The Mini Monsta

Here’s a small bit of advice for you: never underestimate little cars. It’s something that I’ve come across countless times over the years, especially so in Japan where you really have no idea what people have done to their respective cars. When it comes to Minis, it was well over a decade ago that I saw a crazy van version of the familiar British city car blast past pretty much every single car on the Nordschleife. The ‘Ring Mini was the perfect example of what a lightweight car can be made to do when there’s something nuts under the bonnet and someone equally crazy behind the wheel.


So when I came across a car dubbed ‘Mini Monsta’ at Malaysia’s recent Art of Speed event, I had to take extra special notice. After a quick chat with the man behind the project, I was shown around what will no doubt be a very fun little beast once it’s fully completed.


Powering the tiny front wheels is a Japanese-sourced Daihatsu L700 1.0-liter block which has been mated to a heavily-reworked L200S head to get the best possible flow. The internals are all forged, because as you can see there’s some forced induction going on here too.


Mounted on the custom exhaust manifold is an HKS GT2510 turbocharger which will be supplying around 1.5bar (22psi) in the lowest setting and around 2.0bar (29psi) at full whack – which should equate to about 150hp and 200hp respectively. Even though it’s possible to go crazier, the owner is after reliability rather than an engine that will just keep grenading all the time. Apparently people have pushed similar setups to 300hp, which is not bad from a 1.0-liter lump!


The little intake manifold that’s on the engine now will be scrapped in favour of a custom fabricated item and then re-plumbed with all the necessary piping. A Haltech Sport 1000 engine management system will also be in the mix, so it’s easy to see that no corners are being cut.


The scoop on the bonnet is there for a reason – it’ll supply cool air to an RNN14 Nissan Pulsar GTiR intercooler that will be positioned on top of the engine.


That’s why the front grille almost looks like it’s been sealed up, but behind it there will still be a small radiator and oil cooler making full use of the air that gets through. The car will also be fitted with an A/C system, which is actually mandatory for street cars in Malaysia. Why? #becausedamnhot!


The JRD 5-spoke wheels are custom order items and have been shod in 175/50R13 Yokohama A539 rubber.


Once the engine’s running it will be onto the suspension with a long list of parts already waiting to be fitted. First though, the owner wants to see how the car feels and handles with all that power (for the compact FF chassis) so he can install and adjust the shiny new parts as he sees fit. The gearbox and LSD are also special order components, and there to make sure that the driveline is able to take all the abuse the engine can throw at it.


The car runs a full Zeemax body kit which includes tasty fender flares that help give the little classic Mini a menacing stance. The flat black color helps too!


The attention to detail continues inside with a very clean and properly-equipped cabin.


Seeing the owner runs parts import company JDM Auto Link, it’s not surprising that there are a lot of Japanese modules being used, like the A’PEXi meters and a GReddy boost controller. The main instrumentation however, is via Auto Meter Pro-Comp gauges as you can see above.


The nice touches continue to the smallest details. This will definitely be one car I’ve got to take a ride in next time I’m over in KL, and I’m sure it will end up embarrassing a few high horsepower cars in its various outings! To me, Mini Monsta proves that the only real thing you really need to build a seriously fast car is imagination.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

Art of Speed 2015 on Speedhunters
Art of Speed Official Website



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Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Giant killer anybody?


Have you guys checked Project Binky by Bad Obsession Motorsports? That car you should do a full feature for once it's done. This project you spotlighted is good, but if you think it's crazy, think again...

Project AT180R

Is these wheels still manufactured bu JRD? What name of this model?


he should have put in a Nissan March superturbo engine. Supercharger and turbo charger stock. That little car was a beast


Lightweight car + turbo + FWD = endless wheel spin. Best of luck getting traction.


I agree, check Binky from bad obsession Motorsport, that is a million times more impressive then this one.


jdizzlemo Not when you have awesome electronics at you disposal. Oh and a proper LSD (see new Honda Civic Type-R ...)


ryukyustriker I have never heard of that? Enlighten me please


Project AT180R Maybe the owner can chime in on this


@Frank1996 Is it Malaysia?


mrBlonde This is a private project, not a tuning shop demo car. For how impressive the one you are talking about surely is, I was hunting for cars at a show in Malaysia, not in the UK ;)


speedhunters_dino ryukyustriker from this Nissan I guess.


I have turbo fwd 380whp hatch suzuki, wheelspin is crazy.. But there are ways.. Now fitting 3.94 final and front wheel 17x9 on 235/40/17. It least it felt a lil bit tamed now for a daily ride..


It is running a set of brand new Nissan March Super Turbo Pistons. That's as close as it gets to having some Nissan genes in there.


speedhunters_dino ryukyustriker  1988 Micra R (EK10FR) featured the same highly advanced sequential compound charged (supercharger plus turbocharger) engine in an all-aluminium straight-4 930 cc 8-valve 4-cylinder Nissan MA MA09ERT unit that produced 110 PS JIS (81 kW/108 hp) at 6400 rpm. This car came with either a 3-speed automatic or 5-speed manual gearbox with viscous limited slip differential. The Micra Superturbo still holds the crown for the fastest production Micra in Nissan's history, with factory performance figures of 7.7 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) and 15.5 seconds to run a quarter mile. It has a top speed of 180 km/h (112 mph). Nissan launched a limited 10,000 unit. My friend had it and he would beat the crap out of FC RX-7's in Japan. There was a protocart that had this engine in the unlimited class for Gymkana and it would dominate.


Project AT180R , these are no longer manufactured. Even these sets are custom ordered in these PCD and spec. Only did 5 units. One as a spare.


What is that thing at the top of the steering wheel? Turbo encabulator management system?

Project AT180R

Thanks for your replies sir!!


Sorry, did not want offend. It's easy to get jaded at my age and don't even blink an eye at these kind of builds anymore. But this is a cool little car. Keep posting new and weird stuff from all corners of the globe, dino.


Not any kind of fanboi or anything. But I understand that honda swap kit are very common for these cars. Why not just swap in a b series and keep it n/a for the same power goal?


mazdaspeeder86, because it has been done all over the world and as mentioned, is a common swap. So why not something a bit different. :P


MichaelMcCarty The steering wheel isn't attached - It's hanging off the Steering wheel boss! It looked wierd to me too so I had a closer look!


mrBlonde Binky is nothing short of amazing! I can not wait for the next installment of the build video!


the car was very good 
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