STI Strikes Again

It had to happen sooner or later. Welcome to the STI S207, what was perhaps the most real and interesting car at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

Okay, that’s quite a statement, but do hear me out at least. I’ve often criticised Subaru for going mainstream and shooting for big sales with a CVT-equipped line-up of all-wheel drive station wagons, SUVs and curious hybrid creations; but at least when it comes to getting a sports car right, it appears to still know what it’s doing. So, while the Japanese automaker has stopped injecting fun and excitement into the rest of its cars, when it comes to the Impreza STI, you know you are going to be right at home, just as you would have been in any Subaru product a decade or more ago.


And with every hot-blooded Impreza STI variant, Subaru Tecnica International has always tried to make things that little bit more special with short-run special editions. So as long as you are in Japan and have ¥7 million sitting around burning a hole in your pocket, this is the car for you. You better get in quick though, as the S207 limited to just 400 units – 200 with the ‘NBR Challenge’ package and another 100 finished in the special Yellow Edition of this Tokyo Motor Show car. These specials STIs have a tendency to sell out almost instantaneously, so even though the S207 won’t be available until March 6 next year, all 400 will probably be spoken for come the end of next month.


The S207 is based on the STI version of the Impreza WRX and sports a massaged version of the 2.0-litre EJ20 engine to develop 328PS at 7200rpm. There’s also a bunch of other upgrade options parts from the STI catalogue as standard, including upside-down Bilstein front dampers and retuned rear shocks with lower and harder springs, pillow-ball links and a host of stiffening and strengthening components to add rigidity to the chassis. Black 19-inch BBS wheels are fitted regardless of whether you opt for the blue, white or yellow version, and surround STI-branded Brembo 6-pot calipers at the front with 4-pot calipers at the rear.


The Yellow Edition NBR Package car on display was the perfect S207 version to bring to the Tokyo Motor Show; its bright hue making it visible from across the hall where Subaru had its display.


On top of carbon fiber Recaro bucket seats, the S207 has a BMW-like, suede-wrapped steering wheel, and nice red accents through the cabin.


And yes, that is a proper manual gearbox! The precise and fast-shifting 6-speed makes the perfect addition to a driver-focused setup like this, and it’s the only way you can get this car as Subaru doesn’t make twin-clutch transmissions. Just CVTs. Yes, I’m not letting it go! If you plan to take the car to the track, there’s an optional ‘light track package’ available too, which adds a lighter flywheel and a more performance-oriented clutch to better handle the demands of spirited driving. Higher friction brake pads are also thrown in.


To rid the rear wheel wells of turbulent air, grilled outlets have been added to each side of the rear bumper; a lesson learned from the STI team’s successes at the Nürburgring 24 Hour race over the years.


That includes the optional carbon fiber rear wing that comes with the NBR package. If you don’t opt for the array of parts, the S207 actually comes spoiler-less, which is a look I rather like for this sedan.


As STI S207 proves, Subaru can still make us dream when it wants to. Now all it has to do is take that way of thinking and apply it to a few more of its cars. Sales are going very well, so it’s time to give the enthusiasts more of this kind of stuff. Are you guys with me on this? Oh, and don’t just keep this stuff for Japan, Subaru!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Speedhunters is blue color an option?


FernandoM76 Speedhunters Black 19-inch BBS wheels are fitted regardless of whether you opt for
the blue, white or yellow version, and surround STI-branded Brembo 6-pot
calipers at the front with 2-pot calipers at the rear.


Great to see a shift knob in a new Subaru. Doesn't that red trim in the cabin look a bit funny?


I read 'grilled cutlets' instead of 'grilled outlets', and now I'm hungry. Car's cool too.


Eh not a fan


Mixed feelings..


OK, question time: what US or EU cars does Japan not get?


UWerqxTeam_MJ Even if they don't get them, those that want them...bring them in themselves!


johnbezt You made me hungry too


koko san In what way?


LukeEVOVIII Well Luke I wouldn't expect that as your user name suggests. LOL


Of course we wouldn't get this in the States. If we didn't have laws in this country that make it impossible to drive this car on the street unless it's 25 years old, you would see this in So Cal.


I was actually expecting someone to comment that to be honest lol


I am laughter at the title!  See a doctor wwww (´艸`〃)


I was expecting FA20 in S207 , but at least not EJ25 . XD


johnbezt When I read your comment, I read 'grilled omelets', and now I'm also hungry


speedhunters_dino UWerqxTeam_MJ my god..perfect country  for car enthusiast?? except shaken


LukeEVOVIII EJ = pyramid tech


Secretly, everyone has been hoping that Subaru would come out with the WRX wagon that they've been hiding from the public this whole time..... :(
It's not the car we want, but the car we need.


Subaru's S-series cars are some of the most awesome vehicles ever made. I got a chance to ride around in an S401 Legacy about a year back, and it had to be one of the smoothest cars I've ever experienced. Completely poised and well-balanced. Then we got a flat tire. 18-inch mini spares are funny-looking.


