Good Things Come In Small Packages: The S-FR Racing Concept

What you are seeing here is a concept of a concept. While we are pretty certain that Toyota will put the S-FR that debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show last fall into production, we still don’t know much about it, let alone when it might be coming. But seeing that Toyota’s Gazoo Racing arm has gone to great lengths in creating this 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon showpiece, it’s fair to assume that this car will happen. Well, at least a street car version, most likely powered by a direct injected variant of the 1.5L Corolla motor, anyway.

The fact of the matter is, the S-FR – an obvious spiritual successor to Toyota’s Sport 800 of the 1960s – is yet another great thing to happen for enthusiasts of affordable Japanese sports cars. It’s potentially a very important model for Japan’s biggest automaker too.


When the S-FR was first shown in late October 2015, the most polarising aspect was its huge, gaping grille. But seeing it recreated in lightweight dry carbon fiber has now made it far more digestible in Gazoo’s ‘Racing Concept’.


There are other additions too, like the lip spoiler and canards; but the biggest visual impact definitely comes from the vented bonnet. I might be going out on a limb here, but could this be a hint towards a turbocharged version? As for the wheel and tyre combo, the word ‘function’ definitely springs to mind; they’re not too big on size and feature center-locking and chunky-sidewall Bridgestone slicks. Bolt-on overfenders are in keeping with the current trend, and very cool to see from a manufacturer.


It’s the same story at the back – even more girth and chunky race rubber.


There’s no shortage of aerodynamic stuff happening at this end too, starting with carbon fiber lower skirts and a pair of extractors channeling air out from two tunnels. Throw in a big wing fixed by swan-neck stays and you have all the makings of a pocket-sized Super GT race car!


There’s even a titanium center-exit exhaust; its design reminiscent of the Nismo system fitted to the SpecV version of the R35 GT-R.


Over on the other side, the center-lock wheels have different color nuts. It certainly all looks legit!


Let’s just hope Toyota doesn’t keep us waiting for as long as it has with the car that was sitting next to the Gazoo Racing S-FR Racing Concept at TAS – the FT-1. Seeing this concept out again only begs the question – is it still happening?


Ever since Toyota reinvented the Hachiroku with the ZN6, it’s put enthusiasts at the center of things, and that said, I’m confident we’ll be seeing both these cars in production, in the near future.


But what could the S-FR Racing Concept be used for? Maybe we’ll see it as a cheap proposition for small teams wanting to compete in series like Super Taikyu, or a possibly a one-make series, like Gazoo Racing’s popular Netz Cup. The latter seems like a no-brainer.

Whatever happens, you can’t deny that things are getting really exciting in the new Japanese sports car realm.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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This thing is cool! Only problem I have is that I'll never fit in one...



Only problem is that this may not even be built...


The only problem is both of those cars are on speed hunters and not in my garage right now.


I think Carrera GT & 918 Spyder Weissach Package both have different color on the lug nut area , both are red & blue , each color on each side ... I have no idea why they are like that .


So that you know which side each one goes on and not mix them up.


Now this is a one-make series I can get into. Bonus if there are races in  street circuits--they look small enough to fit.

Also, I'd like a 70% race car version for the road. Same power as the race car, but a little less race car bits, and kinder but still sticky rubber.


One side will have a RH thread, one side will have a LH thread it's pretty common on cars with centre lock wheels


This is fantastic! How amazing would it be if TRD was to offer this works motorsport level of aftermarket parts for cars like this? If the owner wants to spend the money I say let them. Tiny pissed off looking cars will never get old.


P Dub 
So , the color is there to avoid confuse ?


Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes...inhale... yes yes yes yes! This is just what we need! Small sports car from toyota!


Pretty cool!




Looks like an angry fishy with that large front end opening. (I understand this would be covered up a bit by a numberplate.) Love the low weight-RWD-coupe bit though.


MJ86 I don't get blanked out sections of grills. These are super obvious.


Toyota is heading towards the right direction; Fun for the masses.
while Nissan is getting pricier and getting lost in the process.


This concept has something from Zagato and 4C Competizione. I really like it. Small little bomb!


Exactly what I thought of.


This thing is incredible!


I really hope Toyota puts this car on the roads! And not only in Japan. This is awesome! I have always loved those kei car Suzuki Cappuccino's and Daihatsu Copens. This one is too big to be a kei car, but it has the same vibe. I like how they managed to keep it both aggressive and sweet/friendly.


World's angriest goldfish.


