A Kevlar-Wearing Cayman S

There were probably 100 different cars worth highlighting from Wörthersee, all for varying reasons of style, stance and power. Honestly, I shot enough material that I could probably have turned this into Wörtherseehunters for the foreseeable future. But I won’t. I think discretion when covering these large events is the best option, but I do want to share with you one more car as part of our event coverage before we release the feature cars over the coming months…

2015 Porsche Cayman S RAD48 Worthersee PMcG-9

My memories of the week are vague – the days in my recollection have all blurred into one. There was one event that sticks out though, and that was the Low Familia meet which was held in Reifnitz on the Tuesday afternoon.

2015 Porsche Cayman S RAD48 Worthersee PMcG-3

The gathering stood out for many reasons. The queue just to park your car within the boundaries of the meet was epic, but the cars inside the green area were simply on another level. In any other country and on any other day you would have quite happily paid to see these cars. On this day, it was free.

2015 Porsche Cayman S RAD48 Worthersee PMcG-5

Whilst there were many standouts, RAD48’s mustard green Porsche Cayman S was grabbing a lot of attention. I lost count of how many times it popped up on my social media feeds during the week, and I received a few requests to take a closer look at it.

2015 Porsche Cayman S RAD48 Worthersee PMcG-6

I guess we should start with the ride height, or the temporary lack thereof. From previous research, it’s actually quite tricky to create a functioning air ride system on a Cayman, due to how tightly packaged they are from the factory. Mario Mattick, the owner, chose a custom HP Drivetech system with AccuAir management.

2015 Porsche Cayman S RAD48 Worthersee PMcG-2

Mario explained to me that although the car can park and drive quite low, the setup is performance orientated and allows him to still drive the car fast. With this, he gets the best of both worlds – ideal for a street legal car (especially when you discover how difficult the police can be in Europe).

2015 Porsche Cayman S RAD48 Worthersee PMcG-7

The wheels are RAD48’s own BR series and run some pretty wild dish front and rear. They measure in at 20×10-inch at the front with an offset of +20, but the rear is where the party is happening. The numbers: 21×12.5-inch with a final offset of -3.

2015 Porsche Cayman S RAD48 Worthersee PMcG-12

The Cayman’s bodywork has been accented with subtle Kevlar additions, created by Form & Function of Chemnitz, Germany. There’s a front splitter with matching Kevlar side splitters, rear diffuser and rear wing. Not to forget the ducktail spoiler too.

2015 Porsche Cayman S RAD48 Worthersee PMcG-4

The stock Cayman S puts down around 291hp/251ft-lb, which is plenty of power to enjoy the chassis. Mario wanted to improve on the factory figures without going too wild – for now – and has extracted another 20 horsepower with a custom exhaust system and an ECU re-map.

2015 Porsche Cayman S RAD48 Worthersee PMcG-11

I’m really enjoying seeing what people are doing with contemporary sportscars these days. I can understand why some would be aghast at the idea of putting a Cayman on air ride, but considering Porsche themselves offer their own products on air (Cayenne, Panamera etc.) it’s not really that offensive when you think about it. There’s even rumours within the industry of Porsche preparing an air ride option for the 911…

It sure as hell beats them staying stock and unloved.

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos



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Great article, great car, and great story as always. Keep it up Speedhunters!!


I don't completely disagree with the sentiment, but let's not assume that a stock car is unloved.


Form and Function? Where the hell is the function in that bagged thing? Atleast no function as a Porsche anymore :(




Everyone has their own opinion about function; I'm sure your definition about function is different, but the owner defines his by being able to drive fast.


Does not say anything about flared fenders, but I guess the car is sporting some serious custom flares.

turbo BEAMS ae86

well, nice quality work..


just another car from another guy who lets others do the work and don´t know shit


@ericlastname PupNacke

buuut you can't drive fast like that. I mean you could, but it would be quite expensive after all the damage incurred hahah.



Plus all of the extra weight and crap from the bag setup sure isn't going to help.


