Trust It Sideways: English Body,</br> German Heart & Japanese Claws
The White Comet Of Scandinavia

Why do we love epic films so much? The greater majority of the biggest-grossing films in cinema have almost always had something grand about them. Take the original Star Wars trilogy, a space opera if there ever was one, that engrossed the world with a piece of fiction that became an epic milestone in movie history.


And as much as we love lightsabers, the Millennium Falcon or running the trenches of the Death Star in an X-wing, it is protagonist Luke Skywalker’s epic journey that truly captivated audiences.


Jocke Stigenberg’s rare Stormtrooper-like creation has been on its own journey of Star Wars like scale over the last decade.

It all began when Jocke was 18, and he decided to purchase what once was a stock 225hp Mallard Green Escort RS Cosworth – a car produced by Ford between 1992 and 1996 for Group A WRC homologation. On the third day of ownership a 330hp turbo kit was installed, yet after just a few days of driving with its fresh upgrades, the yearning for more power continued to rise.


New components, including a more efficient intercooler kit, exhaust, fuel system and a Group A turbo pushed the famous 2.0-litre four-cylinder YBT engine’s capabilities to 450hp. Soon after, in a bid to increase reliability and safety, forged internals were sourced and the Escort was stripped down and sent to a specialist to be outfitted with a custom rollcage.


But like any good saga, a conflict arose when Jocke’s Cosworth returned from the shop. The materials and build were totally off, nowhere near the plans he had originally laid out. So from this point on, the young carpenter by trade decided to take on the build himself, not wanting to cede power to another shop to falter or delay his build. And yet, the Escort would lay dormant for another seven years.


During that time, Jocke grew up, married and had a child, while also building a daily-driven Sierra Cosworth. The Ford Sapphire had a more civil build than his white Escort – if 590hp and 619Nm of torque can be considered a civil power output, that is! So, when the time finally came to complete his ultimate creation – a Scandinavian beast of a car – what would the former young apprentice come up with?

A Heart From Germany With The Claws Of Godzilla

The final quest began with the search for a new power unit. Everyone of us has an automotive sound that literally sends chills down our spines when exposed to it. Whether it’s the burble of an LS V8, the screaming induction of air from a Honda VTEC engine or the weaponized hail of a boxer, there’s an engine that reaches out to our inner being. For Jocke, that perfect engine note comes from the quirky inline five-cylinder.


It began with an Audi 2.5-litre block, originally designed to run diesel fuel. To withstand the new petrol-fed power figures, after being line honed bored and properly machined in went custom pistons from JE, PPF rods, original bearings with more clearance and a block girdle with 12.9 bolts.


A ported 7A head by Smudge Designs – a venture for custom engine work that Jocke started a few years ago – was prepped with bronze valve guides, Supertech valves, Catcams hydraulic cams, lightweight adjustable cam gears and a 60-2 VW trigger at the crank.


The main driving force for this ship is a Precision Turbo 6466BB spinning a max of 2.7bar (39psi) boost into the hybrid engine.


All this results in a lightspeed-inducing 904hp and 1019Nm of torque. Combine this with the lightweight chassis of the Escort and you have enough thrust to leave a Star Destroyer in the outer aether.


Keeping all manner of ratios balanced is a MaxxECU, where everything from oil temperature and pressure, exhaust temperature, fuel pressure, water temperature and even warnings of engine shutdown are all displayed on a custom dash logger.


The tuning was handled by Jocke’s friends at Pure Performance Factory, with the final numbers more than enough to put a gleaming smile on our hero.


Power is sent to the ground via a custom 184mm flywheel and Alcon twin-plate clutch. Jocke’s wheels of choice are 18×8.5-inch Toora center-lock units in black, which contrast ever so nicely with the Escort’s freshly resprayed white exterior. At the front end you’ll find Maxxis Z1R Drift tires in a 255/40 size and massive Alcon 365mm 6-piston calipers. And if you haven’t noticed, there’s a custom pipe that connects to the wastegate to create a screaming front exhaust.


A custom side-exit exhaust produces a mean howl, which Jocke proclaims as the most glorious sound of any modded engine available. The Cosworth sits on a set of GAZ coilovers, providing the flush you see here. Which brings us to the drivetrain. While the Ford gearbox housing was not designed to handle this type of engine or power level, an Audi unit would soon be crossed out as well, since the current engine and part of the transmission would sit over the front beam. It was then that the idea of R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R drivetrain came to mind.


In went the GT-R transmission, front and rear differentials, driveshafts and a unique tubular rear chassis featuring a custom GT-R/S14 rear cradle. The gearbox itself was upgraded with a PPG dog ring gear set. In addition, a Cusco 1.5-way LSD features at the front with an OEM R33 LSD running a 4.11 ratio in the rear.


