Ken Block’s Hoonigan Ford Escort Mk2 RS
Break The Internet

We need to talk about that Ford Escort. You know the one. Or at least if you’ve been anywhere near the Internet in the last couple of weeks then you might already have a fair idea of the car that I’m referring to.


Okay, before we begin – erase everything that you know about this car from your mind. Done? I want you to pretend that someone told you that they planned to take a classic 1978 Ford Escort Mk2 RS, drop in a 330hp naturally-aspirated lightweight alloy motor that revs to 9,000rpm and prepare it to tarmac rally specification, with no expense spared. Got that warm, fuzzy feeling inside yet?


But then they reveal that they’re also going to kit it out with a radical TRA Kyoto Rocket Bunny bodykit, paint it flat black and emblazon a stylised version of the Star-Spangled Banner across the bonnet. Which would you do first? Pick up your jaw up, then contemplate slapping some sense into them, or the other way around?


That was precisely the plan when it came to deciding on race-driver-come-cultural-icon Ken Block’s newest Gymkhana machine.


When it comes to Ken and the fine folks over at Hoonigan Industries, the aim of the game is to get people talking, grab as much attention as possible, and to have some incredible fun behind the wheel while doing it. So, why wouldn’t they tear up the rulebook at every opportunity and build something as ludicrous as this?


In some dark corner of the Internet I can already imagine purists sitting furiously at their keyboards, frothing at the mouth at the thought of this car. Well, you’d better get used to it – it’s here, it’s very much inescapable and it’s already been screaming sideways, burning rubber and making some incredible noises whilst doing it.


You might not realise it at first, but this probably isn’t the first time you’ve seen this car. While this is Ken’s first rear-wheel drive Gymkhana machine, the little Escort has been in his possession since 2008 and was, in fact, his first Ford rally car. It’s even had a spotlight here on Speedhunters back in 2010.


Its latest incarnation is certainly its most advanced, and extreme, to date. Originally built for tarmac rally stages, the classic coupé has been in development for two years, undergoing a complete transformation to turn it into the Gymkhana machine you see in front of you.

The Ultimate Engine?

At the heart of the Ford lies something really quite special, and something that will have universal appeal – certainly for any classic Escort fan. Lift the good ol’ stars and stripes and you’re greeted by a blindingly obvious juxtaposition – a very British powerplant.


The 2.5-litre, DOHC 16-valve, four-cylinder Millington Diamond Series II was built by Millington Racing Engines in Shropshire, England. This is heralded by many as the ultimate Escort powerplant.


Based on the Ford Cosworth YB turbo engine, the Millington Diamond Series II is an naturally-aspirated all-alloy block and redesigned head. The whole package weighs around 83kg (183lb) – that’s seriously light.


The setup found in the Hoonigan Mk2 outputs a healthy 333hp and 246lb/ft at 7,305rpm before screaming up to its 9,000rpm limit. Want to hear it in action with Ryan Tuerck behind the wheel?


It sounds gorgeous, right? Jenvey throttle bodies inhale through an ITG air filter while management comes in the form of a Cosworth Pectel SQ6 ECU.


A Simpson Race Exhausts manifold, collector and down-pipe take care of expelling the hot stuff while the drive is transmitted to a Ford Motorsport 9-inch WRC differential via an AP Racing twin-plate high torque clutch and Tractive 6-speed sequential gearbox.


This quality-over-quantity mantra continues on into the cabin. A pair of Recaro SPG carbon-Kevlar seats are surrounded by what can only be described as a tubular work of art. The T45 rollcage was created by another British company, Quick Motorsport, who also carried out the rest of the chassis preparation including the right to left-hand drive conversion.


The Escort’s original dashboard has long since been replaced by a part-carbon, part-flocked lightweight unit. Peer through the Sparco suede wheel and a Cosworth Pectel intelligent colour displays stares back at you, relaying the vital information.


The Escort’s switches and buttons have been relocated to a Cosworth Membrane Switch panel between the seats and a Cosworth Intelligent Power System keeps a check on everything mid-flight.


Shifting, stopping and going are taken care of through an AP Racing adjustable pedal box, while the Escort’s rear end can be flicked around with a quick tug on the WRC-style upright handbrake.


