Random Snap: Looking For The Alpina

Last year, Rob, Speedhunters’ Managing Director, and I got to borrow this Alpina B6 Grand Coupé for a business trip to Los Angeles and Vegas – something, as BMW fans, we were both very excited about. Few people know about the new B6 and even fewer have one. But when you do, you’re in for a treat.

The B6 Bi-Turbo is based on the BMW F06 and features a 4.4L V8 engine good for 600PS (592hp) and 800Nm (590lb-ft). That’s not bad for a company that started off producing typewriters! However, the B6 doesn’t only impress because of its numbers. What opened my eyes with the B6 and Alpinas in general, is their balance of luxury, style and performance.

I’m jealous of all the Alpina owners out there, and I finally understand what makes these cars so desirable. You have the performance to kick butts without showing off. You have the comfort of a cloud without feeling like you’re sitting in your grandma’s old sofa. You have the luxury of a 5-star hotel without having to adhere to a dress code.

I’m now looking at buying an Alpina and have found a B3 3.3 Coupé from 2000 which looks promising. I would love to see the Speedhunters community’s Alpinas, and hopefully I will soon be part of the family too.

Arslan Golic
Instagram: cuvinisme



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Ahh... Paul the Alpina! Memories memories memories. Such an understated brute of a machine. 

Thanks for post the photo with me lurking in the bushes.. #lurky


I feel like the random snap has been sending speedhunters backwards sure I understand it's place you see something and don't get the opportunity to do a feature but this just comes across as laziness on what should either been more fleshed out or not done at all.


Bryn Alban  You know you got attached to a car when you give it a name!


Darkclark   Thanks Darkclark for your feedback. Sometimes we want to share a little story even if it isn't a long one. We will always have long stories, but sometimes it can be nice to get a quick fix. ;)


Random Snap's

This is the first time I've like the 6 series. More than a 5.... 0_o


I like the idea of random snaps feature, but would it not be possible to combine them into weekly or monthly 'random pic' feature?  Having them as regular single pic features is a little bit underwhelming (when compared to the usually very good features with multiple pics of a car / event).  I think it'd have more impact if they were somehow grouped together.


Incredibly beautiful. Wow.


Cuvinisme Darkclark I like random snaps. The only thing I'd like to change would be to make Presentation Mode available in single-shot posts so I could save the big photo.

turbo BEAMS ae86

It is villanous

turbo BEAMS ae86

Cuvinisme Darkclark Random snap is good..better small then nothing...no need feature for stock car either


Love those Alpina wheels.


Cuvinisme Darkclark as long as it doesn't lead to all random snaps on the site,


hcram39 Cuvinisme Darkclark   I haven't look at other random snaps, but in this one, you can use Presentation mode. :)


D1RGE Cuvinisme Darkclark   Oh definitely. Long form content is very important for us. :)


@dillon  That is an interesting suggestion! :)


Yeah, that's good but in single shot posts I sadly can't. That Alpina is awesome by the way!


Darkclark Everyone loved Dino's random snap of the R33 GTR in Japan and asked for more. I say go for it, do more. If you see the title as "random snap" and that doesn't interest you, don't click on it, in the same way I have no interest in the story about the desert racing truck story a few back, I just won't click on it.


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