The ATTESA AWD system can be controlled via an ETS PRO management system, which gives Jocke the choice of running power to two or all wheels at the same time. And since this build was inspired as an ice drifting machine, all of Godzilla’s claws are always at the ready.


Recognize that wing? It’s a Rocket Bunny design originally intended for an S14, now custom-fitted on the Escort. The phrase ‘Trust it Sideways’ is prominently displayed, a trademark that Jocke came up with that is shared with his team and worn proudly throughout the car. And yet, underneath that JDM wing lies more secrets to this Scandinavian flicking machine.


With the front of the car now sporting much more weight than its original design intended, Jocke decided to relocate the radiator to the rear, leaving additional room for the large GT-R intercooler at the front. A massive Smudge Designs custom dry sump system is also employed, equipped with its own set of dual intakes to keep things breathing properly.


A scene fit for a Sith Lord and one of my favorite views of the entire car, we find a number of custom air intakes meeting just over the radiator and fans.


It’s this precise and clean work that Jocke has created that earns the appreciation of all the enthusiasts who have seen his German-powered, Godzilla-mauling beast.


Super-clean work indeed!

Wherever The Road Takes Us

The fresh look of the rear also makes its way into the main cabin where a number of Sparco items, such as a pair of Lico Timetech seats, 3-inch harness and steering wheel, lock Jocke in and give him full control of his white comet. And for extreme, evasive maneuvers, there’s a custom e-brake with the Trust it Sideways trademark engraved.


Power output is determined by how far the OBP Motorsport racing pedal set’s accelerator is pushed.


Additional safety is supplied by a full fire extinguisher system, made up of four sprinklers in the engine bay and two in the main cabin. The system can be activated via one of two toggles, one of which is found on the switchboard where the AWD is controlled.


The other is right above the hood, and therefore can be activated by someone from the outside of the car in case things go sour. Safety first kids!


And here you see the culmination of a man working every night for the past two and a half years to see his project come to life. With his carpentry work keeping him busy until 7:00 each day, constant late-hour shifts and cold nights were eagerly awaiting for Jocke. Inspired by guys like Stian Hafsgen and both Kenneth and Fleming Alm, Jocke also thanks the guys at CE Motor who allowed him to finish the last eight months of his build at their shop, in much more comfortable temperatures than his garage. A massive help came from Robert Wiklund and his mechanical workshop, who was generous enough to show Jocke how to work with different levels of machinery.


With his new ride now completed, it’s time for the apprentice to master his driving skills. In addition to AWD drifting events, Jocke also plans to attend more time attack days in the future. Even so, every time he gets his Cosworth burning rubber sideways, he feels a surge of power coursing through his veins. A moment of great accomplishment, as he feels his hard work paid off in spades.


Luke eventually went on to defeat the evil emperor, bring redemption to his father and return balance to the Force. Yet every great story will always yield a new chapter. There will always be a new adventure to take on and an even steeper mountain to climb. And as our young carpenter by day and tuner by night continues to refine the arts of his crafts, one thing is certain – the journey continues.

Jorge Davila

Photos by Stellan Stephenson

Jocke Stigenberg’s Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Max Power/Torque: 904hp/1019Nm on 2.7bar (39.7psi) boost pressure

2.5L VW Transporter block modified to fit 7A petrol head with light crank, custom 81.5mm JE forged pistons, 155mm PPF rods, original bearings with more clearance, block girdle with 12.9-bolts, line honed bored, Smudge Designs dry sump system with 4-stage Auto Verdi oil/air separator & custom oil tank, Smudge Designs head ported/prepped with bronze valve guides, Supertech valves, Catcams hydraulic cams, lightweight lifters, adjustable cam gears, machined water channels, ORG AAN trigger sensor, 60-2 VW trigger at crank, custom exhaust & inlet manifold by CP-S, modified 7A head cover to suit 115R coils, erased oil filler cap, Nissan GT-R intercooler, 4-inch downpipe into 3.5-inch exhaust system into 4-inch side pipe with one custom Feritta damper, MaxxECU engine management system, rear-mounted radiator with air intakes in fenders & rear windows, electric water pump

Nissan R33 GT-R 5-speed gearbox with PPG dog ring gear set, billet middle plate, billet shift forks, billet axles, custom 184mm flywheel, 184mm Alcon twin-plate rallycross-spec clutch, Nissan GT-R R33 front diff with Cusco 1.5-way LSD. Nissan GT-R driveshafts front/rear, custom mounting to block in front, spacers to shafts, Nissan Skyline rear LSD with 4.11 ratio, modified Nissan S14/R33 GT-R rear cradle & adjustable traction arms, modified GT-R propshafts, ETS PRO ATTESA management