Reiger 3-way adjustable coil-overs with remote reservoirs help keep the Mk2 stable through the turns, and when pirouetting around obstacles on the Gymkhana course. I can only imagine how much fun this lightweight, short-wheelbase machine is to drive!


The custom boot floor houses a fabricated alloy 20-litre fuel cell and surge tank – plenty for short-burst Gymkhana runs. There’s also an oil surge tank to keep the high-revving naturally-aspirated engine supplied with vital lubricant whilst being flung around.

Stay Far From Timid

Without a doubt it’s the exterior of this little Escort that has the potential to cause the most upset. I say little, but taking into account the extended track, wide Fifteen52 wheels and TRA Kyoto Rocket Bunny kit, this Ford isn’t so little any more.


The kit was custom built for Ken by Rocket Bunny founder Kei Miura, taking inspiration from the existing Hoonigan fleet styling, whilst staying true to that instantly-recognisable TRA Kyoto aesthetic.


Could this be the widest Mk2 Escort in the world? It’s not until you view it directly from the front or rear that you can appreciate how far the wheels poke and just how much wider the Hoonigan machine is.


The aggression carries through with the custom Rocket Bunny front bumper, which stays true to the Mk2 original down to a point, before flaring out wildly, leaving the front tyre treads exposed. An imposing front lip does a good job of ensuring that no daylight escapes from under the chassis.


While Mk2s usually wear 13-inch or 15-inch wheels, these fenders needed something a bit more substantial to fill them. Cue a set of custom two-piece 17-inch Fifteen52 Tarmac F40 wheels shod in 235/45R17 and 245/45R17 Advan Neova AD08 R rubber front and rear respectively.


Peek through the spokes at just the right time and you’ll catch the briefest glimpse of the monster 315mm AP Racing discs and 4-piston calipers that adorn all four corners.


There’s yet more carbon goodness on the outside as well; both the bonnet and boot are carbon fibre items, right down to the boot support hinges. The Rocket Bunny ducktail wing has been treated to a carbon lip whilst any existing exterior trims have been replaced with the lightweight weave too. Even the glass hasn’t escaped unfettled; a lightweight heated windscreen keeps things clear up front and it’s polycarbonate all around elsewhere. A carbon functional roof vent helps keeps things cool inside the cabin.


The whole caboodle is finished in a matt black Hoonigan paint job and wrap with the exception of the bonnet, which smacks you right in the retinas with a vibrant Hoonigan stars and stripes design.


A British car with a British engine, built in Britain, wearing a Japanese bodykit, American wheels and draped in the Star-Spangled Banner? If this isn’t a coming together of global automotive influences, then I don’t know what is.


Once again, Mr Block and the Hoonigans have built a car that pushes convention off the edge of a cliff and challenges the concept of automotive purism to the core.


This is a car that gets people talking, and whether you love it or hate it, I can guarantee that you at least feel something towards it. This Escort is not vanilla.

Jordan Butters
Instagram: jordanbutters

Cutting Room Floor


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i have had thoughts of a RB kitted Mk2 for a long time, this is awesome but could be so much better, props for going Millington Ken, but the Ford 9 inch (sierra) rear end must make this nothing like a proper Mk2 to Drive, much like the Legendary Mcrae Mk2!


So proper.


WOW. Looks like the ultimate fun drivers car!


Absolutely breathtaking, this probably my new favorite Rocket Bunny kit!


Never thought it would be so simple... Simple ingredients, amazing car.


Still not sold on the livery or the bodykit. 

Everything else gets 4 thumbs up!


thought pirelli was blocks sponsor?


Why do people in these photoshoots never correctly wrap harness belts to a rollbar?
Those shoulder harnesses 
1. Are not wrapped tight to the bar
2. Are not "doubled back" through the slide bar
3. Do not have significant "tail" past the slide bar as insurance

Those shoulder harnesses would do almost nothing for you in a crash, they would come undone and leave your torso free to flop around.

I understand the harnesses were probably just thrown in for the photos; but people are going to use these pics as reference for their own cars, and what's shown in these pictures is seriously unsafe.
Correct install technique is not difficult and is clearly spelled out in the manufacturer literature.  
Especially given the caliber of this build, there's no excuse for $1000 gear with a $2 install.




