The World’s First 5-Second Import

Many said that it couldn’t be done, but Bahrain’s EKanoo Racing has finally proved that it can – the world’s first 5-second import has well and truly arrived.

The idea of a sport compact car running that number would have been unfathomable two decades ago when import drag racing started to get serious, and it’s been a long time coming since the genre’s first 6-second pass. But as the ETs have dropped over the past few years, and the elusive 5-second pass has become more of a ‘when’ than an ‘if’, there have been a few teams around the world chasing the glory. Ebrahim Kanoo’s EKanoo Racing outfit have been leading the charge in recent times, and their perseverance has finally been rewarded.

It all went down on Thursday evening, when – as the above clip shows – driver Gary White pointed EKanoo’s 2JZ-powered Outlaw 10.5 Toyota Supra to a 5.97 at 387km/h (240mph) pass on the superb Bahrain International Circuit drag strip.

While the honour of running the first 5-second import pass is something that can never be taken away from the EKanoo Racing team, it makes you wonder how many others will eventually join the club, and just how quick these cars will end up going…

Brad Lord



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Holy christ.


Is that a quarter mile?


is it really an import or a tube chassis with 2-jz instead of a V8 like most outlaw cars because if it had a v8 instead of a 2-jz would it still be an import


my head did a full 360!


Great work Ekanoo racing Great work


@bennyuh Tube chassis for sure.


Now lets see the RB26 next!


@bennyuh This car is tube chassis.
They also have another supra with full stock chassis run 6.63 at 340 km/h


I take issue with calling the supra "sport-compact" since it's bigger than the mustang.

Regardless, video is cool as hell and an amazing achievement!


I don't understand the term "import", could someone clarify? Isn't technically every car in Bahrain an import? What is classified as an import and why? Is it an american term for every not-made-in-the-US vehicle?


ChrisGoding Yeah, I agree. I find it fascinating that the MK IV Supra and the WS6 Trans Am have so much in common, in that both tend to be built to drag rather than drift, road course or autocross.

Besides, as randonswede alluded to above, in the modern global marketplace, there really isn't any such thing as an "import" anymore.


Congrats on breaking the 5 second barrier!


now bring it to drag week


@randomswede  "Is it an american term for every not-made-in-the-US vehicle?"

exactly that ;) I don't know either how hard the lines are drawn tho


Holey shite! That thing is ridiculous!


how long is that? 1/8 mile?


@randomswede Because the fastest cars in the world are all V8 powered american cars, and we have cars like larry larson's s10 which lays down 5.95 while still being a street car driving 1000s of street miles. This car would be a pro mod, which the record for is currently 5.46 sec set by a domestic camaro. In reference to the fastest cars in the world, the supra is an import, and breaking into the 5s on something other than a v8 is groundbreaking.


Hey everyone I suggest you look up "El Jerry" racing team, "Loquito Killer" racing team, and Titan Motorsports "El Zoian." These are the other teams that are super close to that 5 second barrier. But congrats to Ekanoo for being the first.


AlexLobanov Larry's car is badass, but I do think that street legal is more based on a state with very lenient laws because that is definitely not be a street legal car that is registered in California. haha. I also think that breaking the 5-second barrier is a big deal for any motor family that has never run that time. The mod motor of ford just broke that barrier a few months back and that was a big deal.


@john william Not sure if serious.


Ice Age ChrisGoding  The Supra was not built to drag. The 2jz was designed as a direct competitor to the RB26 for competing in road racing, with the JGTC probably being the main concern.


Indeed. Let's see how AWD works!


@bennyuh  Does that mean every tube car with an american v8 isnt an american car because it has a tube chasis?

Or are you asking if this car has an American v8? In which case, read the article.


By the time you see the suicide bomber in that thing itll be too late.




I think he means that most supra owners build them to drag. On the states at least, that seems to be the case


Crikey !!!


That's nuts!!! I can still remember when Craig Paisley hit 9s and thinking that was insanely quick. This is simply off the charts!!!


Smiggins what i am saying is this car truly an import or just a drag car running a 2-jz cause i would more likely call it the latter as it is a full tube frame car and not running any original chassis pieces


my table just moved...


Nice, I remember when SH featured this build some years ago.


Funny that they ended up using a 3s motor instead!


The guys on yellowbullet forums say this this car is not legal to race in the Outlaw 10.5 class.


LutherRogers  Not that I think the guy even cares about racing in any class but why would it not be legal?


If I remember correctly, it was too light and needed to add some ballast weight. Remember, there is a lot of pride on the line and outlaw 10.5 is a competitive class on who is the fastest. If someone can discredit you, chances are they are going to. But if it's not a outlaw 10.5 car, they shouldn't call it one.


LutherRogers Well if all it takes is adding some weight, seems like it could be an Outlaw car whenever they want it to be.


LutherRogers im not huge into drag racing, but if there was a class as to who was the fastest, i personally don't think there should be a restriction on weight. sounds kind of questionable


Wow Great quarter mile pass -- -- They need to get someone to really look at the chassis on that car -- That rear end was moving to the left hard -- car was not going straight down that track --- -- - but it was hauling the mail


AdamBezzegh apparently you guys don't know about the American race car culture.  For years it has all been about cubic inches and V8's in the U.S. When someone comes out with something that is better or equals the mountain motor, it can't be legal.  They will find a multitude of excuses.  Do some research on different classes in NHRA in the past. Everything should be based on cubic inches to the weight of the car.  This will tell you about how the performance of a particular car is.


Puerto Rico just toasted this.... Mr. president



Tristan Adiabatic

wow, some incredibley ignorant comments on this lol

Tristan Adiabatic

@bennyuh this is legit such a dumb comment it's rediculous