Project RADBUL:</br> Mad Mike’s 26B-TT MX-5 Comes Alive
The Big Push

In the world of professional drifting there are some pretty crazy builds happening right now, but the one being pieced together in New Zealand by Speedhunters’ own Mad Mike Whiddett might just be certifiably insane.

Because, as we’ve seen in previous updates on Project RADBUL – including the last one from early December when its engine was being pieced together – not only is everything about this build unconventional, the shock value has been wound right off the scale.


Despite being a motorsport category where rulebooks allow a certain amount of engineering freedoms, there’s almost a tried and tested formula when it comes to engineering competitive pro car. I can tell you that a short wheelbase Mazda MX-5 with a 4-rotor, twin turbo engine good for four digit power output is definitely not it though. But would you expect anything from Mad Mike? We certainly didn’t…


From the moment Mike began drifting almost 10 years ago, he’s been pushing automotive boundaries. RADBUL is the culmination of all his wildest ideas, turned into reality and then cranked up to 110 per cent.


To recap quickly, late last year the NC MX-5 chassis was put on a trailer and driven half the way down New Zealand’s North Island to Wanganui, the home of Pulse Performance Race Engineering. It was there that RADBUL’s custom quad rotor engine was pieced together, using among other components, a bunch of brand new Mazda OEM parts – rotors, housings and apex seals included. It also received a pair of custom-specced Garrett GTX40 turbos on a PPRE-built manifold running a ProStreet Performance merge collector for the wastegates.


Speaking of which, there aren’t just two ‘Mad Mike Signature Line’ Turbosmart Comp-Gates 40s employed for boost control…


But four! The dump pipes, which point upwards and extend right out through a hole cut in the bonnet are one of this builds many considered details. Because why not have a quartet of stacks shooting fire out of the hood?


Given the calibre of this project, it’s not surprising that many brands have partnered up with Mad Mike Motorsports throughout the course of the build. Quality gear is everywhere, including an entire fuel system designed and supplied by Aftermarket Industries (Australia), that includes the injectors and fuel rails, Brown & Miller Racing Solutions fittings and lines, and three giant Walbro pumps as part of a custom surge tank setup. Also in the mix is a huge Plazmaman throttle body and o’ringed alloy Plazmaclamps from the same maker, and a locally-sourced Mechman alternator.


While the 26B build was going on in the engine room at PPRE, the rest of the car was in another part of the workshop being worked upon too. You’d be right in calling the 4-inch pipe that exits just shy of the differential an exhaust, but seeing as what it does, ‘flamethrower’ would perhaps be a more accurate description.


From underneath you can see PPRE’s handiwork when it came to mounting the Winters Performance Quick Change rear end, plus the rear-mounted PWR radiator with twin fans, custom-built KW Suspension coilovers and Megan Racing arms.


While they were at it, PPRE took care of the interior fit-out too. The idea here was to keep things is simple as possible, with all of the important stuff tucked away, but still easily accessible. The only thing missing in this shot is a cut-down version of the Mazda’s factory dashboard skin, which neatly covers up all of the electronics.


They include everything from the Haltech Platinum Series Sport 2000 engine management system, WB2 Wideband Controller and CAN Hub modules, to a bunch of M&W Ignitions CDIs.


A Racepak SmartWire solid state power module is also installed and acts as central command centre for all of the MX-5’s wiring, with activation via an eight-gang Racepak Switch Panel mounted on the rollcage bar at the top of the windscreen. No surprises that a Haltech IQ3 digital display unit features in the mix too.


Deep into the passenger side footwell is where the dry sump system tank and PWR inline water-to-oil cooler are positioned, but these are normally hidden behind a black shroud, as seen in the first image of RADBUL’s interior.


On the opposite end of the cockpit, New Zealand competition seat maker Racetech has provided a pair of their made-to-order RT9009HRs. These carbon/Kevlar-framed seats feature 270 degrees of head support, and flanked by Takata RACE 6 harnesses they’ll keep Mike and any would-be passengers locked into position. And you’d want to be locked into position riding in a Mazda MX-5 with a twin turbo 26B engine in the front, right?

Time To Tune

The sum of all those parts and countless labour hours have resulted in this. Having seen the Mazda when it was delivered to Mike as a lightly-damaged, rolling chassis, it’s hard to believe that it’s the same car. If there was any doubt that Mike was building the world’s wildest MX-5/Miata, I think they can all be put to bed now…


Prior to its first shakedown, the final job for the Pulse Performance crew was to strap RADBUL down on their Dyno Dynamics rolling road dynamometer, and get the tuning phase underway.