"STI-branded Brembo 6-pot calipers at the front with 2-pot calipers at the rear."
Is this a typo or does this S-series STi no longer come with 4-pot rear calipers?


Its got nothing on super gramps


speedhunters_dino koko san #InabigpieceofRedplasticinaotherwiseVeryelegantinteriorWay LOL


@Nick 4-pots have always been up front


@turbo BEAMS ae86 speedhunters_dino UWerqxTeam_MJ Yes. And shaken is a breeze...


koko san speedhunters_dino Ah, then yes! lol


speedhunters_dino koko san I will have my personal Subaru tuners replace this piece with carbon fibre in the three cars I already ordered.


Now a Levorg needs a proper manual...


RDS The FA20 is long stroke, small bore - not as good for high rpm or breathing.  Apparently it is not designed to ever be a turbocharged engine either.  The EJ25 has cylinder strength problems, and maybe this car is being produced to homologate for racing where there are typically 2.0L limits for rally classes.


Screw CVT!


Diggin it!


Ford mustang wants it fender vents back.


Meanwhile, I sit in a country without a car culture...


John Evans RDS I guess that's why the ToyoBaru twins will never be turbocharged from the factory, eh?


According to Subaru's own press release, the rear brakes are 4-pots


Subaru should really find a way to meet EU environmetal reguations with the ej20 engine. If they don't, they rid themselves of a huge turnover... There are Subaru enthousiasts in Europe, too. Not bringing these S-series machines to Europe has been hurting for a long time now (although I've seen them in UK dealerships as well, so not sure what's the real story behind...).


John Evans 

FA20 is 86 x 86 on both bore & stroke , square engine ; Subaru WRX S4 (JDM only) use FA20 (because it is basically a higher output WRX) & have output of 300ps @ 5600rpm & 400Nm @ 2000rpm to 4800rpm .

I forget WRX STi in Japan is using EJ207 (92 x 75 on bore & stroke , a short stroke engine) , with output of 308ps @ 6400rpm & 422Nm @ 4800rpm , and S207 is basically based on WRX STi as always , so it would just use EJ207 .



Well , WRX & WRX S4 use FA20 that is turbo'd .


LutherRogers Not to embarass you, but thats from 3DCarbon, not a original Ford vent.


I'm so annoyed that Subaru didn't put a revised FA in this. I was really hoping this would be the roll out for the new platform and that we would be seeing the normal STi with that motor in showrooms for the 2017 model year. I want a new bodystyle one very badly, but I don't want another EJ25.


NicholasJamesFlynn The JDM market uses the EJ207, which I absolutely love, its been revised to have Direct Injection, but its the best Subaru engine ever produced, while I agree its time to ditch the EJ257, I'd rather see the EJ207 used in the North American models over the FA20 (although I haven't driven the turbo FA in the WRX yet, only the FRS)


RDS jay8393 You are correct.  I was wrong about that.


RDS John Evans You are correct on the square FA engine, but oversquare is better for high revs.  I was ignorant about the turbo FA engines, but happy to learn about them.  The direct injection offers some advantages, one of the disadvantages is weight.  The FA is also chain drive cams, which has advantages also, but is a major pain to work on.  We tried turbocharging a Subaru EZ 30 6 cyl that has the chain drive cams and it was way harder to deal with in terms of labor.  Very happy to be running an EJ 20 based engine now.  Just the thought of the extra 80 or so bolts and yards of sealing surface makes me cringe.


jay8393 John Evans RDS I was wrong about the FA not being turbo'd.  I have no idea why they wont turbocharge those cars.


Awesome.  The color is not my thing and man those seats are excellent.


Don't get me wrong, I love the ej. My STi was a blast and a hell of a torque monster. But the motor is getting up there in age and the ringland issue gets really old after awhile. Altough, I was not aware about the direct injected 207. I kept reading that the S207 was going to be getting a new di 2.0 and I assumed that that meant the fa. This makes way more sense now that you tell me that.
The main reason I really want the fa put into the STi might be a very fanticful one, but if Subaru does it I'll be extremely happy. I've come to the conclusion that if its the same motor thats in the FR-S then that means it should have the same intake manifold bolt pattern. Which means I, with enough funding, could buy one of the twin screws made for the fa and bolt it onto a new sti and have a badass compound boosted sti. Two of my favorite things in one! But this is all assuming that Subaru ever actually gets around to doing that in the foreseable future.


nice to see 6 pots up front.  I may be the 1% but 4 pot brembos do fade a bit in the mountains.  Puts the fear into you :)


I saw it yesterday the show - cool car and some very nice touches!


bluestreaksti Yeah I definitely want to drive this!


ScottRedmond Wasn't too impressed on that silvery trim on the sides


NicholasJamesFlynn That's coming on the next Impreza


John Key NZ It's taking over Japan!