Jbrady43 Quality parts, keeping it simple and attention to detail.


edmoore51 Ok now that's just cool.


Jordan_Butters Dear Jordan, 

I have not left a comment for months. You actually took the time and answered to this dude. You are too polite or I do not know how I should call that...

From my perspective, that is a great post.

Thank you.


Group 5 for you, when touring cars were properly bonkers, I believe the escorts were prepped by ZakSpeed, before they did the group 5 Capri's.


Only thing I can think is P-I-M-P!!!!!


Awesome article! Awesome photos! A very good looking Ford Escort and customized in style! 
I love everything about it! I know now what my first project car will be in the near future haha!

Seriously though, awesome article!


Omg i love it that rocket bunny kit is perfect.


As awesome [but not above] the Mustang, of course a different beast, but wow - when i 1st saw this a while back it was sit down jaw open moment. Once again, photography 1st class, dialogue 1st class...merged into one cool page. Nice one.!


edmoore51 Speedhunters needs much, much more Group 5.


@gofast not many know the secrets of the escort my friend.. don't blame the writer! for example he left out what steering kit (all steering components of course) he used for sick angles, he didn't say about the radical cutting and welding that's been done in the back arches, nor anything about the rear suspension (i presume he didn't use the leaf springs) :P don't be a hater! now more people will like this car! the prices of our own escorts will skyrocket, and maybe we will see some more tuning kits for our escorts that aren't ridiculously expensive! i'm sick of fabricating things and/or buying things from thieves like HPE (burtonpower)


KwstasMargetas I don't think it's hate when you are talking about safety.


British car? Sorry, in my eyes, Ford is American, period. No, they didn't offer us this car, but yes they should have. And Ken Block just made it completely and utterly American :):)

Roll in your graves Brits, we just took one back that always should have been ours :):)




should've been


Thanks for the feature. Definitely not vanilla but whatever flavor it is I could eat a pint of it


KwstasMargetas i also wondered about the rear suspension. All these cool old cars (escort, celica, z, etc) and is there an easy way to convert from leafs?


edmoore51 I have a dream that one day a body kit manufacturer will see this style wide body and be influenced greatly by its awesomeness.


Awesome car, must be great having all the money in the world to build whatever you want... Star spangled sticker on the bonnet is a bit rich tho? on a British car and motor...


Cue 12 year old rocketbunny fanboys... Not a fan of the bodykit, sorry.


"Simplify and add lightness." This is an amazing build, right up there with the Mustang, but a totally different animal. I stoked to see what Ken accomplishes with this little beast.


The escort kicks some serious ass but that engine bay is absolute car porn.




Thommo An American car company.


This car is just sexy from front to back and that bay is just mental. 
The livery and of course that hood is amazing, can't wait to order my shirt. 
Awesome post, would love to take this around the block...sideways.


They're fifteen52's?!?! Damn!!! I originally thought they were Autostrada Modenas. I'm looking for some mean 5 spoke wheels for my car, and I may have to consider fifteen52's though with that USD they may be out of my budget by a weeks salary lol but what a sick car. Digging what they did to the US flag. I like a "normal" Esky but they did a good job.


D1RGE EXE It is always interesting to be reminded that "Ford is American", if you asked all the Ford owners in Europe if they owned an American car then I guess 99% would say No. (I assume every Ford Falcon owner in Australia would say the same).

Perhaps this opinion will change now that the European models (Fiesta, Focus, Transit etc) are being sold Stateside and official Mustangs are coming to Europe.


Coming into work this morning I had a blue Mk. II Escort with amber Hellas in my rear view, never realised how lovely these cars are until that moment. I'm not a fan of Rocket Bunny (actually have (no hate meant) approximately zero interest in their work)  but they hit it hard with this body kit. From the research I've done about Millington, their engines seem pretty great but how long do they last? I remember reading a while ago about a 2.5L YB-based competition engine (from Risse Motorsport or PES or some such) that is only expected to last for 10-16 hours of competition use before requiring a rebuild can only hope it's not the case with this one.
Now here comes the official 'That Guy' (TM) comment. This article seems pretty light on actual technical details and some good shots of the mechanicals, though heavy on the name-dropping and body pics (which matches a worrying new trend I've been seeing on this site lately). I don't know if this is because Hoonigan is being cagey about these details or if we're gonna do another "Concept To Reality" type post but we sure would have appreciated them. Still this is a pretty good post about a great car. Not the best we've seen on these pages, though, that honour probably goes to Cye Hayes’s Escort S2000 or Robert Dahl's Gatebil Escort


