Shift Pattern: Long Live Larry

As Speedhunters, our daily gig usually involves pointing cameras at all sorts of interesting machinery – but it’s not too often the cameras get pointed at us. In this video from Shift Pattern, our own Larry Chen is the subject, and in it he tells the story of his Ole Orange Bang Datsun 240Z and gives some insight on his beginnings and experience as a Speedhunter and professional car photographer.

Even when Larry’s not Speedhunting – he’s still Speedhunting, and I think when you watch this video you’ll understand what I mean by that.


Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike



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Hats off to you Larry!!! I hope you and ole orange bang keep goin strong for you sir have found what all car enthusiast are looking for the car to never sell but love until the end. cheers and good luck!


Great video, really good way to view things.
Love the car too.


I got worried for a second there, I thought Larry was leaving SH!


Those last few words in that video make me wish I could take back every time I've ever "hated on" anyone in any car forum for anything ever.

Larry.... your a good dude. Keep doing the thing your doing. Its a good thing and your good at it.


Nice --- Real NICE


rad. everyone classic car owner should watch this


Awesome, i enjoyed this alot. but at the same time made me feel sick thinking about my S3 Rx7 that got stolen last year.


You should post Car Bros videos here, MIKE! They need to see!


What a lovely video Larry. Long live Ole Orange Bang!


God that SR20 really makes the Z sing.


Wow! Ole Orange Bang sounds great! Love it!


This is awesome!


Great piece SH & Shift Pattern! Glad to see the old Z is run strong!


This is so awesome! I love what Speedhunters stands for and how much it has opened me up to the world of automotive in general. It helps me keep my own dreams alive, learn more, connect with people, and just generally feed the need to immerse myself as an automotive enthusiast. Larry, hearing you talk about how your career has come to be and seeing you with the Ole Bang really just speaks for itself, you seem like such a good dude and you have an awesome attitude about what you do. I can't wait for the day I can own my own toy, whatever it may be, so I can experience true #joyofmachine and share my experiences with others. I must say I'm a little jealous of those canyon roads you are near... we don't have anything like that where I am in Ontario.


LouisYio We'll have to see. The comments would be amazing!

Tasos Papazachariou

loslogo Omg... :(


Bang on when talking about Speedhunters allowing us to see car culture from all over the world. We are exposed to everything we could ever imagine! brilliant video, brilliant car, brilliant guy.


Yeah....Mr. Larry!   :)


Awesome video!!!!! I hope one day to build my car up and enjoy her for many years.


I drive a 1972 240z of a similar color. This video was a joy to watch. I think I'll take Charmander for a good drive tomorrow.




[hater] Why why why do they have to play that flaccid cardboard music over the whole thing?  The cars should provide the soundtrack :/ [/hater]


Nice. Real nice vid.


Very very nice, great to see the man behind the lens,
I soon hope to have a job that shouldn't exist


MrSOLOMON85 haha, they wish they could get rid of me :D


eejjkk Thanks man. It makes sense right? Just because you like a certain type of car culture, you wouldn't like if some outsider came in to bash on it. They should enjoy it just as much because you enjoy it yourself.


loslogo That sucks. I swear I chain my car to the foundation of my house.


Mike Garrett Our audience would love it. Just as much as they love Orange Chicken.


matthewyaa That is really it, when you do get a car that you fall in love with, It will be so much fun to take it for a drive with no destination. You may not have canyon roads near you, but you can always find a nice place to drive to even if it's further away. Getting there is half the fun anyways.


bearclaw_18 Thanks for the support!


kevintk Thanks for keeping it on the road!


StreetStatik haha!


As a long-time reader after reading/seeing your video Larry I felt it was time to come out and post.

Larry, your 240z is most definitely 'pretty' in my eyes. Damn near perfect IMO. Yes, I'm biased in that I have a similar orange '72 Datsun, 510 to be exact. Even the stance and wheels are close to my setup.

I like how you managed to get the SR20DET to sound more classic to suit the car, did it take much time selecting the exhaust?


Great story and car!
I was luck enough to drive a 1978 280Z in High School in the 80's. That car was tons of fun.


i always go up 39 to in my 85 celica hoping to see your s30


Is that Mark Arcenals Sr, i only ask because that looks like the same one out of his old fd car.


Very nice video, I would like to have something older and japanese and of course RWD in the my future garage :-)

Long Live Larry & Ole Orange Bang!


Enjoyed very much.  Maybe see you at a Willow Track day?


Enjoyed very much.  Maybe see you at a Willow Track day?


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