Is ‘epic’ the right word to use here? I think so… It almost looks like it should run a clear polycarbonate body over the top, like a scale R/C car!


For the task at hand, Haltech flew in a technician from Australia, and armed with their tuning software, he went to work with Warren from PPRE.


Solid output from the engine was never in question, but when – with just a whiff of boost pressure thrown into it – RADBUL’s rear tyres started lighting up on the rollers, it was confirmed. A tyre change was required, but after two days on the dyno the tune was complete. The result? 1032.1hp on its lowest boost setting, running a simple mix of 100 octane race gas with Mobil two-stroke oil. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions on what it’s making at full whack…

Shake & Bake

Given PPRE’s stones-throw proximity to Manfeild raceway, it would have been silly to not give the Mazda a solid thrash prior to Mike bringing it back up to Auckland.


This was crunch-time for everyone involved in the build. Calculations and theories aside, no one really new how the ultra short wheelbase of the MX-5 would react with four-digit horsepower motivating it. Having so much time and money invested into the build, RADBUL was a pretty big gamble, but one that Mike was ultimately willing to take.


Yes, he could have shoved this motor in a fresh RX-7 or RX-8 build and had some idea of what he was going to end up with, but that’s not his style. And looking at this thing, we can be thankful for that!


To get a proper handle on what the car was capable of a relatively neutral setting was applied the suspension, and RADBUL was let off the leash. As you can see above, it made lots of smoke and lots of fire, but what you can’t see is the ear-to-ear smile plastered across Mike’s face. Given its physical dimensions it was always going to be an aggressive chassis, but with the immense amount of power and torque on tap, the verdict is that the two factors balance each other out nicely. If you took the violent nature of MADBUL (Mike’s naturally aspirated 4-rotor RX-7), and the grunt of BADBUL (Mike’s turbo 3-rotor RX-8) and amplified them ten-fold, this would quite likely be the result. In Mike’s own words, it’s also “the fastest thing with four wheels that I have ever driven.”

The Final Touches

When I caught up with Mike last night at his compound in Auckland, he was busy at work finalising the the MX-5’s body work.


Kit-wise, there’s not a lot available off-the-shelf for the NC chassis, let alone with the sort of aggression that Mike knew it needed. So to get the MX-5 looking how he envisaged it on paper a long time ago, he’s taken matters into his own hands, using a combination of Mazda OEM, Autokonexion, Hybrid Lab, and Rocket Bunny RX-7 parts laying around the shop to bring the look to life. Given his track-record with this sort of thing – and what I’ve seen in person – it’s going to look amazing.


While I was poking around the shop a courier arrived with two big boxes – inside a bunch of custom-built Wisefab components. With the engine positioned so far back in the chassis, the steering rack has been located in a far more optimal position than where it’s sitting in his other cars, so Mike is looking forward to getting this gear fitted up and dialled in for RADBUL’s next test outing.


With just the final bodywork touches to finish off and the livery to fine tune, for the most part the car is now complete though.


After years of planning and months of build time, there must be a lot of satisfaction in cutting vinyl on the plotter and laying it on the steel, FRP and carbon. It’s the final step in a creative process that’s seen a ‘hairdresser’s’ car transformed into arguably the wildest pro drift car the world has ever seen. Or will see, that is, in a just a few weeks from now.

In the meantime, there’s a new Making of RADBUL video clip from Red Bull to check out. You know you want to hear that twin turbo 26B scream…

Brad Lord

Photos by Aaron Mai
Instagram: aaron_mai_media

Cutting Room Floor


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Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Wow, this is nuts. But for f**k sake where's the videos!!!!! This is begging now!!!


Oh I dunno, maybe on Mike's website or th page.


Yeah dude check my Facebook page for some RAD footage. Thanks


I don't know what else to say , this is pure madness setup ... 1000hp+ in LOWEST boost setting , all the turbochargers parts above the engine like it have no engine , the 4-inch exhaust pipe , extremely short wheelbase ... on yeah , remember to cover the passenger seat with water-resistance material , I'm sure many people will wet themself in such a MX-5 ! XD

Going to find video of this thing !


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner There's a link to the video in the last paragraph!


Wow! You guys certainly have done an awesome job with this hairdressers car!! You should just campaign it without the shell to show off the awesome fab work! Mike you're going to have an absolute ball flogging this around a few bends! Wander what I'd have to do to get a ride in this beast....
Nice photos too guys!