Modified GAZ Gold coil-overs, Cosworth mounted in Nissan rear hubs, front suspension towers modified to move damper 60mm (approx) up, custom TCA in front, Volvo electric steering servo, billet pedal box, 356mm rotors with Alcon 6-piston calipers (front), 310mm rotors with Nissan GT-R calipers (rear)

Toora 18×8.5-inch center-lock wheels front/rear, Maxxis Z1R drift 255/40R18 & Greenmax 235/35R18 tires

All panels still in metal, widened front/rear fenders, Mk6 doors, Rocket Bunny wing, PP Makrolon windows. Audi Ibis White paint, custom carbon fiber roof

Lico Timetech (Sparco) seats, Sparco 3-inch harness belts, Sparco wheel, dashlogger, plumbed fire suppression system, radiator pipes, custom fly-off handbrake, custom gear shifter

Jocke Thanks: I want to thank my family first – my beautiful wife and my son! Friends and sponsors – Robert Wiklund , CE Motor, Pure Performance Factory, Maxxtuning, Custom Parts Service, AN3 parts, Workwear, Dahlback Racing, Auto Verdi, Däckforum, Gatebil, PBZ syd, ÅRE Production, 57motorsport, Perman, Stoffe & Manne

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FAGMODE?! So problematic.  Cant - compute. too --- offensive -- so outrage - moralistic circuits overloaded - must post to tumblr...

Error904: Problematic system failure error code "FAG02387"



For real though is this excellent engineering.  Been too long since there was a mental Scandinavian build posted!


I wanna hear it




Yes please


Slappy_Pistons Is that British or American parlance?


Ice Age Slappy_Pistons In Swedish in means phage, so I'm guessing it has something to do with a parasitic virus.

Mystery solved.


Good lord this thing is monstrous


The world needs a new Reyland Escort


just a greit future thanks alot guys!


havent been recording mutch but there is something


Amazing post and build!


So much amazing project car engineering in a sick package. Full of envy as a "Yank."

One of the best platforms ever....that we don't have, one of the best drivelines ever....that is rare as hell in California. ****sighs****

....still, I love the build. Especially how the spoiler has a functional purpose. The whole thing is well executed


Slappy_Pistons Ice Age

Yes...the electronics infest and kill prokaryots.


jbfromsiliconvalley Actually not that rare, you will see  them on Ebay and located in Califa

here's an importer but in Canada


Video please.


The effort that went into buliding this machine is beyond description. I'm in love!


The effort that went into buliding this machine is beyond description. I'm in love!


"Trust it sideways" but no actual pictures of it going sideways......... :(


Why not just buy a non-Cozzie Sierra if you're going to put in a 2.5 Audio engine? I stopped reading at that point.


Why not just buy a non-Cozzie Sierra if you're going to put in a 2.5 Audio engine? I stopped reading at that point.


that radiator and fan set up is interesting though. Wonder how cool it stays/performs compared to a traditional front mounted one


that radiator and fan set up is interesting though. Wonder how cool it stays/performs compared to a traditional front mounted one


Ain't got any good videos but got this so you could hear it at least


FAGMODE/FULLMODE. I see what you did there ;)


This car are just amazing! I have a great day then i shooting it this spring at Tierp Arena. You can read full story now in Performance Ford UK and in Bilsport Magazine 30 April


Two things
First did you snap a pic of his other car
2 this needs a video


well now you've done it. this is my new favorite thing ever on earth ever.


JockeStigenberg Sounds exactly like it should... (like half of a V10)!!


John Key NZ Because buying a Sierra when you are building an Escort doesn't make any sense.
On a serious note, if you read the article you would have known that he actually went with the YB engine at first.
If you want to use an YB to reach the same power and reliability, then good luck to you sir.


what sounds better than a five cyl turbo? a six cyl turbo... nice!


Thats just awsome man!


While I'm in awe of the tenacity of the guy and love the car, this is a lesson for me in how NOT to approach a build.
It would surely have been cheaper and easier to start with a gtr and fit the escort body. Or at least start with a non-cosworth base.
Great work but he did it the hard way.


iDraw Wow!


@naim John Key NZ One of those long term project things... Plans change over ten years.


JockeStigenberg Thanks for building such a monster Jocke, looking forward to seeing it in person next season.


Slappy_Pistons Ice Age nailed it.


Mahfoodh When I first saw it in person at Elmia earlier this year, it blew my mind and instantly became my favourite thing at the show, which is saying something...


