Beast Mode: A New Time Attack Evo

When drag shops build time attack cars, cool stuff happens. And it seems like an almost natural progression, or at least in Japan where drag racing has sadly been reduced to only a few annual events held at hardly ideal venues. But that’s another story… What I want to concentrate on here is a serious looking Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution built by Escort Drag Racing Service.


This is a project that has brought together some big names in the Japanese tuning and racing world, starting off with Voltex who was called in to create a bespoke aero package for the Evo. The Attack event at the end of February was the car’s first competitive outing at Tsukuba, and the Escort team and its privateer owner/driver are still very much in the set-up phase. But the 54.9-second lap it recorded straight out of the box is something that cannot be ignored.


It’s pretty obvious that aerodynamics have been taken very seriously here, and you probably won’t be surprised to hear that the package was developed in Voltex’s own wind tunnel. Included is a bespoke front bumper that’s both elongated and widened to merge effortlessly with the super-wide front fenders. And check out the multi canard and splitter arrangement to keep the front end planted through Tsukuba’s tricky corners.


There’s a carbon under-tray too which extends outwards to meet up with the complex side skirts.


Rear overfenders hide the fact that the rear arches had to be cut to accommodate the generous offset of the wheels: RAYS Volk Racing TE37SLs shod with 295-section Yokohama Advan A050s. Compared to some of the other fast Tsukuba time attack machines, the rear wing is somewhat restrained in size, but it’s anchored right onto the chassis through the boot lid, so all of the downforce it produces is used to full effect.


Throw unpainted carbon fiber doors into the mix and the result is a menacing, almost prototype-looking time attack beast.


The engine was built by Escort is based around a Kansai Service 2.2-liter stroker kit running an GCG turbo with Turbosmart HyperGate45 wastegate for boost control. The power output? Around the 600hp mark I’m told. Drive is sent to all four wheels via a Holinger sequential gearbox.


Escort teamed up with AVO Japan – the country’s official MoTeC importer and distributor – for this build, so it’s running some good stuff – custom wired MoTeC M800 engine management system and MoTeC C187 digital display/logger unit included.


Problems with turbo lag? Easy, just run a bit of gas – that’s what the two-stage NOS system is here to do. I haven’t seen a time attack car running N2O in a long time, but I’m sure Escort has a lot of experience with it.


The large oil tank in the passenger footwell is an obvious hint that the 4G63 has been treated to a dry sump conversion too; nothing has been left to chance.


The guys at Escort have the whole year to refine the car’s setup now, and you can be sure that when the colder months roll around again, this Evo will be back out at Tsukuba Circuit trying to put down an even quicker lap time. That, I cannot wait to see!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Awesome car! This thing is crazy, and good to see Voltex still with Evos! Really looking forward to the future of this car!


What a ridiculous lap time for a first outing! Just wow!


There is a in-car vid of this guy doin some dodgy stuff during a lap, cutting off a supra, nudging him and then spinning a second later. Bad track etiquette, naughty naughty.


The sump on the door bars is legal?


90nissanS13@my350z its most definitely attached to the roll cage.


I thought this was the Garage G-Force Evo we saw at TAS earlier this year! I love this aero kit & I'm glad to see another car sporting it.


Rotard Ehh, "door-bars" is most definitely a reference to the roll-cage. Thanks, Rotard.


Saw a video on YouTube where it almost hit the espirit supra! Talk about an expensive accident. Video on ansin240sx channel. Car sounds nuts. Thanks for the spotlight dino!


shiftyXTI My thoughts exactly. Thats nuts!


AlexFalkner Devils advocate here, but after watching that video on ansin240sx's channel, I have to say that there was either something wrong with that Supra, or there was an inexperienced driver lacking track awareness driving it. Driving the way that the Supra pilot was driving, in a multi-car field during a time attack warm up/shake down session was dangerous not only to the other drivers but to himself. To drive that slowly, and directly in the race line... not wise.


LukeEVOVIII I somehow knew you would like this!


Gary89 Yeah but when the Tilton Evo ran at Tsukuba it never got under 58 if I'm not mistaken?


AlexFalkner Can you share the vid?


90nissanS13@my350z Legal? Who's law?


JayHundred Too bad they weren't out!


mayorquimby I'll have to watch the vid, stuck on crappy wifi right now




speedhunters_dino Also, for clarification, Tilton ran a 54.9 on a wet/damp track on low boost, and they happened to split a camshaft in half. This was also in 2013, pre-complete Voltex aero package.

Garth Walden said he hopes to visit TC2000, with their complete aero package seen into 2015's WTAC. Ideally to challenge the overall record and maybe jump down into the sub-50 second range now that the car is officially retired from WTAC.


Your correct, they ran a 58. But they had a camshaft failure, put in another motor, and the 58 was with it popping an intercooler pipe coming round the sweeper onto the straight.
Voltex does sell the tilton aero in stages upon request, but it does require deep pockets.
Tilton also runs an efr9180 at 43psi, and has nos.


He was close to hit the supra on Tsukuba... Nice build but the driver didn't even forgive to the other pilot after his close close pass...


In most motor racing classes you are not allowed hot fluids to pass through the interior, so this would definitely not comply.
For time attack classes in Japan clearly they don't have this sort of rule, but personally I don't like the idea of 2 gallons 130degC oil flying around in the event of a crash!


Looks to me like the evo driver rolls of the brakes to try and make the pass, very poorly executed IMO, I'd be extremely pissed off if that was done to me... Surely the whole point of time attack rather than racing is the fact you don't get driven into?!


JonathanW I've noticed in a lot of builds for Japanese time attack that safety standards are more lax than they are here in the US. Certain roll cage designs, how harnesses are installed, etc seem to not be of a huge concern even tho they'd likely fail tech with a lot of major US organizers.


RadRadish speedhunters_dino AlexFalkner It's a little hard to dissect what happened because the poor camera placement makes it hard to see very far down the track.

But generally it looks like the Supra assumed he had the right to the racing line (which I'd say he did) and the Evo thought there was enough room to fit thru. Pretty classic case of a divebomb move by the Evo. Pretty bush league I think.


The car was having a heep of engine trouble but still managed a 54.9 on what's considered today as a low level open class aero build. They were actually on track for a 53 flat having put the car on high boost but the engine popped on one of the final corners. I have no doubt in its current form the Tilton evo would be right there with under in the 51 bracket and possibly even faster.



Really, Dino? The "Law" delegated by the sanctioning body of the race club or association. They generally govern a set of rules and/or standards.

I hope that was a serious question, void of sarcasm.


Is AWD outlawed in most GT racing series?


There's a big difference in USA/European roll cage spec for door bars, but bendy dash dodgers shouldn't be accepted anywhere, they are just a "bend here" sign!


90nissanS13@my350z but if the cars running than obviously it passes tech and its a non issue for them...


Not necessarily, you would be surprised the things the slip through tech inspection with SCCA and NASA clubs.


@Doug RadRadish speedhunters_dino AlexFalkner  I agree. On a track day you should never attempt to overtake in a braking zone or on a corner. That was ridiculous driving by the Evo.


Smiggins  not any more. Special rules allow certain manufactures to run awd such as Subaru.


No interior shot? Dino pls. speedhunters_dino


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