Riding Around With An Armed Escort
Slant Style

There are always certain cars that stand out at shows. The reasons why depend on the frequencies of your own individual ‘car radar’: a particular make for instance, a shiny engine bay or enormous turbo, an outrageous body kit or rare instance of a classic. Then there are cars that stand out on track; it could be the sound, the poise through corners or the obvious commitment of the driver inside.

What’s less usual is if the same car figures in both dimensions. That’s what you’ve got here: a MkII Ford Escort RS2000 that shines like the sun yet howls like a demon when it hits the track.

Ford Escort MK2 20

On my own personal car radar, hot Fords will always trigger a massive signal return. It’s a family thing, typical of most marque adherents, that figures lowered and tuned Anglias, a Capri, Fiesta XR2 and 2.0-litre Sierra on my parents’ driving list. But the force of Escorts was strong in me. The first family Ford I was bundled into was a humble MkII Escort, and I remember being left slack-jawed after a ride in a MkIII Escort RS Turbo. The wheel-spin that continued gear after gear and the smoke we left in our trail, the turbo pressure gauge going wild and the (for the time) face-melting acceleration.

Ford Escort MK2 06

The owner of this particularly potent MkII, Jamie Gough, had a similar introduction to his Ford education. One of his older brothers owned an RS Turbo – one of three specially blueprinted by Ford Motorsport, and competed in various national race series for Fords. Their group of friends formed HT Racing, which included Ford engine specialist Aaron Tucker, and even after his brother stopped racing Jamie continued to hang out with the team as they raced around the place.

Nine years back, the inevitable happened. At HT Racing headquarters with a friend who was looking to buy a car, Jamie spotted this Escort, also up for sale as a part-finished project. That was that – the car was bought there and then.

Ford Escort MK2 13

It was originally a straight-up road car, but had been converted for racing. The log book showed that it was delivered new as a Pinto-engined RS2000 – one of Ford’s classic slant-nose specials. The strengthening in the engine bay backed that up, but it had been temporarily converted to a flat front and nose-coned to save weight. It had also been fitted with a 2.1-litre Pinto, but the project needed serious tidying up, painting, and new wheels.

Ford Escort MK2 17

What you see here is the latest evolution in a process that started almost as soon as Jamie got his hands on the car. Restoring the slant-nose look was just the first step. The original X-Pack wide-body kit, complete with its Ford badges, is still recognisable, but it’s been gently teased out inch by inch.

Jamie might nonchalantly use words like ‘chopping’ and ‘playing about’, but the end result shows that’s being beyond modest. Working with his paint-shop colleague Kevin, each panel alteration has been meticulously finished – which is where the perfectionist, show-car finish to every performance modification becomes clear.

Ford Escort MK2 42

The attention to detail means that Jamie’s subtly muscled up the poise of the car without compromising an authentic RS2000 look. From the side, you still have the instantly recognisable, sharp lines of the MkII, just sitting considerably lower and more aggressively than standard.

Ford Escort MK2 37

It’s only from certain angles where you can see just how much the arches have been pushed out. It’s about 2.5 inches wider out back, and he’s in the process of applying a similar anti-diet to the front fenders. That’s allowed a much wider rubber to be bolted on: now 12.5-inch rears where originally there were 10-inchers.

Ford Escort MK2 02

The wheels are from Image, 3-piece split rims with IFX centres. The centres used to be black, but the white works with the car’s more street style. I’m not sure if this Escort is a sleeper racer or a sleeper street car – it works on both levels.

Ford Escort MK2 21

The well-meaning devil on Jamie’s shoulder is called Adrian Hall, he of the wild flat-nose MkII that can be considered almost the older, brasher sister to Jamie’s car. Jamie talks about Adrian with a chuckle, explaining the exuberance of the latter and how he has to resist Adrian’s urges to go full-on, attack-ship-on-fire with his own MkII. The two work closely together: Adrian’s helped out with a number of aspects on Jamie’s car, using the expertise he’s built up over the years.

There’s no either/or reaction here. I love that Adrian’s Escort has metamorphosed into a carbon-laden space frame rocketship (as does Jamie himself), but I also love Jamie’s restraint and will to keep his car within far more subtle boundaries.