@trigger187213 Sorry I thought you were talking of the regular STI


I really hope so! I just hope it looks as good as the current gen. Or that they even keep this bodystyle for a few more years and stuff the fa into it. I didn't like it at all at first but it has seriously grown on me. The only thing keeping me from buying one is just me waiting for the new motor!


Uhhhhhh just got my gvb spec c over a year ago... if only i waited a bit longer... but its ok... im still happy with it. Brilliant car.. this one would be awesome!


I think those seats first appeared in the Mk2 Focus RS in 2009


Everytime I look at them I just think 'Mk2 Focus RS'

Gianluca FairladyZ

Why don't they deliever it over to Europe?

Why don't they use the EJ25 like in Europe?

Why can't we have such cool cars in Europe?

What am I still doing here in Europe?!!!


John Evans jay8393 

I have always asked the same question as well ... why don't you add like a turbo in ZN6/ZC6 platform ? Do they fear they upset the whole character or what ?

Because to me , it seems like they wanna made ZN6/ZC6 kinda like AE86 in 32 years ago , 130ps & 980kg combination , not something insanely powerful , it don't win much drag race , but it brings fun & balance (I think ?) to driver .


John Evans 

I have to agree that oversquare is better for high revs , it is a theory that can't be denied , hence the EJ207 can revs to like 8000rpm even in stock !

FA20 Turbo is relatively new , some people doesn't even notice it exist yet ... I think the engine first appear on JDM Legacy with somewhat 300ps , before it appear on worldwide version of Subaru WRX , with like 250ps or something . I really like the idea of direct injection forced induction engine , something that European had been doing for ... decades ? And seems like quite successful .

FA20 Turbo use different direct injection compare with the FA20 in ToyoBaru Coupe , if you didn't notice that ... in ToyoBaru Coupe , they use Toyota's D-4S system , which have both direct & port injection , different rev range would utilize different injection to achieve a nice mixture of air-fuel ; while the FA20 Turbo , as Subaru called DIT , is actually Subaru's own direct injection system , which is just purely direct injection , have no port injection like D-4S .

I guess having extra bolts & sealing surface is one of the reason that Subaru's Flat-6 rarely being touched by tuners ? I have always love the idea of Turbo Flat-6 , but so far I heard they're not cheap to dealt with .


Gianluca FairladyZ

Why don't they deliever it over to Europe?

Because they don't care

Why don't they use the EJ25 like in Europe?

Because the EJ20 is a better engine 

Why can't we have such cool cars in Europe?

Because you don't deserve them 

What am I still doing here in Europe?!!!

Good question!


I had no idea that the na FA20 was a combination of direct and port injection. That would solve the biggest issue I have with the turbo FA. That being the build up of carbon on the back of the valves.


koko san Look at you, Mr. Bigshot money-bags! So baller! But why stop at 3? Why not order one for every day of the week?!


Gianluca FairladyZ The EJ257 is a very weak engine, they blow out very easy. EJ20 are whey more reliable. And more rev happy!

Gianluca FairladyZ

speedhunters_dino Gianluca FairladyZ   ahh Dino come on... Don't be so harsh.... Every Car Maniac deserves good cars ;) Even here in Europe!   Thanks for answering



So it is true that , direct injection still have problem of carbon builds up on the back of the valves ? I have read the same thing happens on Audi's 5.2-litre V10 before (the one in S6/S8) , and heard some people say the old Toyota D-4 engine would have similar issue .
There's a few photo here explain the D-4S here ,


I've read that too, about Audis V10 and some of their other di motors as well as BMWs motors. In regards to the turbo fa, I have read quite a few forum posts about guys having to take theirs in to have the heads taken off and have the valves almond blasted at realativly low mileage. Like 20,000 if memory serves.


Absolute beauty! I may be biased as an Impreza driver, but if this doesn't start your inner fire, your not an enthousiast. Standard manual and the looks are just sublime.


I'll take one in circa GD aspen white please....minus the pink dash trim.


Subaru should deliver this car to the us (Lhd) or the uk


They ruined the Impreza/WRX with this latest body style. Looks like a Civic. And Im not a Honda hater, new Civics just suck.


So many things done right with this one.
All those pink accents reminiscent of older STIs
That almost buttonless wheel... so nice. Also, could this be the first alcantara wrapped Subie wheel?
That front lip spoiler, so glad they didn't forget it.
And the color. I've been hoping they'd apply it to the WRX ever since they released the BRZ tS in the same color a while ago.
I could go on. Simply love the car.


Mayank0809 India I guess


It reminds me to a Volvo V40....I don't know jajajaj.


The EJ257 is always referred to as a weak engine, which is simply not true. The main issue is people modding without a pro tune, thinking they can either tune the car themselves with open source software or off-the-shelf maps and by far the largest contributor is thinking they can extract 400AWHP on E85 without touching the internals. Yes, you'll need forged Pistons people! These are the causes and not the engine.


the car was very good 
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