Few mechanical processes out there seem to cause more contention than Honda’s brilliant VTEC variable valve system. There’s nothing quite like a Honda-bashing meme popping up on a newsfeed to get our eyes rolling and we’ve never quite grasped why so many people like to poke fun at Civics, Integras, S2000s and their amazing high-revving, efficient powerplants.


We have a sneaking suspicion, however, that the people that like to mock the house of VTEC and the cars that it powers, probably haven’t ever driven – let alone been passenger in – a properly tuned example. For the enlightened enthusiast, there’s nothing like the sound and kick of a howling Honda VTEC motor as it rips through the rev range on its way towards somewhere north of 8,000rpm.


So with that in mind, this month we decided to give a little love to the VTEC community, and invite all you Honda-heads out there to submit your own builds to be showcased at the end of the month on Speedhunters.com.


Spent endless months in the body shop creating an inch-perfect Civic with a crazy show-worthy engine bay?


Maybe you’ve gone in the opposite direction and pulled some kind of Frankenstein motor together using whatever you can find for your track hack?


Perhaps it’s a tidy balance of all of the above…


Or maybe your VTEC motor isn’t in a Honda at all…


Turbocharged, supercharged or gulping down natural atmosphere – we want to see it all!

If you want to take part in this story, we’d love to hear from you! Here’s what to do:

  • E-mail your submissions to iamthespeedhunter@speedhunters.com with the exact subject line of  ‘VTEC Submission’.
  • For this theme, we want you to select 3-6 high resolution images to send to us. Please include a range of different shots if possible. They don’t have to be professional pictures, although higher quality images will be more likely considered for publication.
  • Tell us your name, location and some information about your build or project.
  • Attach the images directly to the email, ensuring your images are a minimum of 1920PX on the longest side. Ideally they should be RESIZED to 1920 x 1280PX.
  • Make sure the image is free of any distracting watermarks. Don’t worry, we will make sure you are properly credited.
  • If you haven’t taken the images yourself, we’ll need to know the name of the photographer (please make sure you have their permission to use the images) to credit them accordingly.
  • Closing date for submissions is June 21st 2015.

Like always, we’re looking forward to seeing what pops up in our IATS inbox!

Peter Kelly
Instagram: speedhunters_pedey


We created #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER to allow you the opportunity to share your skills and car culture experiences from around the globe with the rest of the Speedhunters audience.

How do you get involved? It’s simple…

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Old cars with new wheels always makes me smile. It usually is a signal that something else modern is influencing the build.


plain awesome, cant wait to see some EGs!

hash the toyota man

Too bad the new type R wont rev to the stratosphere U0001f611still cool though


I just picked up an 08 Si Sedan.  Looking forward to reading about these builds!


they are mocking the honda engines because they have less torque than horsepower..
and in real life, noone uses a car at 7000rpm


And real life racing you do use above 7000 in a honda. Quite often if u track the car.


What happened to your writer with the green EK? Is he still contributing to SH? Maybe i missed his articles


@Frozenstar you do have to rev the Hell out of a honda engine (that's N/A) to get the power........ but that's most of the fun. Beat the crap out of it, rev it until you feel like it's going to spin apart and explode, then do it all over again. I miss my GSR powered EF hatch. By far the funnest FWD car I've owned.


Can we send in photo submissions even if we don't own the cars? I have photos from some shows I've attended that I would love to submit.


My Honda doesn't rev to 8k... but it makes 300 foot lb of torque naturally aspirated!


Where I come from, most enthusiasts recognize the amazing engineering of Hondas (particularly the engines).  The bulk of the ridicule originates from the manner in which many of the vehicles are modded/maintained. Thus, the jokes and or hate tends to be aimed more at the owner rather than the machine. All of which makes seeing properly sorted Hondas at car meets, auto shows, and track days all the more refreshing.


