Enhancing The Mk1’s Original Appeal

There’s a simplicity to older cars that makes them so appealing.

It’s as if their designs represent the most of basic forms of an automobile; something that spans back to a time when designers had more freedom with their pens, rather than having to adhere to any set rules. The results were so pure.


The Mk1 Golf is the prime example; this was a simple car built to do a simple job, and it worked in every respect. It’s not hard to see why these cars hold the appeal they do today either. They offer such a simple canvas to build upon with an injection of fresh new or not-so-new parts.


When I came across this particular VW at Track & Show I knew instantly that I had to share it with you guys. As always, I like to see how the Japanese take a popular modifying platform and put their own twist on it.


But most of all, the Golf was simple and to the point.


I like that a lot.


A static drop took care of lowering the car in a pretty dramatic fashion. It actually needed to sit this low too, or else it just wouldn’t be making a statement.


The wheels tuck nicely into the gentle blisters that VW worked into these cars back into the day, something you don’t really seen anymore as design has evolved past this style. They’ve obviously been cleaned up and rolled to avoid rubbing issues.


As is the case with the rear too.


The reversed BBS RS mesh rims are a great touch. I’m all for fitting Japanese wheels on German cars, but there’s something so right about seeing BBS rims on anything from Deutschland, and why Project Drop Top sits on RI-Ds!


Simplicity is carried over to the interior, the factory seats and dash being retained and the space finished off with a modern headunit, wood-rimmed Nardi steering wheel and some under-dash gauges.

Top points for this one in my book!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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This is not a "Japanese twist" on the Golf.

This is exactly how the car is modified in the US or Europe when someone is going for this look.


Why don't VW guys ever fix the toe-in on the rear?


gcvphoto It looks that way but likely isnt far out of spec. It's because the body tapers in as it leads to the rear edge, emphasizing the difference in lines, I see the same effect on my Acura 1.6EL/Honda Domani but my alignment results are nearly +0.08 to angle each side


Super clean, well executed MKI but those trim holes are driving me nuts.  With such attention to detail how can those go unfilled?



Absolutely love it Dino and your photography, as always, does the car great justice.


Love this car, I miss my MKI so much. A good clean old car is the way to go for driving pleasure. A bit of constructive criticism though Dino... text could use a bit of proofing and, correct me if I'm wrong, but are BBS not a German company?


Tinj  trim is probably hard to come by in good condition that side of the world, I imagine the owner is trying to get a decent set to then fit.


Budd19 Read the sentence again....:)


Simple and clean. I like. Makes me want a MK1 Golf again.


speedhunters_dino Budd19 LOL, my apologies, need to read Speedhunters after my morning coffee... keep up the good work!


Just fix that ride height and you got a winner.


you can never go wrong with a MK1 =)


Mk1's never die they just get lower.... beautiful example, love the colour


Always had a huge soft spot for the Mk1 & even more for the Mk2 Golfs. Even though I'm not really a VW fanboy but the older they get, the more I like them.
Which lead to seriously considering buying the Passat B5 VR5 as my first car.


JakWhite Tinj Well, in Germany or maybe even in Europe in general, VW Classic offers all kind of spare parts for their older models (every model older than 15 years or so)


Sometimes classic combinations are the best. Well executed, BBS wheels and a classic vw are hard to knock.
I'd love to own this.


Tinj For some weird reason i like the trim holes unfilled. Something honest about it. You see it on Hondas a lot. Hope the owner doesn't refit a trim tho.


Man, that steering wheel is the tits. The way the side spokes droop like that. Quite nifty!


colinbrunt gcvphoto 
It's the solid rear beam design of these cars. You'll see it on all models for the most part until the mk5 body style.
when you lower the car, the beam gets pushed up and forward resulting in the wheels being pushed forward. Now you can correct it with drop plates for the hubs or centering plates for the beam.


That looks exactly like the Mk1 a friend of mine build... does this have a 1.8T too?


BBS on a (low)  Golf are like ass to tits


Tinj haha funny i found you - i agree


Can't beat this recipe


To hone logic, supported with open minds and a lot to learn. For logic that is already extensive, balance it with humility


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