Chairslayer: Overcoming Through Drift

Drifting, besides being one of the most exciting and fun things you can do behind the wheel of an automobile can also be quite inspiring. Recently our friends at Keep Drifting Fun came together to produce a special film with Rob Parsons – a young car enthusiast who was paralyzed in a dirt bike accident and is now confined to a wheelchair.

Despite his disability, Rob has a 600 horsepower RPS13 drift car to which he’s fitted custom hand controls for the throttle and brakes. It’s quite an unusual setup, but you certainly couldn’t tell by watching him drive.

In this film, Rob talks about his story and how he’s going to use his one of a kind machine to share the fun of drifting with other people who live with the same disabilities as him. It’s simply impossible to not love his can-do attitude.

Hats off to you, sir!

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike



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When i first saw this guy pop up on hertlife 's instagram i knew he was going places. I've loved watching his progress and the support he's gotten. A great story that i hope only gets better. Stay sideways!!


Props to rob!!! This is truly a inspiring build.


Superhero. This man is.
A bit of a stretch, what I've said. But correct, I think I am.


It's guy's like this that inspire the rest of us to get off our lazy asses and do something. I was recently at the SolidWorks World convention here in Phoenix and there was a special guest that they had invited from Israel. Despite being quadriplegic (ie, paralyzed from the neck down) the guy had designed his own controller to use SolidWorks with his mouth. He got a well deserved standing ovation.

My hat's off to that guy, and to Rob. You guys are inspirations.


you are awesome rob !!


Incredible guy, car, story, etc., etc!


Way to go Rob! Making Lethbridge proud!
Car has come a long way even since I saw it at Churchill with just an engine sitting in it.


All heil Mr. Rob!


Great car, and great spirit !
Please continue !


Soo you think its hard look at Bartek


nothing but tons of respect for this guy....


now this is passion.


Is it an auto? I'd love to know how they got a manual I'd love to see a feature on this car and


TylerHorne It's a manual


That Banh Mi-eating Speedhunter in the background


You should check Bartek Ostałowski on YouTube, Hi is a Polish drifting driver that loose both hands in bike accidence.
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this is true passion right here, it's unbelievable that he is still building and driving his car, most would've given up if they would sit in a wheelchair, but this guy has petrol in his veins!

Does anybody know what make/model his helmet is? It looks so damn sick...


I use: so I'd guess he uses similar or a Bakker sensor on stick system.... Maybe even a steering wheel accelerator/clutch ring. There's alot of (usually very expensive) systems that offer you the ability to drive a manual gearbox if you so wish, but I find opting for a DCT gearbox at point of purchase lot less headache inducing.


TarmacTerrorist He actually created his own hand control set up.  I helped him set up the oiling systems on the motor and he tried explaining the hand control set up but I am not very good with electronics so he lost me.


Hello I'm Aaron McClelen age 17 I have recently had an accident about 4 weeks ago. I flipped my truck 3-4 times and became parlized chest down. I always wanted to become a drifter but cents the accident I thought it wound never happen but Rob Parsons you truly inspir me that it can come true I hope to some day we could get in touch! :)