Performance Priority
Ford Escort MK2 45

Last year saw a major step change, with the car stripped back for a complete interior refit. That was one of the times where Adrian’s mischievousness came to the fore: the extent of the work made Jamie take the plunge of swapping the original battered steel roof for a carbon panel. It’s a scary thing to undertake, so with Adrian’s willingness to wield the cutters Jamie sent the car over – only to be gleefully sent a picture of his brutalised car with the top cut off…

Of course the end result is perfect, the new roof seamlessly let in and saving yet more precious kilograms.

Ford Escort MK2 08

Add that to the fibreglass bonnet, boot and fenders, plus the polycarbonate windows, and you end up with a car that’s thought to tip the scales at barely 800kg. When we talk about the engine you’ll see just why this car is such a demon on track.

Ford Escort MK2 16

Out back, the period-style ducktail spoiler is the only adornment – other than that it’s more about what’s been taken off. A big wing might shave off tenths, but that would be a compromise too far in aesthetic terms. Again, I just love how the dedication to making this car perform as well as possible isn’t allowed to run roughshod over the idea of keeping RS2000 style.

Ford Escort MK2 29

Jamie’s reticence to go too far off reservation stylistically means that there’s also a good deal of the old car remaining underneath as well. It looks like an RS2000 on the outside, but even under the skin Jamie has tried to keep the heart of the car intact.

If you take off the wings and panels there are still the inner steel wings and rear three-quarter panel outlines, although they have been altered – particularly as the arches are all tubbed. The floor pan and boot floor are still intact (though the latter is another bit that Adrian keeps trying to wield a cutter at).

Ford Escort MK2 44

The interior strip-down led to a substantial change in the feel of the cockpit, with the pure white finish highlighting the additional bracing and detailing. Following on from the approach to the exterior, the cockpit is understated and equipped for function – low on bling, high on accessibility and effectiveness.

Ford Escort MK2 09

The basic switchgear is mounted on carbon panelling; race-spec Stack gauges are complemented by the snap-off Sparco wheel. There’s a plumbed-in fire extinguisher system in the passenger space, along with an Optima Red Top battery, and the harnesses extend back horizontally to the rear-most cross-bar of the cage.

Ford Escort MK2 30

Unbeknownst to Jamie, whilst his fabricator was working on the cross-bracing and additional reinforcement across the rear tubs (put in to compensate for some flexing the car had experiencing) he also added in a little bit of personalisation…

Ford Escort MK2 31

The alloy fuel tank was also fabricated and installed, with Facet Red Top fuel pumps and everything connected using top spec Aeroquip parts. The expense was justified for both safety and performance reasons.

Pinto Perfection
Ford Escort MK2 05

So time to go under the bonnet to take a look at the pristine engine bay, one of the many reasons this car picks up so many trophies at shows. Jamie sold the 2.1 Pinto block that came with the car and replaced it with a 2.4-litre 202 with a steel bottom end – making this technically an RS2400.

Ford Escort MK2 28

The internals have all been uprated: it now features a specialised Farndon crank, new conrods, a Kent HT1e race cam and Mahle pistons.

Ford Escort MK2 03

A relatively recent addition has been this set of bespoke carbon trumpets. Showing it’s all about who you know, they were the result of a chance conversation with a guy who brought his car into Jamie’s garage for an MOT!

Ford Escort MK2 01

The Pinto is charged up via classic Weber 50DCOE carbs, staying true to that constant of period fidelity where sensible and apprpopriate. The engine is producing around 240hp and 200 foot-pounds of torque, which in a car weighing around 800kg is basically the promise of intense joy behind the wheel. Personally, that’s always my preference in a car, the Colin Chapman principal: less weight requiring less power to deliver maximum performance.

Ford Escort MK2 27

The exhaust system is an off-the-shelf Ashley Competition Exhaust four-into-one unit. Jamie’s looked at replacing it with something more bespoke, but there just hasn’t been anything else that’s come up that can promise to manage the reliable, consistent delivery of the Ashley. Once again, rather than going for some complex matrix of pipes, the simple and effective solution comes out on top.

