Altitude Attack:</br> Jeff Zwart’s Peak Performance

There have been many epic short films made at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb over the years – from Jean Louis Mourney’s award-winning Climb Dance featuring Ari Vatanen, to more simplistic in-car experiences, like Red Bull’s POV vision of Sébastien Loeb’s record-obliterating run in 2013. We’re adding Will Roegge’s latest to the list.

With Jeff Zwart and his monster turbo Porsche GT3 Cup car as the subject, Roegge captured the action and ambience of the team’s 2015 PPIHC Time Attack 1 class win from multiple camera viewpoints, and has wrapped it all up in the stunning 4K clip below.

Hit play and enjoy – we did!

The Speedhunters



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Jeff Zwart my hero! :)


Watching him Heel/Toe the downshifts was great. I really expected the car to have a PDK box like the latest gen cup cars. Knowing that he did it 'old school' makes it even more enjoyable.



You work is amazing!!!


Breathtaking video work! Awesome driving! #joyofmachine achieved!


the car was very good 
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