Yeah dude i just hope for 2016 will be a tireslayer year with less problems;) looking forward to see ya!


Yeah dude i just hope for 2016 will be a tireslayer year with less problems;) looking forward to see ya!


Yeah dude i just hope for 2016 will be a tireslayer year with less problems;) looking forward to see ya!


Yes! YES! This is the kind of car I visit this site to see. A Ford body with an Audi engine, a Nissan drivetrain and a whole lot of custom stuff going on in between. I love it. I love everything about it, even those sorta out of place taillights and that exhaust tunnel that'll probably cook the passengers' feet. Exactly how does one go ahead and graft an entire ATTESA system in the car? Is it complete with accelerometers, gyroscopic, throttle position sensors and all? How is the front diff strengthened? Was there any trouble getting the front driveshafts through the sump? How was it done? So may questions.....

Jorge and Stellan, great job here; this is the first actively interesting modified car I've seen on this site since that SAAB-swapped MkI Escort, another Gatebil car.

And to the builder/owner/operator: congratulations for putting together such an astounding automobile and thank you for sharing it with us. (As an aside, though, what's the Fagmode switch for? I can guess, but I just kinda felt I had to ask)


JoeOlSoulR So much video required! Would love to hear this thing!


John Key NZ Gotta love pissing of the purists. This man ^ has clearly never had a dream.




the thing on the manifold with 3 springs.
is that some kind of overboost failsafe?


JockeStigenberg Holy crap! This thing is absolutely amazing. Awesome work!


No sideways photo? :(


geronimoblaas Scroll down in the comments to check out a very cool sideways photo that Jocke has posted!


geronimoblaas Scroll down in the comments to check out a very cool sideways photo that Jocke has posted!


Damn that is awesome! Nice one iDraw!


Because it was a progressional build, the gtr drivetrain came quite a way into the build


Chri5 Duncan jbfromsiliconvalley 

that link is horrible! hate seeing those cars cut in half. and yes I know the shitty reasons why they are imported like this. (usually not because they were rear end write offs)


Chri5 Duncan jbfromsiliconvalley 

that link is horrible! hate seeing those cars cut in half. and yes I know the shitty reasons why they are imported like this. (usually not because they were rear end write offs)


skunkworkssr71, Yeah, I was referring to clips for engine swaps, but you will be seeing more complete cars now that the R32 is within the 25 year rule. In fact I saw one on the street just a week ago.


skunkworkssr71, Yeah, I was referring to clips for engine swaps, but you will be seeing more complete cars now that the R32 is within the 25 year rule. In fact I saw one on the street just a week ago.


Wonder how they mounted the front diff since the r34 diff is part of the oil pan on that car. This article is sort of weak since there's no pics of the suspension and that's one of the most heavily modified parts of the car. Of the very few places that Speedhunters fails, this is probably the most frequent one. 17 full body shots, not one single suspension pic.


There you go mate


JockeStigenberg Thanks, that looks really nice. It's interesting to me since I'm building a AWD 280Z with a BNR32 drivetrain and suspension. I had to move the diff forward on the oil pan to keep the engine back in the engine bay, the Skyline front axle is further back than the Z. 

I'm also curious how you mounted the suspension. I didn't have much trouble mounting the rear subframe but in the front had to graft the Skyline front chassis clip onto the Z in order to use the front strut towers and frame rails.


Chri5 Duncan JockeStigenberg  Great projects, gentlemen. JockeStigenberg this car is amazing, hats off to you for the sheer amount of work and brilliance that went into making this vehicle and actually driving it is a major plus dude. And Chri5 Duncan your car sounds like it should be an animal when finished, keep going. 

What are you guys doing about the ATTESA computers, though? Are y'all using aftermarket controllers or using a modified OEM system? as far as I understand it, the OE accelerometer, throttle position sensor, ABS wheel speed sensor and lateral-G sensor are crucial for the systems' proper engagement; are you ditching them in favour of an aftermarket system like Full Race' ETS-PRO standalone controller or something similar?


Yea i agree. Wrecked a great/rare escort cosworth but oh well have fun


I'm very interested in the oil pump drive. Any pictures of that during assembly?


@chris thats correct just to save the intake maifold if it backfires... sorry for late answer

best regards


JohnCodyForbes hey dude i think i have posted some at my sites at facebook..
trustitsideways or smudgedesigns if not... contact me at smudgedesigns and i will try to answer all you questions


Chri5 Duncan okey:) sounds greit man! i just machined in skyline hubs in to fordhubs.. and builded a new sets off tca,s caster arms and fitted it togheter with a knife antirollbar i fabricated... did a spacer for the left driveshaft aswell


the car was very good 
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