Time Machine: Spoon Type One In 2005

You’ll have to forgive me, but I’ve been feeling a little bit nostalgic lately… It happens every once in a while; if you’re a photographer, you’ll eventually go through a few old hard drives and start looking back at the stuff you’ve done.

Most of the time I just look at the pictures, ponder on the good old days and then close everything up, pull the USB cable off my laptop and get back to actually being productive. But pausing for a second and recalling old cars, events and shows makes us all think. So you’ll be seeing these ‘Time Machine’ posts pop up every now and then. Think of them as a reminder of how things were done back in the day; good or bad that will be up to you. In all honestly though, this image I took on my second visit to the then new Spoon Type One shop oozes pure awesomeness. We’ve got a pretty serious looking DC2 Integra Type R next to an even more serious S2000, and up on the lift is the Legend that Ichishima-san stripped down and transformed into a race car for the 2005 (and then 2006) 25 Hours of Thunderhill race in the USA. Like I was saying, the good old days!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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AD07s! classic!


Me and my other half visited last year. You could eat your dinner off the floor in there! Here's a video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhaCq7S35pw


BennyRees thanks for sharing that looks amazing, even non-honda fans can appreciate a work area like that


like that spoon rl project. whats the status on that today, Dino?


I miss the days when Honda was good.


Smiggins So do I


mike bonez I have no idea where that car disappeared to. Wouldn't be surprised if Ichishima-san kept it and is storing it somewhere. He has a pretty big car collection...and not just Hondas


Prime22 BennyRees One of the nicest shops around for sure. And located not too far from central Tokyo too


I think the civics outside the US have continued to be good. Why they decided to hand the US the current monstrosity is beyond me.


Go on...

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Lumpy Idle I missed the days when no one used bold font.

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Smiggins I miss the days when no one was using bold font.


Thanks for the little throwbacks Dino


I LOVE these Time Machine articles. I know JDM is still alive and well, bit it's so cool to see the cars in their "Hayday" so to speak. As a recent R32 owner in the US, it's as close as I can get to seeing the true street and shop heritage. Well written as usual Dino


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