I'd still prefer it with Group 4 arches, but I can't argue with the fact that the Rocket Bucket kit does look pretty damn mean.
I see the argument on "Ford being American" is already raging in the comment section. Adding my opinion to the mix, for me this car is a European rally icon and, given this car was prepared in the UK, the Stars and Stripes does seem a bit out of place.
As for the technical side of things, the specification is pretty much perfect in my eyes: McRae's own Mk.II had a very similar spec list, so I'd say they definitely got that right!


I've seen negative comments about a few rally engine builders Trentworth, but I've never read a bad word about Millington. Given their reputation I would think the Millington builds would last a bit longer, but most competition engines have a finite service life.

Of course you need deep pockets for a Millington engine, so for sake of your walled you'd hope it would last a bit longer!


Shame the company that built this will never get the true recognition for it,


truckosaurus D1RGE EXE I also do acknowledge that about 90% of Toyotas are more American than any other vehicle. 

My family was cursed with not only the crappy USDM Escort, but also the (somehow) worse Escort Wagon. *shudder* When i saw these things I seriously got angry.


bluestreaksti KwstasMargetas


When I saw the teaser shot of the front end I first thought it was an 80s Ford Ranger. Damn I was excited. But this makes me happy too. And now I have inspiration for a Ranger build.


tbtstt Exactly. Mr Butters is riding the hype train - it would have looked as good with "proper" arches and smaller wheels. 
Right on all other counts too, especially the American vs British bit - the Escort wasn't an American vehicle, despite the parent company being American. You could say the same about the Focus too, and Fiesta, though those are finally on sale in the US for a change. It's about as relevent putting that flag on the Escort as someone sticking a Union Flag on a Mustang "hood". The Escort was a European product, the best rally ones were built here in the UK and the best tarmac circuit racers were built here in the UK and in Germany (Zakspeed). 

Besides the over-hyped kit and the enormous wheels, it's pretty much perfect. Group 4s and some 15s or 16s would be so much better, and less cartoonish.


Everyone knows this was built by Quick Motorsport. But... and it's a big but... this car does not raise the bar at all. It has all been done before, barring the silly & inappropriate JDM bodykit.There are many highly developed Mk2 Escorts already in existence. Except this one comes with an army of PR men to force feed you how good it is. Anyone in rallying knows this Escort is not the leader of the pack, and it borders on rude to put this out there as if it is. Think of the real clubmen out there, building very fast Fords before rating this one. Also think of the Autotesters, who have got this guy from America, trying to re-define their sport, and re-brand it as Gymkhana.


Rallyist Very true words! Just take a look at Phil Collins and CA1Sport to see how to build a world class Mk2 - no coincidence Quick Motorsport are involved there too ;)
With all the hype of this undoubtedly great machine, two very special tiny UK outfits from Hereford and Shropshire (Quick and Millington) should be getting a lot more publicity!


But the Escort was made for the European market. Not the US


Don't get me wrong I'm a FastFord guy though and through but for me, this doesn't work. Starting with the ridiculous stickers on the car. Yes, Ford is American, but the Escort was made for Europe not the US. The bodykit is ridiculous (no offence to Miura-san at all) and it just doesn't work on such an iconic car as the Escort. Quick Motorsport and Millington aren't going to get anywhere near as much publicity as what they deserve for making (apart from the stupid bodykit, ridiculous stickers and oversized wheels) an awesome car. I bet you that if it wasn't Ken Block's car and it didnt have a Rocket Bunny bodykit, it wouldn't be anywhere near as popular. Everybody's just riding the hype - train because of those two factors right there.


Great car ruined by the wrong flag on the hood! It's so lame I can't see past it. Cool build, albeit done thousands of times before, rocket bunny kit aside.


Trentworth THE main reason why the serious builders use Millington is for their near-100% reliability when maintained correctly. Although billed as "YB based" , it is pretty much all bespoke now, all alloy with very narrow valve angle for minimum weight and installation space.


