow key
why change it  men


I'm curious, does anyone know... many cars including mine (2003 Nissan Z) If I change the tyre profiles front to rear it picks it up and will start throwing up the slip light on the dash because it recognises the rolling diameter has changed and its getting confused.
How do new cars get around this?  how does this car deal with it, this Fordis running completely different sized wheels and its becoming more common?  obviously a Tune is probably the easiest way to tell the ECU to ignore it.. but I see this a lot on new cars is this a hurdle everyone has?


Looks like they forgot to finish bolting the throttle body on!


It all looks good on YouTube, but I believe customers over journalists.


@turbo BEAMS ae86  Thanks for your feedback. Can't you open it at all? This is the first little step in a bigger one to improve presentation mode. :)


Cuvinisme Also when you click and image and go full size you can't go back anymore, at least with Firefox


EvolveWRC Cuvinisme  I just tried on Firefox and it worked. You can hit the esc button on your keyboard or press the x button in the right down corner.


Cuvinisme EvolveWRC I mean when you right click and see image in full size. Not always happens, I also tried now and it went back, but sometimes just doesn't work, must be because Firefox or navigation buttons from my mouse.

turbo BEAMS ae86

Cuvinisme It open OK
but arrow key up/down use to show  article text
now just show image number
sorry for my crazy way of grammar, im not english


JayHundred TylerHorne difflocked_mees NicholasMaher Thats good to know, Because Everytime I go to a forum or comment section all I read is how a car I thought was awesome sucks ass. Or how this tuner  - yeah the guy who tunes all the 9 to11sec cars at the local track -  sucks, because he blew up my friend's cousin's brother in law's motor. 

People have been talking shit about Hennessy since the 90s. And yet he's still doing business and bigger than ever. Every review on one of his machines ends with a universal assessment that his car kicked ass and took names.

I don't doubt in the past that he either A: had some shady practices, or B: had some hyberbolic customers, or C: a more believable combination of both.

But all of that seems to be behind him now.


les3002 You're totally right. There's at least one bolt missing.


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@Mon5tar Advertising budget....


TylerHorne les3002 Hennessey attention to detail in full effect!


Ugh. Hennessey. Can make one hell of a good car. Widely known for ahem, "creative" shop and business practices to pay for them at customer's cost... 
Editor, In the future, please let's at least label the article as "Sponsored Content". You've done this before and got called out each time. This would be a brand I would hesitate to advertise to your readers.


les3002 Weight savings.


@low_FairladyNZ Ideally you should be matching your rolling diameter to as close to the original as possible. The lower profile tires are usually accompanied by larger diameter wheels, therefor it matches the original diameter. Larger diameter wheels are meant to have function, it's not all form.


dadecode JayHundred TylerHorne difflocked_mees NicholasMaher The reason Hennessey keeps getting away with screwing people is because he doesn't screw everyone over all the time.  He makes sure to deliver generally well-built cars to the public and he doesn't tend to screw over local customers who can come check-in on their cars.
The result is that more lambs coming running to the slaughter year after year.  People look at profiles in major magazines and think, "Seems legit" then give him their money and wonder why they get raked over the coals.  People elsewhere say, "He can't be that bad," because hey, he delivers sometimes.
But bottom line is that someone who has screwed over this many customers over this many years through either malice or negligence doesn't deserve to be in business.  Or at the very least, deserves to be called out at every turn.


commence Hennessey circlejerk
commence Summit Racing parts rebadged as Hennessey parts
commence image of John Hennessey naked, gambling your money away on hookers and blow.
commence SpeedHunters selling out to the devil
Let me play myself out. And how Hall and Oates are playing is exactly how I feel about Speedhunters now. 


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GVIrish dadecode JayHundred TylerHorne difflocked_mees NicholasMaher lol... no comment from Ron, or the other SH staff on this one?


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To hone logic, supported with open minds and a lot to learn. For logic that is already extensive, balance it with humility


That's funny, "Hennessey" wheels. Those look identical to Forgestar wheels. Not to get into the banter of business practice, that's been covered enough but, I wish Hennessey actually did more than just slap on a blower and tune. There are TONS of other shops in TX that can do that. I would be impressed if he actually added stronger parts, forged pistons, rods, crank, valve train equipment etc. Hennessey does NOTHING special. Any hillbilly can remove an intake manifold, install a blower on a stock block and trailer their car to a tuner for more power that might last 8,000 miles before a rod breaks.


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