Jamie replaced the 4-speed with a solid Quaife 5-speed dog ’box; some people find that a fierce unit to deal with, but by his own admission he’s hard on his shifts and had constant issues with the 4-speed.

Ford Escort MK2 46

Braking power is provided by hardcore AP Racing 4-pots at the front, utilising 330mm floating discs with an AP compensator valve. At the rear Jamie is still using a set of Sierra Cosworth discs, but in typically understated form has a set of APs ‘lying around somewhere’ ready to drop in when he gets a chance.

Ford Escort MK2 19

The wheels are tightly tucked into the fenders, but with a 6-link suspension setup the positioning is spot-on and there’s no rub at all even with the wider wheels. The car is suspended on 3way fully-adjustable Nitrons at the rear; Bilsteins were still mounted in the nose, but Jamie was in the process of acquiring the stub axles and top mounts to add Nitrons up front as well.

Ford Escort MK2 14

Jamie reports the car as being very stable and predictable; a propensity to oversteer was solved by the Nitrons, but now that’s turned into progressive push – the planned front upgrades will tackle that. In addition, Adrian Hall is working on a new splitter and Jamie is planning on trying to create as flat a floor as possible, whilst also adding rose-jointed lower arms from Gartrac.

Ford Escort MK2 38

All the way through the car: it’s about getting what actually works rather than looking like it works. The Escort might be maintained in concours condition, but everything is there for a purpose and the presentation shows the commitment to performance. You don’t see professional race cars turning up with dirt or damage from the last race for instance, so why should Jamie’s?

From lines to livery the whole car is incredibly pure and is like a beacon at shows. It’s no surprise that it’s registered with me every time I’ve spotted it, and that companies like Meguiars and Forge have come on board to support Jamie.

Ford Escort MK2 18

It’s been a bit like stalking, though I’m not sure whether I’ve been stalking the car or the other way round. Looking back through my archives, there are so many shows where I’ve picked up on this car – in static mode every so often, but most often in queues of cars waiting to hit the track, such as at the night Time Attack event at Brands Hatch last year, where the simple and effective livery really made the car stand out.

The attention to detail and presentation often gets Jamie a bit of gentle ribbing from his friends, saying it’s all about the show – but then on track Jamie gets to disabuse the doubters.

Ford Escort MK2 43

This Escort is one of those cars that epitomises why we all love to own a car. It’s Jamie’s pride and joy – a car built to satisfy his own personal goals, that’s involved every possible emotion along the way. Every project hits points where you just think to hell with it, I’m selling the car and buying something easy – but then at almost every point during our chat Jamie would talk about what he was thinking of upgrading or changing.

Ford Escort MK2 39

A polycarbonate windscreen; swapping out the steel doors; maybe going for BBS split rims (personally I like how different the current wheels are from the norm); all the other upgrades I’ve already mentioned. There’s a long and detailed list that shows that this Escort is well and truly under his skin, and an investment of time and passion that is paid back every time he gets behind the wheel. Exactly how it should be.

Jonathan Moore
Instagram: speedhunters_jonathan

Photos by Peter Kelly
Instagram: speedhunters_pedey

Cutting Room Floor
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These are some great shots, I've got a few new backgrounds :D. What a simply beautiful car inside and out, I can only imagine how much this thing screams on track. @greenroadster I agree with you man, we missed out on some great Fords in North America. My Escort ZX2 definitely did NOT have the personality these old Escorts did.


Beautiful shoot Pedy, what a car too!

them guards yo!


While I do love this Escort and other rare Ford sport saloons, I don't relate a cool image to any of the models from Ford Company, Europe or US. For me and for all my friends in this part of the world, Ford is looked like a dull car, boring and slow, maybe ok built and possibly cheap to run. And that's it.

seal fish
seal fish

Its cool ma, ford is definatly a marmite thing. you either get it or you dond. personaly i dont really like us fords. But english/german 60s 70s 80s fords just do it right.


Those Pinto engines sure push some crazy numbers for a 4 cylinder!

