Happy Birthday To The Honda Accord

2016 marks the 40th anniversary of the Honda Accord’s debut, and the Japanese automaker is naturally marking the occasion with a look back at the model’s history in America, where it’s long been one of the country’s best-selling cars.

While the Accord might not be a car at the top of too many enthusiast’s wish lists, there were times when they were a lot more than just reliable sedans. I’m especially partial to the fifth generation car of the mid 1990s, which in certain markets could be had with Honda’s powerful H22A DOHC VTEC engine. It was everything great about 1990s Honda.

The Accord also made a name for itself in touring car racing. The JTCC Accords of ’96 and ’97 were especially fantastic – watch the video above and see if you don’t agree.

So happy 40th birthday Accord, there have been times when you were pretty great.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia



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The Accord is one of my favorite cars. Its luxurious but not a luxury car, and sporty but not a sports car, so I think its quite stealthy lol. I also think its usually one of the best looking cars on the road. I actually cross-shopped one before deciding on the Mustang. Wikipedia (take this with some salt) says the Accord was originally intended as a Stang competitor before gas/oil prices turned it into an economy car. I'd love a CB7 Accord project car.

Aaron ayala1320

I was hoping to (not to sound like a ricer but..) mimic the Kanjo look I suppose with putting the the Castrol livery on my car while rocking the Enkie nt05's. The 96-97 years are my favorites and its a tough car that can handle life thats for sure!


I love this era of racing cars. Any progress on your primera Mike?


i'm partial to the '89 sedan and the '01 coupe( I mean the s2000's nice but its no coupe)


Love me some BTCC Accords with H22/reverse head :)


I have a soft spot for those accord wagons from that era. Where I live in RI there aren't nearly any clean examples, but I can still see some character in the bodywork regardless.


I used to have an H-swapped CB sedan. I still have the engine and am collecting parts for a build-up as I can afford them. With just two payments left on my daily, I should be picking up another CB soon, this time a wagon. I couldn't be more excited. I'm totally in love with the chassis, and it's cool reading stories every now and then of people looking back on the fourth gen Accord with either great fondness or realizing how ahead of its time that car was... the active rear engine mount, for example, that Porsche just adopted, what, a couple 911s ago? Great engineering, great build quality, I'm proud to call myself an Accord enthusiast.


Straight TUCKED!


also, what are they doing about the blocked off grille?


And the U.K. Is finally getting a new Accord!
Ok so the spec isn't quite the same (we get screwed here on spec), but we are having another R-Type eventually and they have sorted the deflate warning system and Bluetooth too so it won't make you want to smash the stereo with your handset. Which is nice. I don't think they are being produced here either which means we can kiss goodbye to the dreaded "Swindon Orange Peel" which is excellent news if true!
a friends dad has the previous generation wagon and it kicks arse, nice pull through the gears, vtec doesn't sound like the car just got angry though :(


TarmacTerrorist i work for honda dude, we're not getting another accord, the civic is changing and thats about it.


I love those champions battles! The accord in Touring car guise, yes please.

Thought I'd add this video though as, lets face it, if you have done turning circle tests, sight testing, and run it against others for straight line speed then what is left to do?!?!? Thats right RACE!!!!



so nice, they sell it twice! (in the same market)

2016 Accord vs 2016 TLX


I was in a dealership sat. Morning dropping off the terrible CRV I had, and they were gushing over a new accord and telling me to come back next year to drive one, I asked to be put on a mailing list for details, perhaps they were talking crap, but by the convo I had with them they seemed very keen.


Oh and we had a chuckle about the whole "Never returning to this sector of the market in Europe again!"
2016- COMING NEXT YEAR! THE FCV CLARITY (4 door, sits five).
Still no two door in the range though, even with the civic redesign.


New Acura head lamp designs are killing the game!


I'm still bummed that I sold my '04 V6 coupe 6spd - that car had it all - what a package.


What I'd do to have a drive around a track in that accord...


Bring back the Accord Euro R!


2000-2002 V6 coupe. Then swap in a 6 speed. After COP and before DBW.


MPistol This has been going on for ages by all the car makers.
My favorite is the Chrysler Eclipse, aka Eagle Talon.


Chri5 Duncan Those are some good looking cars.


@MyLifeAsLouis I support this!


johnbezt I love the fifth gen wagon. Owned one in college and miss it all the time.


love those cars. sexy indeed.


It's worth noting too that the Accord was also successful in the BTCC, the NATCC (with Neil Crompton coming 3rd in 1997) and the Australian Super Touring Championship.
While it's no Volvo 850 wagon (sorry, 'estate') it's certainly an iconic car of the 2 litre Super Touring era during the '90s.


Accord VI coupe - this one`s on my wishlist. Do a manual conversion and some work done to the 3.0l engine and it could tear up the streets.
Just love the car. I just hope it will be possible to buy this car when I`ll be ready to buy it :D


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God I wished they had kits for street cars, or even a road variant, that"d be boss!!