@Frozenstar You are not taking into account gearing. The stupid old man saying of "don`t fear the gear" is true.  With a proper 4.78 final drive, with LSD...AND a reliable peaky motor such as one built buy HONDA is a GOOD PACKAGE.  I almost regularly zing my gsr swapped "ek" to "7000rpm" on a daily basis (it has over 160k on it now btw).  A daily driven car with an 8500rpm redline....what is not to like?

Torque wins races blah blah blah.  When will this old man mentality end?  The 60s was a long time ago. Gearing is your friend, a good final drive yields good acceleration PERIOD.  Even with a "POS" no torque honda engine.  Keep your head in the sand, while I continue to enjoy my zippy hemi killer.


Bobby Lane Racing My 800cc pre-TEC revs to 10,000 and makes nearly 100bhp per liter. When its running that is...


Might have to apply for this one, got some f20c powered ke30 corolla pics, fd2 K20a Rotrex supercharged and a couple other rad little Hondas I can submit. I love the concept of #iamthespeedhunter


Ooooh!! I'm in! I can't wait for this one. :D


jdizzlemo I've always wanted to drive a honda hard. The set up you described sounds like a blast!  There's something about hondas i cant put my finger on.


hehehehehe....finally. speedhunters, there should be a bit of honda love in nfs....just sayin :)


bluestreaksti jdizzlemo i understand what you're all saying, but in the REAL LIFE, on the road, if you drive a small japanese hatch over 7000rpm, people will assume you're an idiot.. or at least a kid.


That 510 for daily... anyone?


etoomeyaacc Honda engines are among the few you can drive 2 hours to a track, do hundreds of hot laps, and drive home, maybe adding in half a quart of oil midway through the day.


I recently bought a 88 Si CR-X dohc ZC and it is a cut cat that keeps up with almost all of my mates holden/gm Buick V6's, mitsi's and nissans. It just loves hitting the 7200 rpm red line,  and I find great enjoyment getting it there (in a flash too!)


Come to the hills. We're over 7000rpms all night long. And still averaging 25mpg with a 200k mile engine.
And don't forget the Preludes. Them H22s had damn good torque, VTEC, and handled on par with Porsches.


So does this mean a feature on the f20 powered 32 ford?


@Frozenstar bluestreaksti jdizzlemo I think the opposite, nowadays if you're rocking a Honda with a screaming engine, most of the kids would call you old lol. A lot of younger guys are into drifting and EVERYTHING is turbocharged. Nothing like a good old N/A honda engine, it's one of the most recognizable sounds in the car world.


I'm not a Honda owner but I would love to see people posting the underrated engines such as the D series or the R series. :)


Looking forward to seeing some S2000 goodness!


Of course I'm looking forward to this... that's a H22-powered fourth-gen Accord in my avatar. Too bad I'm only just getting started with my project; going for 250ish whp (naturally aspirated of course, for me it can't be any other way with a Honda), in a wagon that can be competitive around a track but also made very comfortable inside for road trips. Hopefully one day I'll have you guys hounding me for a feature, lol.


My 1st car was 91 Civic D14 dual carb, then i upgraded to a Civic EG with a B16A1 four door version, then a few years later trade it for a Prelude BB6 with a H22 wich i stiil own to this day, then an Accord wagon with a K24 that i traded for something more eco friendly, a Civic FD3 hybrid, in the meantime my brother has a Civic FN2 Type R and a CRZ, my father as an Accord S diesel, so to say that i'm dying to see what comes up is an understatement. Had a few more cars VW, Fiat, Citroen and Opel, loved some more then others, but Hondas are always in my heart, theres nothing like the sound of it's engines. I still own a few and probably continue till the day i die. Bring it on please.


This is awesome can't wait for all this inspiration coming my way right now !


Seriously hoping for some Hachis !


Thinking I should enter the "black terd" to be featured. Nothin says Rice like a gutted v-tech swapped ef with the cheapest of craigslist and ebay parts... hahahaha


Protesting Honda til they bring the CTR to North America.....or til I have to get to work in my DC5, whichever happens 1st.


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