@vortiX Built not bought is the biggest crock of BS leading to rift in the car community. Some people don't have the time/space/ability to work on their own cars to create it exactly they way they want. That doesn't make them lesser enthusiasts than you or I because the people who push boundaries with their builds are the ones who spend the money. 
Paddy stated that this was one of the most shared cars in his social feed and what it boils down to is that the car (not the person) made people feel something. Whether they built it over ten years in their back yard or payed to have it done for them by professionals (who make a living off that sort of thing you know) that's what matters enjoying it for themselves and maybe, just maybe making people say "whoa".


It's different.

At this point, that's good enough for me.

Could've been the nine hundred and eleventh...911.


I see form. Where's the function.


@ericlastname PupNacke WHOOAAAA driving fast = functional? My mom's Jeep can hit 150. That's pretty fast. Such a functional car.

I guess being able to move counts as being "functional."


Am I the only one that would take a Cayman over a modern 911? They look so much cooler, imo. I'm not the type that could leave a car unmodified to begin with, so factory power isn't something I ever consider.

And yeah, you can see that the fenders are custom - at least the rears where the corners of the taillights tuck in.

turbo BEAMS ae86

CyborgGT 2d gen, sure

turbo BEAMS ae86

@DriveCircles GT wing men  :P


@vortiX In some ways people work hard to pay someone to "build" their car to their own spec. So yes it's bought, but not in a bought in a showroom way. That's how tuning/specialty shops earn a living to create show cars and support drifting/racing projects.


@DriveCircles Like gaijin getting kanji tatoo, possibly there just because Englisch ist cool da? That thing in the trunk needs to be hidden away in shame, not displayed. Once again a perfect demonstration of the inverse proportionality of taste and money...


@vortiX  Just another guy trolling on the interwebz


wow this might get me stoked on the new porsches.. i'm a 996 fanboi myself


CyborgGT NO you are not. Me too!

turbo BEAMS ae86

@Kuroneko wdf? almost all german under 50 understanding english


@turbo BEAMS ae86 I know, it was a joke. There's a Toyota Celsior parked next to my house in Shibuya with a Nurburgring sticker on it, and some nonsense German. They come from the same school of automotive modifications. I think it started in the 1980s with all those red 'Turbo' badges...


CyborgGT I'm with you too, and watching the values closely....


PowerTryp good point.
The Problem is, i know the guy. He rents the garage next to mine.
And he´s a dickhead. Claims he has done all by himself, but doens´t know shit about the stuff.
If he would stay there, sayin "i just made the plan, others did the work"...but he doesn´t.
Thats my prob. The car itself is sick, like his new style.
Oh and i forgot...the money for the car isn´t heard earned ;)


it would have been better without the lame gt wing. the duck bill would have been fine and the front lip looks awful it looks like more money than actual sense. i get that people wanna be different but this has pieces that are really awsome but execution is gotti. like if you asked the owner about the car he would just tell you the cost of everything and nothing truly important.my opinion though


So much want U0001f60d, I know some people think putting a cayman on air is wrong, but a top notch air set up rides and handles just as well as most coilovers for road use. I would have this over a modern 911 all day!


lasty1977 you said it perfect "i so much want". guilty pleasure. i love it so good


Dude... Paddy, again? We talked about this like a month ago man?


I like that r8 that's in front of it a lot.


When you stretch tires that much they loose a significant amount of traction. Nice looking car though, especially like the shade of the light covers. But those wheel centers are UGLY, the dish looks nice though. A spoiler and a wing look kind of off also.


Speedhunters.com love Porsche so mush , I think.


@yoshi_w PupNacke Maybe if you were a real racecar driver, pushing this car to 10/10ths and past. Us normal folks aren't really gonna push the car so hard that we will see the fail point of modern bag systems. In fact, many air suspension systems are pretty damn good nowadays in the performance department.

Bagged does not mean it's broken. And before you call me an airbag afficionado, II drive my lowered car static. I just keep an open and knowledgeable mind.


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