Oh boy this is going to RAD AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Oh god..... I'm going to need a new pair of trousers.


RDS theres a link above in the last bit of text in the article


Lachys114 Thanks man looking forward to more seat time that's for sure!


Bloody Hell...............where do I start lol.  :)


Hey Mike I know your not competing in d1nz this season but you should bring this down to christchurch for the d1nz round! Would be truly epic to see this maximum attack in battle.


Hey Mike, been following the build since the beginning now, are you competing in formula D this year with RADBULL?


No d1nz i think


Please make 2000hp in a mazda


iamsvytas madmike_drift pls kindly follow back


Mad Mike No more i dub thee "On paper crazy" Mike Whiddett


Well, the internet is all down hill from here today.


SIIIIIIIICK!!! Mental, I just, well, omg! Pushing the boundaries doesn't even come close! I'm jealous but so psyched to see such an incredible build come to reality. Cant wait for the next update


Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn... This is the craziest MX-5 ever!


What a strong pornography.
Looking forward to final version.


My favorite image is the one with the brake calipers shining through the wheels on the dyno.


MadMike Whiddett
Thank you !
How "low" was the "lowest" boost setting ?


There are no words that descibe just how awesome that car is, its God like, all should kneel before it!


... my god


Insane build award!
I hope to see this and you on Gatebil sometime :) (or is it "to loud" ? )
Great to see the car working, enjoy using it.
(V8 & JZ killer )


Samy_7015 DAMN OMG


its_3ali That's how you build a race car .... period


To hell with bodywork - just run it like that.

If I were the king, that'd be a road-legal car.

And when the hell did the Miata become the MX-5?


This is one of those cars that makes every grown man cry XD its perfect from exhaust to headlight awesome car mike can't wait to see you tendering with it!!!


I just love the idea of this car! And with the RED BULL Drift Shifters event, Mike has proved that he is the man to change the rules in the book.


Its only a Miata in USA. Its an MX5 in the rest of the world


Nice work. Bet you need a clean pair of pants after driving that thing! LOL


Gigg44 Tis a little too nuts for my liking! XD
I don't want a mad mx5! XD


What a car!


It still looks like it's smiling.


Cant wait to see it in action


WOW !!!

can't wait for next update.


If any of you clicked the link to see the vid of it on the dyno, that thing is a fire breathing monster and that would be an understatement.


Insane barely begins to cover this thing! Never ever thought I'd lust so hard after an MX5 and I really can't wait to see it completed and competing.


Pure 'build porn' at it's finest. Well done Mike and crew.




Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Was that there when I commented, or added afterwards? Either way I THANK YOU!!! Its even sweeter now! Cheers!


Goodwood Festival of speed?


One word:  Sick!


Love the car so far!

Is Mike's main job a signwriter, or does he more or less just work for Redbull?


@Tak But the USA is THE WORLD, no other countries exist, right? :P


Its alive!!! where's the footage, need to hear this run!?!?!?




don't put a body on it, it looks sweet as it is!


It almost looks like it should run a clear polycarbonate body over the top, like a scale R/C car!

That's the best idea!


For someone like me who has loved the fd3s rx7 since I was a little kid, in 1993 when they arrived state side, to current 2015. I have owned one red 1994 r2 fd3s, currently slumbering in my garage,  since 2003 when I had money and was old enough that I insurance wasn't insane amount of money to drive it....  I have never been so excited to see this kind of detail put into a rotary powered car.... also nice to see behind the scenes at Mike doing the body work and vinal artwork himself.  Says a lot to see the driver putting in as much time as the mechanics did building the car!  Congrats to you Mike!  It's great to see not everyone has given up on the rotary motor!  Good luck for the upcoming season as well!  You do us much credit as the insane rotorheads that don't think you need pistons or huge amounts of displacement to set the tarmac on fire!


Radmobile........ Radmobile.......... Radmobile ;)


But.... but.... no video? I was hoping to have my eardrums blow out!


mboyd Check my Facebook fan page and you will see the video clip to go with this article. or Just search MADMIKE MX5 episode 5 on Youtube


Spaghetti My trade is Signwriter however now the only signwriting I get done is on my own cars as this drift life is full time for my whole family.


JoseESalas There is a link in the last paragraph dude


GeorgeHarrington Check the last paragraph for the video link


love all the creativity that goes into building a car


MadMike Whiddett mboyd You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.