Nick Tyrone Williams
Nick Tyrone Williams

The 70s in the UK Ford Made the best cars available in the UK that's why there still such demand today over many other brands. May have been different in other continents but hey in the 70s we had RS1800 MEXICOS RS2000 TWIN CAM ESCORTS . RS2600 RS3100 CAPRI'S . AND MUCH MORE

Nick Tyrone Williams
Nick Tyrone Williams

I love this car one of my favourites in the scene and happy to see it being used in anger on UK tracks and also doubles up as a sublime show car . Credit to you jay . But keep looking at my arse as that's all your going to see on track Nick Tyrone Williams


I really love this Escort! In my opinion, those wheels fit the car perfectly and they're one of the major things that get your attention. Yeah, the BBS split rims would be cool too, but not as original as these.


those wheels and that fitment are on point. owner should keep them

also always amazed at the power numbers these Escort guys get N/A 

John Key NZ
John Key NZ

Speaking of Ford, can we get more of the Ford vs Holden please SH writers? I struggle to appreciate those big v8 and v6s, especially the modern ones. So if you have a writer amongst yourselves who is particularly fond of them, please maybe let us know how good they are!

John Key NZ
John Key NZ

Such a nice car and tasteful mods (form over function). Fords supposedly were poorly built and the company wasn't run too well from the 70s - early 90s but I'd love to have either a mercury cougar, 1st gen notchback mustang, or a mk3/4 cortina in my garage - or even a phase III gtho Falcon GT!. My uncles also owned a mk2 or mk1 non-cosworth escort too, grandparents owned a yellow cortina with brown vinyl interior. It's interesting seeing so many people down Fords (mainly GM fans, and over here, Holden fans) but you have to admit as a make they have an interesting history. As a British company you have the rallying history, whereas in the US, you have the big 351s. In NZ we get a bit of both of US ford and British ford, which is bloody awesome!


Always had a spot for these Ecsorts, too bad you can never find em in the US.
Great post.


Jamie G, super clean car I may add! I would love to hear this thing run, do you have any videos of the car you can link here? Thanks Speedhunters for selecting yet another beautiful and over the top car to share with us!


This is sexy as hell! Beautiful car, absolutely love everything about it. Love it when a Ford appears on SH and we need so much more! And now to download pictures...

seal fish
seal fish

Yes!! Finaly another ford on S.H please please please feature more fords, new and old. Its such a huge scene here in England/UK Im suprised how little they apear on here. Great artical. I think i saw this escort being transported to goodwood last year? Maybe just one similar. Great article.

John Key NZ
John Key NZ

@seal fish I'd love to see more of British Ford scene on SH, I looked into restoring a Cortina and was amazed as to how much a following and aftermarket support they had, especially from your side of the world.

seal fish
seal fish

Yeah man there is such a huge fan base. I read your other comment about there poor build quaility and its very true! I was unfortunatly born in 1990 so by the time i could drive all i could afford was the newer mk 3 fiesters and mk4 escorts and all i can say is, ford stands for F.ix O.r R.epair D.aily. but thats half the fun :P you should definetly consider a cortina project there lovely cars. Maybe a lotus rep? When i spent some time out in OZ i must admit i did miss seeing and driving old fords. Gm and american fords do nothing for me, but NZ makes up for that with its insane rotary seen. The best in the world.

John Key NZ
John Key NZ

@seal fish I was mainly referencing the old 80s mustangs and thunderbirds with that comment, given from what I had read about them. I was born in 1991 lol but my grandparents Cortina was reliable enough til it ran too many miles on the clock. I would, but I'd need to decide on mk3 or 4, I want to do 3 because of its nice flowing lines but it all depends on if I can get pics of my grandparents yellow Cortina. I'd have maybe converted it into a muscle car replica, nothing too insane i.e. US v8 swaps and big superchargers/blowers but I must admit I have researched the Rover v8 and would most likely use that as a cost-effective 8 cylinder solution. Old Rovers are pretty common by classic car standards here. 


6 link rear, my god. Got any pics?


It'll just be a conventional 4link running a watts linkage instead of a pan hard rod. Google it very common in escorts

Paddy McGrath
Paddy McGrath

Always a pleasure to pore over the details on this car. It's only gets better every year too, delighted to see a feature on it here.


Armed escort.

This is a winning line through and through.