I read that the actual supra replacement will be a bmw/toyo rebadge affair. What's the deal with that red concept displayed here then?


What a time to be alive! Take notes kids, this is how you execute bolt on fenders.


I would love to see this as the second coming of the MR-2; it looks like it's roughly the same size.


Please produce this car!!!!


The proportions are so cartoonish I can't help but feel it looks like a caricature of a Jaguar/Alfa/Zagato. Good ideas but completely disproportioned... And not a single original line on the car, too bad.


Please toyota, please put this in production and not just in japan


Looks inspired by a cappuccino. This must be a blast to drive

hash the toyota man

love this thing, so kawaiiiiiiii


It looks like one of the characters from amazing adventures of gumball when its angry.


toyota have run out of ideas and resort to the animal kingdom. it looks like a piranha had sex with a cappuccino.


Holy cow does this thing look mean and fun!! I'm drooling thinking of a cheap one-make series for these things. How great would it be for Auto-X? *swoon*


P Dub Thanks for the info!

Back in my day we wrote on the tyres in chalk. You kids with your new-fangled wheel nuts, I dunno.


It's a cool concept for a market that needs more diversity. Though, the proportions seem a bit odd.

chuckles dinglehopper

ok so mazda, subaru and now toyota, c'mon nissan, the second coming of the 90s is upon us!!


That headlights looks much better than I originally thought. The other concept add on also shows the potential of this car in the modding world. What will the specs be for this vehicle though? Hopefully it is the same, if not lighter than the new mx-5.


Ok so this might be the perfect swap candidate! What would you throw between those frame rails?  I'd like a K24a with a miata 6 speed trans.  Then a smallish turbo to put a huge torque lump at around 3k rpm. Ahhh yes.


Cute little S-FR goes racing style! 
Squeeze a powerful engine in it and BIG FUN will be guaranteed!
Whether it comes to track or touge, this should have some serious performance!


that things is hideous!


@j_kouki Yes it does, never thought about it like that!


I just hope it makes it to the US.


Yes! Thanks for covering this.


Paint it British Racing Green, give the front grill a red lip, and you'll have a mini Aston-Zagato right there


rook56 P Dub
This is different, it's not for the wheels themselves, but to keep the nut matching with the hubs because they are right hand threaded on one side and left hand threaded on the other ;)




I really enjoy these design concepts that are born of homage and throwbacks, really goes to show that the enthusiasts are definitely still valued somewhere in the creative bowels of the automotive thinktanks. Minor concept grievances aside, I look forward to a new sports car of this size hitting the stables soon, and that FT-1 appearance does bode well.

Can't be the only one that thought of this, too.


Loved the first concept of this car, it looks so appealing. I really hope they bring it to the UK streets at a reasonable price. I'll certainly put a deposit down on one if so.


Pleas build this toyota!!!


Do not doubt the Corolla's engine; the 1/2/3ZR-FE (1.5/1.8L/2.0L) are pretty zippy. And who knows, if they use it for the S-FR, the engineers might rework the head so it gets the "GE" moniker. Then it can buzz all the way to 8000-8500rpm or so.
Besides, I doubt that when this gets released, lots of people will be willing to void their fresh warranty for Honda's grunty K-series engine. I'd be more inclined to add some quick spooling snail power. We all know Toyota leaves something extra on the table.


If it were me I'd always blend them.


The FT- 1 (aka 'red concept car') are what people are referring to when they talk about a partnership deal between BMW and Toyota. Design wise, each car will be distinct to its brand, but they will share the same engine options, being a turbocharged inline 6 as well as hybrid options.


surely goona hav demand if produced


surely gonna have demand if it enters production


AndrewCinch I highly dount they'd give this thing any form of forced induction, this is supposed to sit bellow the GT86 so unless they boost that as well I couldn't see that happening. I don't think we'd get a 8k RPM screamer either due to emissions regulations and such, but who knows I'm really excited to see what happens.


La vista 3/4 delantera es como interpretacion moderna de los primeros y los mas autenticos porsche 911.Lo mas apropiado seria hacer version de calle sin todos esos aditamentos estupidos como alerones,flaps de carbono,etc..Pero con carroceria igual de ensanchada y no como la reprimida que se ha mostrado en imagenes del prototipo de calle...Tal cual estaria perfecto,pero nunca va a pasar,asi que todo ese esfuerzo de los inginieros y diseñadores no servira para nada.Mis condolencias.


the car was very good 
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