Spot on with regards to the car Rallyist. The technical specification is pretty much perfect for a Mk.II Escort... but it has been done before!
I wouldn't be so hard on Block with regards to the "rebranding" of autotesting though. Gymkhana existed in the US before Block got involved. It was the collapse of the US series that was partially responsible for the original gymkhana video. He has resurrected the sport (to an extent) in the US.


mk4 lew looks about right.... pfffff


I would do horrible things for a hoon of this.


LukeEVOVIII No one even know what a MK2 Escort was before this...then all of a sudden all the teenyboppers 'OMGGG GUIZEEE A FORD ESCORT KEN BLAWK DRIVES IT KEWLLLL" sheesh...


And what the hell is that front spoiler?


Nothing new here, Apart from the rocket bunny kit (I actually quite like the arches), tiny fuel tank and possibly the rear end its like any other top spec escort in the UK / Ireland you can see competing most weekends.
front spoiler looks out of place, but a decent crest would soon sort that out.

whats with this going off all alarming about a flag on a bonnet?


Trentworth Yeh the motors don't last very long that why this ones detuned to 333hp they can run up 385hp but obviously much more stress means less skids before rebuild.


bluestreaksti KwstasMargetas well.. yes.. you just remove them,reinforce the turrets and put weld-on tramp bars (to prevent the axle moving right and left) with a pair of coilovers... that's usually how drift-spec escorts are prepared... in rally-spec escorts, they keep the leaf springs for homologation purposes,but the method is the same, but depending on the axle, there are a couple more ways to decrease body roll... i use 4-leaf springs with the stiffest shocks i could find.. coupled that with a custom anti-roll bar that looks like the factory one, i get the job done :P plus a mildly stiff front suspension gives me numerous ways to attack a corner. depending on the amount of evilness if my mood 3:) if you know what i mean


Aside from the graphics, its not that far removed from some of the Escorts in the Irish Rally championship.


mrwicksy tbtstt I completely agree, it's almost the ultimate spec Escort. However, and this statement may be a sad truth, without the 'hype', bodykit and livery, no-one would be talking about it. The aesthetics serve the exact purpose that they were designed for.


Trentworth We have to work with what we're given sometimes. I suspect that much of the initial chassis prep was undertaken back when this was a rally car. 

Furthermore, the car had no ECU at the time of my visit so couldn't be driven. I did try and get a peek at underneath but it's so damn low you can't see anything.


D1RGE EXE I see what you're doing ;)
But in all seriousness – this actual car was built in the UK.


tbtstt I never thought the RB kit would work, but it actually does, in this livery anyway. I'd be interested to see what it looked like in a different colour…


Rallyist It's a good job I didn't suggest it was the leader of the pack, people would be even more upset! Like I said, everyone will feel something towards this car…


Curlytop rsrich tbtstt Thanks for the input, gentlemen, I didn't have info on the Millington units but was really lost about these high strung NA rally engines they seem to not last very long anyway compared to, say, high strung or boosted circuit racing engines. There's a guy in a local race series here who runs an NA 4.2L (I think) Jaguar XJ-S straight 6, he remarked that he has run 3 seasons of four races and even the testing on that motor which puts down about 340 HP and almost the same in lb-ft of torque with no major issues. Then we have rally engines that have lifespans clocking in at less than 24 hours, I just wonder what the hell is going on with rally engines, are they just more fragile or are they run in a way that prioritises absolute function over longevity?


Jordan_Butters Thanks for getting back, great article, sir. I get that we have to work with the cards we are dealt, I just expected that Hoonigan would have been a little more welcoming to Speedhunters to at least let the audience see a little more of their product. Not at all an indictment of your work but more of their somewhat miserly approach of a feature of their car on this site.


would be nice without all these stickers and american flag


Gaz Australia
Fantastic Pocket Rocket: It just goes to show FORD design timeless vehicles… 
Looking at the build photos the finished vehicle and the testing … Im sure the RWD Ford Escort Gymkhana car is going to be up there with the Mustang, Focus and Fiesta Gymkhana’s
You can put any flag you want on the bonnet just so long as its got a FORD badge on the front…
Ken Block you do FORD proud


tbtstt This car bears NO technical comparison with the McRae Mk2 Escort. First off, look where the engine is located. Significatly set back into a modified firewall for weight distribution. Any comparison does the ex-World Champ a huge disservice and not least DJM who created it. Then all the engineering behind it to accommodate the gearbox in its new location, shortened propshaft etc, etc.And remember, this car was created over 10 years ago....


tbtstt Jordan_ButtersSecond off, just look at the McRae Mk2 Escort interior. Remember.... this is 10 years ago. Again, no just comparison.






