Is This Japan’s Most Insane S15?

I think I’ve lost count of how many engines I’ve seen dropped into Nissan’s S15 Silvia chassis. There’s nothing wrong with a well-tuned SR20DET of course, but you know how it is; people like to experiment, have a bit of fun in the process and try out what others haven’t.

The S15 is a tough one though, as it’s a popular base car for both drift and grip, and we’ve all seen the various ways people have tuned them. RBs, 1JZs and 2JZs, 3Ss, LSs, Nissan V8 swaps – they’ve all been done. So what else could someone do to keep things fresh? Well, how about a twin-turbo Toyota 1UZ-FE? That’s exactly what Ryosuke Horiai did with the help of Garage Miniz up in Hokkaido.


And yes you read that right, Ryosuke shipped his S15 from the northern most island of Japan, all the way down to Tokyo just so he could display it at the recent StanceNation event held in Tokyo. And it’s a good thing he did, as this is one car that everyone had to see.


The 1UZ fits rather snugly between the suspension towers, but with a bit of clever thinking space was made for a pair of custom exhaust manifolds that allowed the two turbos to be mounted up high. Forced induction was a necessity too, as while Toyota’s old 4.0-litre, quad cam, 32-valve alloy V8 is a nice addition to say an AE86 or similar, it’s a tad underwhelming for a more modern car like the S15. Right now the engine’s delivering around 400hp, but the wick will be turned up to 700hp – what is was built for – once everything gets dialled in. As for drive, it’s transferred to an LSD-equipped rear end via an adapted Nissan Z33 6-speed gearbox.


The Silvia wears a kit from Kei Miura’s ever-expanding catalog of wide fender conversions, but the coolest addition has to be the Barramundi Fogo 2-piece wheels, a model that I actually saw fitted on a number of cars at the event.


The rear stance was absolutely on point.


Likewise, the interior was just as spotless as the exterior and engine bay. It was a pity the car was being put on a ship the following day, as I would have loved to feature it.


But that’s okay, because I’ve been looking for a good excuse to go on a shooting trip to Hokkaido anyway. It’s a city that’s home to some pretty impressive rides, and not just of Japanese origin either.


Ryosuke said that I should get myself up there pronto as he built this car for drift and plans to use it regularly from next season. I better start checking those flights!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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I said this earlier, Speedhunters needs an option to 'like' the photos that appear in the articles published.

Brilliant car, and wonderful photos Dino.


Damn, that kit might be the best execution of the current Rocket Bunny style that I've seen. The lines all seem to flow right, the high belt line from the front flare to the rear of the c-pillar is perfect.


It's certainly nice and definitely crazy, but I think the stock S15 body is great and a nice lowering job with some perfect offset wheels can't be beat(same with FD's). They don't need these crazy kits, but when doing a motor like that, I guess it fits with the theme. I thought from the opening shot it was an LS(that intake and no cam covers had me fooled).....glad to see him stick with a Japanese V8, and for that I commend him, although a RB26 would be more my style. Hats off though!


beautiful stuff


James1010 I agree with this, it all woks really well.


nice reflection  7 pic


Everything Garage Miniz touches turns to gold


I really like that colour.


Though 1UZ swap on S15 has been done before, this is a great work!


Please made a deep feature about it sooner or later , I'm a big fan of the UZ ! :P


The body, insane.
The stance, insane.
The engine, insane.
The sound, YES, INSANE.


What intake manifold is that?


This doesn't have a 1uz in it... thats a 4.7l 2uzfe Look at the intake. Look at the oil filler neck.. 1uz never had coil on plug ignition. Look at thw thermostat housing and coolsnt hose routing.


Look up a 99-00 ls400


@Marc Could be the later model 1uz vvti it has that manifold.


JeremieThompson you are right, that IS a 1UZ VVTi.


Your right late model vvti 1uz. My bad


James1010 I almost want to agree, but I'm not a huge over-fender fan(it works with the insanity of this car though) and I do think the S15 pulls it off better than most. But I just can't get into the 3/4 flare thing nor that scalloped in section behind the front wheel.


what a clean car. decent stance, no overkill wing and livery this is stunning


That diffuser!! I wonder if the under body partially or fully sealed? Good shoot Dino.


Its giving me a Looking Rx7 vibe with that awesome paint.


elvexilix Ikr xD


From the angle of the lead image, the intake kinda looks like a HEMI intake; wouldn't that have been cool? While I would have gone with a naturally aspirated  LS or a single turbo 2JZ, I'm digging the work that's been put into the driveline and that 1UZ seems like it'll be a killer once pushed up a bit....not digging, however, the ridiculous bodykit. Personally would have done a (much) more understated Vertex Edge or an Autech GT Aero Kit


AbdHadieHR It's built to drift, not only look good :)


Great Scott! Finally no LS to be seen, Im all for an LS, but this is just a little bit different. A whole lot actually as I've never seen a 1UZ with 2 turbos. 

Time to crawl out from the rock i've been living under.

Super Like.


Amazing, love the color!!


Bravo, Dino, as always! Please, go to hokkaido and feature kaido racers and all the crazy shakotan, and some of those drifting ladas out there


Now that's a switch from the LS craze and I love it. 
Hoping for some video of it ripping and running. Great build and post.


That's nuts to say an NA 1uz-fe would be underwhelming in a more modern car. I would take that v8 over a v6 found in some newer cars such as Holden SV6, Even an old school v8 producing only 200-300bhp would be plenty of power for a lot of Speedhunters audience. I doubt most of the other readers aren't Possum Bournes or Stirling Mosses and actually need over 250bhp.


Charles Chin JeremieThompson 3uzfe 4.3


Believe it or not, I came across this car just 2 weeks ago when I was in Tokyo! It was parked in a car park near the Rainbow Bridge!
See album:


You should try and feature the Gloss Factory S15 it is equally as insane


Awsome pictures mateU0001f44dU0001f44dU0001f44d


PJSWE Thank you! I went around a few places on my trip to Japan. Even took a tour of the Nissan heritage collection at Zama. I'll be uploading the photos to my Flickr album in due course as I'm still editing them. Feel free to take a look:


Absolutely on point, can't wait for a more indepth spotlight. Better find yourself a flight Dino, haha.

Aleksander Popov

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