Mad Mike props man. That's a ton of man hours, sweet build!


How come the exhaust dumps so early?


Brentonmartian those are the wastegates. The exause comes out infront of the rear tires


All you need now is to roll up to Skidfest at the velodrome and do a standup burnout! Mean bro! You need to do a wagon or van next though!


BT180 Why hadn't Mike done this?!


LavarBowers You know karate, This dude knows karazzzzy!!!! Well done man. PHSick!


JustinOdijk D1NZ is already at round four dude and i'm pretty sure he hasn't competed at any events so far. The formula D season starts soon though so I'd imagine that's the aim.


Next season but it is in priduction in nz or australia so i think it would be wierd if it is going to compete in the usa but i gues we'll see


Next season?*


This is absolutely nuts.. Can't wait to see videos of it shredding tires!


Please tell me this crazy sumbich is bringing one of his cars back to FD


So, I take it the car has been built for overseas competition? I say
this as the exhaust (and wastegates) don't appear to be anywhere near
able to comply with MSNZ regs?


All the guys over at jalopnik are 110% erect to this


Cannot wait for the big reveal. Especially to see what the bodywork is going to look like, and in that signature livery.


SteeltownShaun Looks interesting..


SteeltownShaun Hioctane308 I love the concept, but I'm not sure front and rear light make it a MX-5.


dmidwestredneck SteeltownShaun Pointless.
Should have shoved a V8 in it #Puff


dmidwestredneck Hioctane308 It certainly is, kind of! Mazda got behind the build supplying rare rotary competition parts too.


Hioctane308 SteeltownShaun
Danny George did the V8 route for Formula Drift for a few seasons. Never dialed it in.


SteeltownShaun Hioctane308 You can call it a Mazda, certainly. How much can you change something before it becomes something else?


I'm so ready to see the finished car!! Great work mad Mike and crew. This build is definitely the sickest mx5 ever. Much love & good luck in the upcoming season!!

Pete the perfect pilot

You're joking! Why do that when he's got a proper motor!


@dmidwestredneck SteeltownShaun Hioctane308 That there is the question that really has no answer. Its a good one, but I dont think anyone can answer that question correctly or incorrectly. On the other hand a lot of people will go under the philosophy of 'if it looks the part, then it can be the part' for example.


When in a drift competition you have to report any weight change. So if you lose a bumper or wing due to a wreck or wall tap, would you have to report that change too? Also what series' is Mr. Whiddett going to be competing in this year?




dadecode link in the last paragraph


In image #35, looks like they're ready for some air jacks ;)


@dmidwestredneck Is this the kind of complaint that one also levels against NASCAR race vehicles? No one can really say "stock" car anymore, right?


love all the creativity that goes into building a car
signature: |


MikeO1 RADBUL schedule is out with the final episode build wrap


mcshark I'll definitely be at Goodwood, in which car is yet to be confirmed!


Like the rest of drift cars in fd the chassis is tubed but the chassis is what makes it an mx5 .


Makes me wonder do "Professional Drifters" Even really know whats under their hood (what went into the build and how it works together ?) . Do they Even get their hands dirty ? likely really get in there ?  I know that what their crew is for but to be honest i'd be all up in the mix with them . I feel like a ot of them are like the guy from the movie "Tokyo Drift" the ones that read the manual and think they know all about their car


PhillipAlleyne Does it matter? Should the mechanics know how to drift? :-)


totophi PhillipAlleyne Two completely different situations . You asking that question is like saying "People shouldn't know about their vehicle"


PhillipAlleyne And you answering in this manner suggests all or nothing.


totophi In what manner is that ? , and if you mean all or nothing as in they should know all or nothing . No i dont think they need to know all that going on on the car (Although it'll be good for them) , but should at lease put sometime in with their crew and get get their hands dirty knowing some of what going on


PhillipAlleyne Oh sure, the drivers SHOULD be somewhat acquainted. But depending on the team priorities and interpersonal dynamics, this may or may not be the case. And for us readers to know or dictate the proper way of doing things in a given situation is rather presumptuous IMHO.


totophi Understandable , and i agree


In pro drifting many drivers are just paid to arrive and drive for a team, in saying that 90% of them (that I know) still build and thrash their own personal cars. I personally like to do as much as I can on my pro cars however at this level it is very important the crew know the car and that it is built to the highest performance/quality. Thanks




What a car !


fuck all you fags. im gonna fuck your grandma til she dies


he Build Gen2 Radbull Mazda MX5 ND Look sickkkk