Trentworth Jordan_Butters Hoonigan were incredibly accommodating. But when there's an ocean between them and the car it's hard to be any more helpful than they were. The car was in the UK, they were in the US.


Apologies Rallyist Jordan_Butters, I may not have been entirely clear with my original post; the spec list of Block's Escort includes many components that were fitted to McRae's Mk.II (and, as you have said, a lot of top spec Escorts); Millington engine, modern engine management, sequential transmission, modern adjustable suspension... you rightly point out though, McRae's Mk.II combined both top spec parts with a serious re-engineering of the car. My original post should have clarified that, although Block's Escort has similar bits in it, his car isn't engineered to quite the same level as McRae's! 
As for doing disservice to DJM that was certainly NOT my intention. I have nothing but respect for those guys and, having seen both McRae's Mk.II and the McRae R4 up close, I have long been planning to knock on their door for replicas of both of those cars if I ever win the lottery!


abezzegh87 Just what is a "Rocket Bunny" anyway ?!! Hype and bull***t. That's what it is. Force fed to us by the PR men, with an army of salesmen doubtless waiting in the wings ready to sell road-going kits. Attn. all. This is a proper dog's bollo*ks Mk2 Escort 'bodykit'....


Thommo The flag is for the Driver/Owner!


LukeEVOVIII As much as I like the 70's and 80's Rally cars, I think this one is a pretty nice modern interpretation of the classic Mk II Escort. Each part taken apart would be weird but looks really pretty once together.


Why does the Escort get called a British car all the time when actually the mkII was jointly developed by Ford's German and British operations and LHD cars were built in Germany. Also the only thing to get MkII enthusiasts really mad is when they don't get modified and this whole "Lets get purists mad" BS is getting old anyway.

Whats not like about this car. Well the stars and stripes looks totally out of place and I'm just waiting for Ford's marketing team start to bash about the all American car that used to dominate rally stages. Otherwise this is pretty much dream spec Escort. The only thing I would change would be gr.4 tarmac arches but these ain't too bad either. The bodykit looks actually pretty much exactly what I used to do on photoshop when I was a teenager :D Basically modern WRC style for the old car


Anyone has more informations about how they widened the track like this? I'd like to do that on my E30.


Liking this alot.
A modern interpation of a mk2 bolt on over fenders whwer the works mk2"s were riveted on.
The rear spoiler is like the duck tail spoiler fitted to the mk1 rs26/3100 capri"s etc etc
I am sure its like how m-sport would build a wrc mk2 now.
Just my opion which means nowt!!!!!!!!!!!


All true, except this was a RHD chassis originally and the chassis number indicates UK origins.


Omg this 1978 Ford escort mk2 rs is so great and so a Beauty Machine


What a fantastic backdrop for the urban Hoonigan machinery!  Where could one find such a warehouse?!


At the end ov the day its still a dirty ford lol


I find it interesting to see that he opted for Jenvey Butterfly injection/bodies instead of Millington's own roller bodies.


Jordan_Butters Fair enough, absolutely not an attack on your work.
Thanks for a great article and brilliant pictures.


I think I would have to point out that the ultimate MKII Escort would be the ultra lightweight Zakspeed car built during 1977, and turbocharged during 1978 when the Capri was introduced. By 1980 the 1.4 litre Zakspeed BDA had around 400bhp in a car that weighed 885kg or so. And that this was in the era before carbon fibre was commonplace. I do like what Block has done to the car, although it needs to spend some time on a proper race circuit so that we can see the true potential in it.....


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the car was very good 
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Paint it lemans green and shove some 4 spokes on and it would look as sweet as mine.


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"Could this be the widest Mk2 Escort in the world? " What are you on, Jordan Butts? Zakspeed made much more wider (and more beautiful) Escorts already in around 1976-77.

I love that non-turbo 2.5l BDA engine though. Great sound & power.