An All-Electric NSX For Pikes Peak

The new Acura NSX has caught a lot of flack from purists for leaving behind the naturally aspirated, rear-drive layout of the original NSX and moving to an AWD hybrid drivetrain. And taking things even more into the future, Acura has prepared an NSX race car for this Sunday’s Pikes Peak Hill International Hill Climb that doesn’t even have an internal combustion engine.

Acura EV Concept

Housing an updated version of the electric powertrain from Honda’s previous PPIHC Exhibition class CR-Z, the NSX 4-Motor EV Concept will be attacking the mountain with Testuya Yamano behind the wheel.

Acura EV Concept

Honda says that the new NSX has three times the total output as last year’s EV racer, with the Electric SH-AWD system able to provide independent torque allocation to each wheel.

Acura NSX Time Attack 1 and 2 Vehicles

Joining the NSX EV will be a pair of more traditional hybrid NSXs running in the Time Attack 1 and 2 classes, driven by Nick and James Robinson from Honda’s engineering team.

Acura EV Concept

Will these race cars win over those who are still bitter about the new NSX’s change of direction? Probably not. But for the rest, they offer an interesting glimpse into the future of one of the world’s most unique motorsport events.

I’ll certainly be looking forward to seeing and hearing more about them in Larry’s forthcoming coverage from Pikes Peak in Colorado.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia



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damn son


All electric, that's that shit I don't like


Is good for Pipes Peak because of higher altitude especially if turbo motor for electric as makes the electricity faster in the air above C level

misirrespective of if you like it or not like it electric vehicles are the future of hill racing ¯_(ツ)_/¯


still don't like it. i miss when the majority of nice cars were naturally aspirated, and loved to rev like crazy. stupid government and its emissions strangling these engines of their glorious sound and power.


Its not like this is going to replace the production NSX, so why all the hate? Its a concept prototype.


Slappy_Pistons Exactly, I came here to say the same thing.


Purist: "a person who adheres strictly and often excessively to a tradition".  Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Well,  some of us are innovators, always looking for the way forward, to go faster, higher, further.  Others like the old ways and need to be dragged kicked and screaming into the future.  In a sad way, purist seems to be defined by those who complain loudly about change, which is a shame indeed. 
Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with loving something old.  I prefer to build cars from hand rolled aluminium, I love the feel of shaping the car that way.  I prefer gauges with needles, I feel they're easier to read, more instant and clear than modern readouts.  Having said that, I would give my eye teeth to get behind the wheel of this monster and feel the rush as it propels me around corners and along straights!!  
All I'm saying is,  please don't complain about change.  Love the old, what you grew up with, what you know;  but don't discount the future out of hand. Don't be negative and complain, it tarnishes what you supposedly value.

Here's a link for the purists out there.  One of the best doco's ever to be made on motorsport
,  9 Days in Summer.
Please enjoy it for the time that it was,  but remember that the movie is about the innovators that led the way forward into an exciting future!


Ever driven/ ridden an ev? Probably the most pure motoring experience i have ever had no gears just you tons of torque and the road


I lost interest in Pikes Peak when they paved it


Wow that is one wicked monster! Speaking of the new nsx, it's impressive they made a sport/performance hybrid powertrain at that price. I believe it's the only alternative to Mclaren/Ferrari/Porshe master race.  As the original was a poor man's ferrari (or better I hear), this is the poor man's hypercar. Off topic I know but this hillclimb beast somehow makes both Acura and electric motors look awesome... damn halo car subliminal manipulation!


I don't think of it as pikes peak anymore, just a really good Tarmac rally event haha.


I might get flamed for this, but I wish Honda use this NSX platform to make a Non-Hybrid with manual transmission(DCT-optional) and prices it like a Corvette or Cayman. I really wish a car like that can exist.


The new supra will


I sometimes wonder what it would be like if we’d had a
hundred years of development of the electric motor, and just now the internal
combustion engine was in its infancy. You could imagine the developer
admitting, “Well, it’s going to powered by a highly flammable fuel that is
carried in the car, and it generates so much heat we need a separate cooling
system, and yes, there are a couple of thousand moving parts, and so we need to
circulate oil around to overcome the metal to metal contact. Of course there
are losses converting reciprocal motion to circular motion, and there’s usually
so much noise created we have to add a muffler. But doesn’t it sound good!”


my Aunty Paige just got a fantastic metallic Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan from only working part - time on a home computer...
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with the old style car that looks good on the road if you want to have


the car was very good 
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